Shooting stars dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of shooting stars can denote bed of roses, heart and devoted friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud interpretation this dream about shooting stars shadows self-governing psyche, fertile sexual urge, virtuosity and energy.
Encouraging remodellings are afoot in waking life if: shooting stars - This indicates the state of being superior. You are a pacesetter. On the other hand, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream may suggest backwards connotation: a person of great significance can be fishy and precarious in relation to your character.
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  • Shooting - Psychological Meanings: Aggression symbol and sexual desire You don’t have to be a hunting enthusiasts to “enjoy” your victory in a dream – whether it is like a game or hunting of wild animals, or clay pigeon shooting targets. Particularly the dream of shooting is a symbol of aggression, you want to “kill” someone or “take down”. From the psychological side if the target is successful and and you feel satisfaction with the prey, then this stands for sexual desire and the male orgasm. * Please, see meaning of hunting, rifle.... (read more)
  • Evening - ...of the conscious mind. Perhaps there are signs in your environment which you will be able to see only then, when you will deal with your unconscious. Spiritual Meanings: The evening symbolizes age and years of experience. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Decrease of power If evening –  Dreaming an evening in any combination, this signifies a decline of mental and physical forces; Frustration if fall in – The dream announces unfulfilled hopes and unfortunate speculations; Bright future if with shining stars – You are dreaming the bright evening with a lot of stars, denotes about the instantaneous grief but after this the following... (read more)
  • Clouds - ...misfortune and bad management; – Illness If it rains – You are dreaming that you see rain falling from clouds this means trouble and illness; – Happiness If  moving clouds – The clouds are passing by in your dream, you can expect a better future; – Award If the sun shines through the clouds –  Dreaming of bright transparent clouds through which the sun shines announces success after troubles; – Wonderful life If sees light clouds – To see bright and mild clouds in the dream announces joy and happiness, beautiful, quiet and dreamlike hours; – Relaxation If stars are seen – Bright, paired with shining stars clouds promise you a fleeting pleasure and little progress; Hindu – Wisdom – In general clouds symbolize it.If you dream, you... (read more)
  • Evening star (Venus) - Psychological Meanings: Pleasant events and romantic feelings Venus as an astrological planet of love usually indicates pleasant events. In the dark of the night shines a light for a new hope. Allow yourself to feel romantic feelings, find a new goal and destination, life may hold a surprise for you. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness and Wellness Evening start is a sign of great happiness. Also for sick people announces recovery. It is the time to avail the luck which the destiny gives you; Successes and benefits if see light along with other less bright stars – This dream announces... (read more)
  • Druse - Association: Nondescript appearance, splendid core. General Meanings: Druse in the dream is associated with male energies. Psychological Meanings: Understanding about your connection to Father Sun and the stars.... (read more)
  • Snake - is just too soon for you. Snakes and Women Snakes belong in the female dream’s world like stars in the sky. Snake dreams have younger girls than mature women because they still have a fear of male sexual power. In later years, the snake can refer to the fear of a rival. Colors and their meanings – The yellow snake in the dream of a woman is the fear of encountering male sexuality and the red is often interpreted as direct symbol of the phallus, because the combination of the color and the form closely related to the penis.... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - way…. (Mad Dog) A dog in a dream also represents a police informer or a police dog…. (Dog) A dog in a dream also means suffering from extremely high fever and in relation to Dog star or the stars Procyon and Sirius of the constellations Canis Minor and Canis Major…. (Dog) If the dog is vicious and / or to dream that dog is growling, then it signifies some inner conflict within yourself…. (Dog) Also you must reconsider the conceptions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty (man’s best friend) and to be ”treated like a dog”…. (Dog)... (read more)
  • Target (bullseye) - ...of the mandala (see “Mandala”) so this represents yourself. Are you able to create your own goals. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Goal of life if see target – In the dream you see the target then the matter of your life is fully complied and you are moving toward this; Good life if hit in the center of a target – Such a dream when you hit in the middle of the target means that you are blissful person, you will implement everything what you desire; Warning if someone else is shooting to target – The dream is a warning that you have to... (read more)
  • Game (food) - Traditionally: European – Dreaming of game in generally: means prosperity; – To shoot: you will see your heart’s desires fulfilled; – Also shooting of game: points to lucky businesses; – If you can’t shoot or kill game in dream: indicates a bad planning and losses. Hindu – To see game in dream: your work will be succeed; – In general dreaming of game: you will live a free life; – To shoot: you will not suffer any hardship. Arabian – To see hunt of game: rivalries will upset you; – To shoot game yourself: you know how to make... (read more)
  • Bow (arc) - ...lot of trouble in life, because do do not have an ability to defend yourself; Adventure if shoot from a bow – You are shooting from a bow in your dream, then this means an adventure and relaxation from hard work; Pleasure if see children playing with a bow – The children are playing with a bow in your dream, then this dream announces you pleasure and satisfaction in near future. Hindu (Hinduism) Protection if see a bow – The bow as a dream symbol means that you are under good protection and you will not have any worries or... (read more)
  • Lion - will lose it; Perfect success in all things if defeated the lion – the dream shows your victory in many aspects of your life; Power and prestige if shoot the lion – the shooting is the proof that you won the battle between good and bad; Might get deceived if you are overwhelmed by lion – such dream warns you to be careful, do not trust anybody and be aware of those you are surrounded by; The enemy is going away from you if lion is dead – the dream shows that the hostility of an enemy is losing... (read more)
  • Rifle - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good mood if see rifle – In the dream you see a rifle then this dream shows that you’ll be in good spirits; Serious actions if shoot with a rifle – You are shooting with a rifle in your dream, then this dream denotes that your actions will not be frivolous you take all your responsibilities; Knowledge if open box with a rifle – When you open the box and find a rifle then this dream is a sign that you will learn something new and very useful for you. Arabian (Islamic) No danger if... (read more)
  • Clay pigeon - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if see clay pigeon – Dreaming of clay pigeon discs or shooting them, this dream announces upcoming changes in existing conditions, possibly even losses; Worries if broken clay pigeon – In the dream you see broken clay pigeon then you may meet some worries and misunderstanding while reaching your goals.... (read more)