Lion dream meanings


Dignity, strength, pride.


How much of the courage I have?

General Meanings:

In general lion in a dream symbolizes cruelty and strength. Lion very often known as the animal with enormous amount of the energy, aggressiveness and influence in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream:
Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the results you will achieve if the lion will be killed are going to be very favourable;
The enemies will become friends if caught the lion – for a dreamer to catch the lion denotes to the things which will turn upside down unexpectedly, because the enemy you have is going to be by your side as a friend;
Do not trust anyone if tamed the lion – this is the suggestion from the conscious mind of yours to be careful with those around you;
Forthcoming danger if lion is roaring – prepare to defend yourself from danger.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the lion in a dream have several meanings. One of them is known in fairy tales where the lion is a symbol of the king among of the other animals. Physically the lion is strong, beautiful, powerful and potent. In ancient times the lion was a symbol of the sun. It also symbolizes power and energy, that usually scares us in the dreams. Consider, that in ancient times the lion was always a positive symbol, therefore we should not be afraid of dreams that are related to lions. The main explanations of the dreams that are related to lions are:

  • The lion express the creativity and mental strength of the dreamer. These are the fundamental characteristics of the dreamer which must be developed as much as it is possible if he wants to move forward;
  • It has been noticed that people who dream of lions are easily fooled by the others.They never look around when walking through life, going straight without looking to the left or to the right, which means that they don’t see things they suppose to see;
  • Some people are very dominant, therefore the personalities of these people shows the desire to be first and the leader, just like the lion is. This is not always a good characteristic, because other people can suffer from it;
  • Aggression and dis-control are inherent features of those who dream of lions. They find it hard to control themselves in critical situation.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, the lion in a dream symbolizes the power that must be tamed, otherwise it will get out of control.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

The lion is a symbol of strong power and force.

  • The gain of power and influence if see a lion – such dream shows that you will obtain the power to control anything you want;
  • Will have a very powerful enemy if see the lion in the freedom – for a dreamer to see a lion that is running out in freedom, warns about evil that is hiding out for you;
  • Grief and distress if the lion is imprisoned – the meaning of this dream foretells about sadness and suffering;
  • Success in every aspect of the life if the lion has been tamed – if you were able to tame the animal, then it means that you will be able to control anything you want;
  • Will defeat enemies if the lion is in the cage – for a dreamer to see the lion that is in the cage, means that you will deal with the barriers throughout your way very easily;
  • Intellectual increase if see the trainer of the lion – the tamer of the lion represents your potential to increase smart and intelligent aspects of your personality;
  • Negativity if the lion is black – for a dreamer to see a black lion, means that you or someone else is trying to do damage;
  • Magnificent power if lion is white – such dream shows your creativity and ability to cope with the most difficult situations. It could also indicate your fear of facing the the capability you are holding back;
  • Loss of wealth if been followed by the lion – if you saw yourself being followed by the lion, then such dream shows that you will lose your riches;
  • Warning of impending danger if being attacked by a lion – the attack symbolizes the danger that is waiting for you;
  • Danger which you will overcome if lion steps back – you will be able to beat risks, however this will take a lot of courage from you;
  • Will engage in a risky business if hunt the lion – make sure the risks you take are worth just in case you will lose it;
  • Perfect success in all things if defeated the lion – the dream shows your victory in many aspects of your life;
  • Power and prestige if shoot the lion – the shooting is the proof that you won the battle between good and bad;
  • Might get deceived if you are overwhelmed by lion – such dream warns you to be careful, do not trust anybody and be aware of those you are surrounded by;
  • The enemy is going away from you if lion is dead – the dream shows that the hostility of an enemy is losing it’s influence;
  • Wealth and happiness if see the skin of lion – happy period of the life is about to begin bringing the joy along;
  • Prosperity and wealth if see the fur of the lion – the animal is known as very hairy, which makes him to appear nobly and greatly, therefore the fur promises riches and gain;
  • Courage if riding the lion – the dream shows that there is no fear when things has to be done, as you manage to deal with difficulties;
  • Happiness in domestic life if see a lioness – the lioness represents the femininity, where everything is clear, pure and innocent;
  • New family members if see a lioness with little lions – such dream denotes to increase of the family. It is a very good omen, especially for those who want to have descendants.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Should reject a man if lion is roaring – for the woman to see the lion that is roaring in her dream, warns about inappropriate man that is willing to take her as a wife;
  • Pay attention to your reputation if you are chased by a lion – the chasing is the mirror effect of something that you are running from;
  • Your behavior will be praised over the others if kill the lion – the reamer will raise his image and will gain the respect if killed the lion;
  • Slight danger is waiting for you if see young lion – make sure you avoid any impedance;
  • Make sure you do not destroy your happiness if shoot the lion – the dream warns to be aware of things you are doing at the moment and warns you to be aware of your surroundings, otherwise will destroy what already have;
  • Will be asked for a favor if saw lion in a desert – if you saw the lion in the desert, then such dream means that somebody will ask you for help from the distance;
  • Look after yourself if the lion is lame – the dream suggests you to start taking care of yourself and pay attention mostly to your health;
  • You want to help to someone if following the lion – if you were following the lion, it means that you wish to give a hand to someone, but can not do it, because of the circumstances you are at the moment;
  • Your opponent is ready to go against you if you were attacked by a lion – such dream prepares you to get ready for a battle;
  • Will be betrayed if lion is biting you – if you were bitten by a lion in your dream, then such dream shows that someone you’ve trusted will betray you.

Arabian (Islamic)

In islamic dream explanation the lion indicates power, strength, betrayal and ignorance.

  • The end of sadness if killed the lion – to kill the lion in a dream, promises better future and the end of suffering;
  • Will be tested if riding on the lion but feel terrified – for a dreamer to ride a lion, but at the same time being afraid of it, shows your ability to manage the obstacles you face;
  • Plague, illness, disease if lion walks into the city – in this case lion is presented as a bad omen, which only predicts suffering and distress;
  • The family will be harmed if lion walks into mosque – for the dreamer to witness the lion that dares to walk into the mosque has a bad meaning, which shows that your family, close friends and other relatives will be terrorized by the enemy;
  • Will take huge responsibility if riding on the lion’s back – such dream shows the work that will have to be done even if you wish to resist it;
  • Severity at home if lion enters the house – to see the lion that walks into your home, signifies difficulties you will face. It could be anything – you will get robbed, betrayed or cheated;
  • Someone will die if the lion walks into the house, where someone is ill – the person in the house which the lion entered is sick will be dead very soon;
  • Will fight the enemy if fighting the lion – such dream shows that you must prepare yourself for a battle, find the courage in yourself and move on;
  • Will have a fever if you are overpowered by the lion – according to Ibn Siren, the lion is known as being feverish, therefore the dreamer will have a fever;
  • Will avoid the danger if escaped from the lion — the danger that you had in reality will be avoidable;
  • Triumph if drinking the milk of the lion – the milk represents victory over your enemies;
  • Will become a king or will have massive potency if eating lion’s meat – for the dreamer to eat the meat of the lion promises irresistible energy and strength you will tame;
  • Will get unbelievable respect from the others if cut the lion’s head – such dream shows that your reputation towards the others will get higher and higher;
  • Will obtain money of the enemy if took the skin or the fur of the lion – such dream gives a clue of where and how to start getting richer;
  • Friendship with the enemies if having an intercourse with the lion – such dream shows that your enemies will become your friends;
  • Will become unconsciousness if become a lion – for a dreamer to become a lion, signifies how unfair brutal and cruel he will become. The more angry the lion was the more inhuman you will be.

Artemidorus Meanings:

According to Artemidorus the lion stands for people who are proud, live in freedom, are reckless inspiring personalities for the others.
If one sees a lion that is tame and his tail is moving without any intention to attack the man, then it is a good sign which promises adventurous life. The lion represents the slave of the Lord, because all of the power belongs to the Lord and the strength which belongs to lion is transferred to the Lord. A threatened or angry lion shows fear and predicts disease, because the disease is like a wild animal, in this case a lion. The young, little, baby lion is always a good omen, which usually announces the birth of a boy. The lioness mostly have very similar explanation as the lions, the only difference between them is that first ones relate to men and the other ones to women as for the dreamers. It is also known that lion is known as a symbol of nobility.

* Please, see meaning of desert, lioness, zodiac, animal.

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  1. I’ve always had dreams that have related to spiritual things, I woke up in an anxious state cuz I could not understand stand the dream and the dream made me anxious also the size of the lion was a giant he pulled me in with this big long black claws towards his mouth and and then he stopped my head was below his mouth while he was sitting up then I realize he was not going to eat me, he just wanted me to grab his main and hold him tight. I wanted to wake up right after cuz I was confused about why the lion wanted my attention !

  2. I dreamt that my 5 year old daughter was playing among the lions. I was afraid that they will eat her but they didn’t. I went into their territory to go get her and I got her out safe and sound. She was not scared at all but as a mother I had to get her safe. And I did being very careful.

  3. In my dream I was a lion and I had a team and the team and I had to battle against other teams and the last team I went up agaist there was a lion. This battle was different though. We had to play a game of basketball. I no nothing of basketball and I don’t play it I am actually really bad at it. But I had destructed the other lion with a story I made up while I could try to make baskets. The lion then considered me a friend. My team had won and I had left. The other lion was sad and left also with his team since we couldn’t be friends.

  4. I had a dream that’s something bad would happen to the world like the end and it was dark and a big lion appeared and was sort of guiding me and then it jumped across a fence that jails would usually have and I couldn’t pass until I digged a hole with my hand on the ground I was able to go to the other side.

  5. Hi!
    I had a dream that I lived in a community where a lion was a guardian and spoke to people. It was about time for this lion to retire since he was getting old and was looking forward to it. He was going to be replaced by another, young lion, the only one around and that lion was me (I’m a female in reality). I tried to avoid it since I didn’t feel as strong or ready enough for this responsibility, but it was inevitable. As a lion I felt I had no other choice but to man up..This is all I remember. In reality I live far from my family. I just had an accident and I feel uncomfortable invading the privacy of the person who took me in.

  6. I had a dream that I was trying so desperately to keep a golden lion in my childhood home. I ran to all doors and windows to prevent it from coming out and wreck havoc on my neighborhood. I got clawed on my hand when it tried to come out of the front door. My family was inside but i knew that the lion wouldn’t hurt them. In all the chaos, I felt like i wanted to be inside my home though.

  7. I dreamt that I was at work suddenly lions came out of nowhere chasing and killing people, I managed to escape with my younger sister,

    After a while we became invincible to the lions as they were everywhere eating people, one kept trying to sniff us out but we managed to escape.

    Please any idea what this dream means?


  8. I was dreaming I was on a safari and travelling with a guide through the jungle. I saw lions and baboons. A lion suddenly attacked me so I grabbed him by the throat and was trying to strangle him. The lion then began to speak to me. He said” you will have to kill me or I will kill you, but I will not kill you like the baboons would, I would kill you instantly”. I felt my grip giving and the guide said “you have to kill him, you can’t let go”. Then the guide stabbed the lion in the neck and blood started running down my hand and into a cut I had and it burned. The guide stabbed him again and he died.

  9. My Husband Dreamed that We were on Vacation.. And when he opens the Door, There is a Lion Hanging Upside Down ? He thought the Lion was Dead, He picked up his Cat, Held his Cat Tight to his Chest and Tried to walk out the Door.. The Lion Woke Up.. His Claw Ripped into his Leg ? Can you help me in what this dream could possibly mean ?

  10. i dreamed i let the lion out to from his cage at zoon an i put a dead human body in lions cage an the lion followed behind me nice an slow an the lion was very beauteful i cant member much now but when i woke up i do rember knowing that i killed the lion i think a ate him cause i was a hungry vampier

  11. in my dream,I saw a lion chasing an animal,it lost the direction of the animal and when it saw me,it tried attacking me with the help of animal (unknown).The people around me ran but I climbed a tree close and the lion through the help of the other animal climbed to the same spot,I jumped down and ran,it chased after me but later I got hold of it,strangled it,but it didn’t die and I ran into a building with others looking for a way out but couldn’t find any.At a particular point i saw it with a man as his pet and dodged it,running through another stairs but later found them and this time it climed the stairs,walking toward me,I pleaded with it,before it got calmed and I woke up.what does it mean?

  12. What does it mean if you dream that you live in a Big black Mansion and see a lion come out of a room thats calm and follows you around and lays/relaxes wherever you sit ?

  13. i had a dream that a lion had entered in my society
    every one was in a havoc condition to what to do. Then suddenly the lion entered my building.
    i closed my doors window everything that i can do at that time
    but lion still managed to came inside my house.
    i was shocked to what to do, but i dont know from where i got the guts to capture the lion with my hands.
    i caught the lion with my hands by rolling them from lion’s neck

    and i sucessfully caputred it

    i said to my family get me some bands so that i can put them over his mouth but strange thing is not that i had captured lion
    but my family did not supported me

  14. Hi!

    I dreamt about riding on a giant lioness’s back. It was as if we were very close and she was protective of me which made me feel very safe. I remember stroking her and resting on her head as I holding on while she ran. Size was she was around 15ft lon
    Any ideas on the significance of this?

  15. My dream seems so different from everybody else’s. My dream was in my old house and there was a lioness in my backyard. Everyone is scared of the lien but eventually I get the nerve to go out and slowly approach it and touch it.eventually I started to investigate the area to determine how the line is got into my yard and in doing so discover that on the opposite side of the fence there is a lion pacing.
    I eventually bring this lioness into my home and when I do the male lion then appears in my yard outside my window trying to aggressively get into the house to get to the female.
    Throughout the dream however I have it in my mind that I want to reunite these two lions.
    What the heck does that mean? And why is this particular dream standing out so much?

  16. I had a dream that a lion entered the house that my mother and I were staying at. It was chasing us and trying to get to us. We hid and tried to lock the bathroom door and it was trying to get to us and attack, as I was holding the bathroom door shut. We were able to get away as my mom got out of the bathroom window first and then I.
    What is the significance of this? A lion chasing my mom and I, but we were able to escape it.

    It also didn’t have the big fur like a male lion. It had to have been a lioness.

  17. I just noticed that I had this dream a few times. I see a lion that was roaring, and a lioness that was sleeping/lying down. As I tried to walk past the lioness, someone beside me appears and warns me not to wake the lioness up, so I should be quite. Eventually I woke the lioness up and its eyes started to glow a bit. It started chasing me around for the majority of my dream. While I was being chased, I saw a projection of a white tiger with glowing blue eyes. Still I was continued being chased by the pale lioness. However, when I ran to the garden or something, it was a dead end. The lioness jumps towards me, and lands right in front of me. It let out a huge roar, making me nervous. In my dream even though I was nervous and stiff, I somehow walked towards the lioness and embraced it. While I was embracing it, it tried to get out and continued to roar… Then it eventually cooled down, while I was tightly embracing it.
    Does anyone know the meaning behind my dream??

  18. Lion just appeared in my dream, suddenly I was back at my old house with the lion chasing me upon seeing me. Was a brown lion can still perfectly remember it’s big head wit all its fur. Running made no point as it was going to catch me, I stop and as it jumped on me I got out the way. Which gave me time to get inside the house. Lion got in to, my brotha ws there n it seen him n chased him, so I chased at it.. He managed to get to the other side n closed the door on it.. It turned back to me, saw me trying to close the other on it, in order to trap it inside the room… But it rushed n pushed the door, pushing me back in my room wit no way out.. Was at this point it stared me in the eyes as I did the same. It jumped n I grabbed its mouth wit my hands shut.. Drop on the floor wit me on top of it, glazing in its eyes( very angryit was) strange enough I had the stregth to hold it.. Noticed sum1 hiding under wot seemed to b a table, realising it was my brotha- I knew I had to finish it.. I broke its jaw n everything splashed! Was at the point I woke up, still wiping its flesh off me as it felt so real. Been left feeling so strong n brave I took time to drop this comment. I don’t know what it means but I think I know what to do. Thanks for read.

  19. I dreamt a cub came around me and I loved it so I took it and went somewhere upstairs to hide it buh it refused to stay in the wardrobe by strength, so I took it out and held it in my hands and it was peaceful. but then I looked from the Window upstairs and saw it’s mother approaching the village but It didn’t see me coz I was up, it didn’t hurt anyone either.

  20. What i remember was that one of my family members that i do not talk to because they made bad decisions (dad) killed the lion that was in the house.Anyone else ever had this type of dream??

  21. A very long time ago from the ages of 4-13I used to have recurring nightmares about a lion that would always kill me no matter what I did. What’s weirder is that it would only show up when I roared like one or walked into a dark shadowy area. Sometimes my deaths would be of him charging at me and ripping me apart or appearing and roaring to scare me to death. However there was once a time that when I roared he never would appear which was a god send but would either be replaced with a breath of relief or another creature to take his place. There was a dream I had when I was young and managed to swallow the lion with him still roaring from my throat. Also there were a few instances where people in my dream were either working for the lion or helping me fight back against him. This would continue for many of my dreams as if to tell a story to destroy this thing once and for all from the beginning of its conception to its death. In recent years I haven’t seen the creature because we were able to destroy him and lock him away from me forever. All the dreams I have now are adventure related and I’m a lot braver than I used to be so I can have more fun when I dream. He did recently appear though to scare me a year ago but since then hasn’t shown up. Still can any one help me understand this because even when I was younger I would use that roar to end my dream without a second thought I was also powerless and terrified every time he showed up.

  22. Dreamed of being at my In laws house, then they had 2 new young dogs as pets, when these dogs came close I figured they are lions. In the beginning they started to play and I was petting them but then it turned into biting hard as if the male is trying to eat me but all the bited never hurt. I have been seeing my wife with me most of the time in the dream, my father in law is the one who got the lions and ran out of food during their lunch time, I only heard my mother in law voice never saw her in the whole dream. I woke up while the male lion was biting on mw and trying to eat me and i was holding still and not fighting as instructed by my father in law. The bites never hurt me though.
    Please explain.

  23. Had this dream where I walked in a cage too feed 2 male lions the Lions never budged nor was I afraid of them..what does that mean I’m curious to find out

  24. I have 2 young white brother and sister cats cats. New pets. I dreampt recently that my cats were golden lions, also brother and sister, and behaving in the same way as my cats. Docile, lounging on my terrace, peaceful. In an instance the lions were no longer my cats but communing peacefully with my cats as a pride. I thought for a second that the lions would eat my cats, but that worry left me as soon as it came. The dream was short and vivid.

  25. In my dream, there was a pack of lions, but only one, a lioness, came over and was play fighting. I say this because although the lioness had my right arm tight in her mouth, it did not draw blood. I do not remember too much of the rest of the dream, but neither I nor the lion won, as it seemed more play than actual fight.
    any idea what this means?

  26. I have a dream of Lion who injured & run in the village, villagers run after him & i scare to see that all in dream.
    So pls suggest the meaning of this dream.

  27. I saw what looked like a huge arena, I was thrown in along with another man, he was an evil man and tried desperately to escape. I, on the other hand, observed my surroundings and noticed two large blocks in the center. I jumped on the tallest one. I heard two lions growling, then I heard the evil man SCREEMING in agony, the sound of tearing flesh and breaking bone in the mouths of the lions frightened me. I mentally prepared to die, but not without a fight. I waited anxiously for my end to draw near, then I saw them, two extremely aggressively looking, alpha male lions trotting my direction. Blood dripped from their mouths, eyes looking to kill. I reached at my side and found I was armed with an automatic rifle. I drew my weapon, both lions stepped back, pulled the trigger, nothing. They advanced forward. I threw the weapon at them and they attacked, but missed with the swing of their paws. I checked my other side and found a very large dagger. I jumped off the block on top of one of them and pressed the dagger in its throat, again and again. As it fell to the ground I turned immediately to greet the other with an open hand. I pushed its face away from mine but the lions mouth grabbed my hand. I brought my hand down low to expose the top of his head and struck the lion with the dagger. I did it twice, then slowly he released my hand from its jaws. He fell to the ground and a door opened from the side wall. With bloody hand close to my body, I proceeded to make my way out. Out where it was light. Then I woke up.

  28. I had a dream about a lioness chasing me and I killed it, then a lion came with baby lions and chased me and entered my house, I then killed the baby lions and slit open both their heads with a knife. the lion chased me in my house and I managed to lock myself inside a room. it then got in through the window and I stabbed it and it disappeared. later on it came back with my friends and seemed to be friendly with them but me and I quickly ran and locked myself in a room.

  29. In my Dream a Lion was with 2 others and I went into a house, then I saw a film about a Lion biting a man and holding him down, I grabbed a blanket and the Lion attacked me, It bit me in the arm and was holding me down, I escaped and the lion was chasing me, I then got rid of him by fleeing, I could feel the bite mark and it hurt, , after that I was in a supermarkt and some1 asked me to go 2 a radio show, Sjeez dreams are confusing

  30. I’m Fuck I got in a fight with the lion in a house, I did not win nor did the lion we both just couldn’t fight no more he dit me and scratched me but pulled and eye out and a ear , broken he jaw , and the end I looked into its eye he staird back and just walked out the room looking at me the hole time his long dark mane just full of blood , I’m still scared to look at my room’s door because I think it’s going to be right there

  31. I’ve been having dreams about lions for about 2 years now, but recently, I dream of lions every single night and it’s frighting me, there’s always either one or a bunch of lions attacking me trying to kill me, but I always escape and they never got to hurt me, I’m confused.

  32. A lion was chewing on my arm, kind of like a puppy chewing your fingers. There was no pain, blood or fear. My whole arm was in its mouth, up to my elbow and I was like ” meh, whatever, weird, but whatever “

  33. I had a dream that I was walking on a field with my sister and we came across a petting zoo it had other animals in it but was a lion maybe lioness and it charged at us I told my sister not to run to stand her ground then the lion pounced on my sister and I was fighting to get it off. What does that dream mean??

  34. I had a Dream last night, which was also a Lucid Dream where I knew I was dreaming but wasn’t afraid & didn’t try to awake myself, & a White lion came charging at me, but it’s like me & the Lion Hugged eachother & rolled around playing like you’d play with a big dog or something…., kind of a feeling of peace…

  35. What if, in your dream, the lion was caged but the cage had three foot fences so the lion kept escaping and brutally chasing you. You then have to hide in a public bathroom in a park with two other random people while the lion circles the bathroom and scratches the walls. Then, at the end of the dream, civilization is at the brink of extinction because the lion took over and over populated the area and people have to hide in special houses that they can’t get into.
    (Which by the way, this is a recurring dream.)

  36. Please help. At home with about 7-8 family members there was a lion that just seem to have appeared, but he was like the family pet. Everyone but me was able to get close to it, far less pet it. It was like a roaring lion toward me. I had to climb tables and chairs and dressers and doors to keep that beast from having me to shreds! I was so vexed against my sisters who seem unperturbed at the fury at which this animal was unendingly going after my life!! Anyway I woke up and I am suspicious of my family. Coming to think about it, it had a mane, therefore it was female! Any ideas anyone?

  37. I was walking from a homeless camp to a city. there was a group of black lions all different sizes and it was like there fur was molting. A few came up to me to attack but once i made it to the city the largest or leader walked beside me and explained how she could not attack in city limits. that she was reveared and not to touch her back. that i could touch her head. we walked till we came to a family she new that was building wooden steps. the mother had a baby and was a very small baby. the father was the woodworker. She roared at him to scare him but not to harm him. and i woke up. any idea what that could mean?

  38. I had a dream that a lion came into an elevator with me and my uncles were there. The lion was standing on two legs. Just standing looking at my uncles and facing its back towards me. I woke up scared.

  39. What does it mean if u see a herd of lions walking in streets with freedom and people got used to them and were cautious..and when suddenly one which was almost leaving turns back and attacks your mother in front of you??

  40. I dreamed About à Lion that wants to kill me I also hit him hard. (Fighting) Strange but in my dream i was standing on something high so THE lion couldnt reach me. After he struggle he turned into à half person because suddenly he had A knife so he could reach me And kill me but still he couldnt reach me. What could does this scary dream means?

  41. Also that same night I had a dream that I was awoken by my dad shooting out the window; when I ran to see what was out there I saw a lion walking in the field. I grabbed the gun and shot the lion but it did not die, just ran off and I never followed. This was before the last dream I explained. Are they connected? Can someone please tell me the meanings?

  42. I had a dream in that my girlfriend was cheating on me with my brother. Me and my brother fought until I couldn’t stand beatin him to death, so I left. Letter in the dream oNE of her friends sound me a video of my ex with another man already. When I awoke from the dream I was infuriated. When I tried to go back to sleep I tried walling everything out and put a “cage” around my conscious but a massive lion busted though and was roaring and swiping at. Plz, what does it mean.

  43. i had a dream in the early morning like lion is walking towards me and i just try run or walk fast to escape from lion by moving in another direction and suddenly another lion appears in-front of me but both the lions are not aggressive but quietly walking towards me and i woke up after that another dream appears like i walking into a hospital like situation and i don’t recognizance any of that what it’s mean ????????

  44. In my dream I was running through backyards. Instead of dogs laying in someone back yard it was lions. Some females some males spread out to where you couldn’t see where they all were laying. Ran past and got away from some then a male pounced on me and started mauling me with his nails along with another male. I was screaming for help while trying to defend myself. Out of no where some black guy had two hand guns shooting out of his 2nd story window. The lions died. I then got up and ran up the steps to say thank you, but yet another female lion chased me. I got up on This little side roof trying to get the peoples attention inside the house while this female lion was desperately trying to get me. finally she jumped high enouh and got on the roof then I awoke.

  45. In my dream me and 2 friends were chased by 2 lions. 1 lion got one of my friends and before the other could do the same, I attacked it!!! I stabbed it with an knife through the back of his neck. I don’t know if it died because I woke up. Plz let me know what this dream means!!! Thanks

  46. I dream of a black lion that was trying to attack a group of us. The lion finally caugh one of us and while eating the person the lion turn browm. It however attact again as a black lion.
    I manage to get away howevery it give me a hairy feeling.

  47. In my dream, i saw myself sitting on a tree in a forest and a group of lions (many lions, lionesses and cubs) running. I was amazed looking at that.and i was asking everyone to be quite so we don’t get attacked by that group. though i don’t remember the people i was asking to quite down.What does this mean?

  48. In my dream, i saw myself sitting on a tree in a forest and a group of lions (many lions, lionesses and cubs) running. I was amazed looking at that. What does this mean?

  49. What does it mean if you have a dream about a lion walking into a storage room. Then you hide, it then leaves. I think I’m safe when I get home. It then come from around the corner and pounces at my friend. I save him.

  50. I had a dream of going into this storage room, it was really messy when we heard something. We hid and we could see the lion. It passed we then ran to our house. When we thought it was safe it then pounced at my friend and I fought it of. What does this mean?

  51. From last 5 years am having lions in my dreams. They try to attack people around and somehow I try to manage rescuing people or to guide them to protect themselves. All dreams that I had are similar wherein they try to attack people or they try to enter their houses. They neither had attack me nor have chased me yet am not very sure but they terrify the people with their presences they try to chase them and sometime as said why they try to enter their homes.
    What that means??

  52. In my dream there was two lions one was black with grey stripes and the other was the normal color they both were talking and the normal color one turned in to a pervertic man and my cat turned into a little girl and ran for help and tried to get to the child but the lion now an exposed man closed the door and I woke up talking in my sleep

  53. I had a dream that I was in my old home that I grew up in and my father and mother and my twin brother was there. My father is now deceased and I was holding my two year old in my arms. The lion was trying to pull him by his foot and my son was crying with fear. It was clear that the lion wanted to eat my son. The lion was put in my brothers bedroom but it kept getting out. On one occasion I asked my brother if he kept the door closed and he said of course i did then left the house and the lion appeared from the hall way. I sent my mother and father to lock the lion away however they went down the hallway and didn’t come back. The lion started to stalk me and my son who was sleeping in my arms . I locked myself outside in the backyard and the lion found a way outside came around the side if the house and was trying to climb the fence. I felt defenseless and was trying to figure out how to save my son. Then I awoke.

  54. I had a dream last night about a lion we had in our house that was tame. I guess he was our pet. My husband was cheating on me (with someone who we both know in real life and is fairly new in our life) and acting different than normal and I kept finding him in situations that made me very angry. Meanwhile I kept going back to the lion in my house. Judging by the general meaning it seems pretty spot on for my dream!

    • i had a similar dream a week back .., my father had brought a pet lion in our house .. and all of the other family members were mad at it and screaming to get it back ..

  55. My Father recently passed away I had a dream that. Lions were running and one of the Lions face turned into my Father’s face and said to me Sara it’s me Dad. . and I started crying and hugging the Lion

  56. I dreamt of a pride of lions, one was black.
    I was standing on the edge of a building when I lost my footing, slipt and was hanging off the edge. Down below were three lions looking at me like I was there lunch and hoping I would fall. The black lion though was on the roof of the same building watching me but never showed any sign of aggression or reason to fear. What did that mean?

  57. What does it mean when the lion walks through the door to my house disappear but i can still see foot print coming towards me appears and sniffs me but I’m scared of it and don’t want to see it and it leaves.

  58. What if u see a lion resting/sleeping and i was trying to pass by then there was somebody by my side advising me to be careful so as not to wake up the lion.

  59. What if the lion is friendly and genital. In my dream the lion licked me and let me hug it and then it saved my life and was still alive at the end so what is that meaning?