Blue Jay dream meanings


Noisy, loud, fickle; imitating.

General Meanings:

This dream indicates that soon you will have changes in your life. Also marks that you are a person who can adapt easily adaptability. But when something is wrong and annoys you then you express yourself loudly, noisy.

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  1. I dreamed that I was sleeping in my bed, once I turned I saw a blue jay flying over my bed and steering at me, I turned and I saw that it was now standing on one of my furnitures…. I grabbed it with my hands and staring rubbing it’s little belly, after a few seconds I felt wrong and scared since it was quite a small blue jay and I though I may have hurt it so I turned towards my pillow (since now I was sitting in my bed) and I saw a big stain of blood on my pillow and I realized that I crushed the blue jay with my hands since there were also blue feathers on my pillow…. Does anyone knows what that can mean?