Boat dream meanings


Journey above the depths of emotions.


What emotional depths can I navigate safely?

General Meanings:

Ship of life Generally boat brings to light, how you draw the “ship of life” due to the personality structure, the course you hold and how you deal with shoals, and storms. The individual meaning arises, first of all, from that what you experienced with the boat in the dream. The following accompanying circumstances can often help with the exact interpretation:

  • A boat points to approaching changes in life whose way out seems a little bit insecure. It should bring us safety on the shore where a new life smiles to us.
  • Crossing a stream in the boat, indicates that you open yourself for other shores, the consciousness extends and penetrates into new spiritual and mental regions.
  • Boating in the clear, quiet water promises a straight and successful way of life.
  • Boating in muddy, messy water this stands for rather unfavorable prospects for the future.
  • If it floats in quiet water, means a quiet trip of our little life boat in the awake life.
  • Who controls a boat on moving water, can expect stress and imbalance in the conscious life.
  • Who float a boat in the dark, doesn’t know where the things run at the moment.
  • Occasionally, a boat points as a sexual symbol, also the wish for a sexual adventure which often exists only unconsciously.

Psychological Meanings:

By the boat or ship we move on the water this symbolizes our feelings. With whom you are together on the boat, with whom you have a close relation or with whom you particularly hang together (” We all sit in the same boat “).

  •  Motorboat – this an attempt to move quickly forward, with hope to do this with less of your own power.
  • Pedal boat – the pedal boat shows that you familiar and trust your own force and move with it through your feelings. Besides, the pedal boat refers to vacation, relaxation and leisure.
  • Rowing boat or canoe – like with the pedal boat you also make headway by own force with the rowing boat and canoe. Also it refers to the leisure.
  • Kayak, canoe –  independent dealings and own way how the conscious manages with feelings and emotional needs.
  • Sailboat – The sailboat is moving with the help of wind, and this wind brings you forward. The force of intellect and spirit is symbolized with the wind, which drives the dreamer and helps to move forward.

Spiritual Meanings:

A boat symbolizes our personality with which we move on the “sea of the life”!

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes if see boat in a dream – You see a boat indicates a trip and announces a changes in your present life situation;
  • Good omen if lying in clear water – The boat in the clear water in your dream says that everything is now taking a happy process;
  • Bad sign if lying in the muddy water – In the dream the water is muddy and there is a boat, accident is approaching or breakdowns in the journey or life course;
  • Visit if drive with it – When you are driving a boat in your dream, means that you are going to visit your relatives or friends;
  • Sadness if sinking – The dream denotes that you will experience disappointment;
  • Bad luck if fall of – In the dream you fall off a boat into the water announces distress and danger and misfortune;
  • Joy If sail – When you are dreaming that you are sailing in a boat on smooth water brings you happiness and success;
  • Respect if sail with friends – In the dream you are sailing with good company means that you are granted with much favor;
  • Delay plans if sail in storm – Sailing with a boat you get into storm, this is a warning that you should shift a planned journey or affairs;
  • Warning if sail in dirty water or storm – This dream is a warning about upcoming disaster.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Happiness if sail in clear water – In the dream you are in the boat sailing in clear water, means that you will have success in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Changes if see a boat – In the dream you see a boat, denotes that you will have changes.

* Please, see meaning of vehicles, travel, water.

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6 responses

  1. I dreamed I owned a houseboat. On the boat was my husband. The boat was very dirty and I had to clean it. The boat ran fine, but we never took it on to the water. At some point in the dream, I opened a door and a lion was on the other side. I was not scared of the Lion and it was only there for a few minutes.

  2. Had a dream I was driving a motor boat in the Gulf waters around my hometown. I seen a gator and the I see what look like the Locness Monster aND then both disappeared. I was fully aware of the shallow ground so began to turn, As I turned I hit a smaller boat that sent my boat to its side. I wasn’t sinking and my boat was still in motion from the tide that carried me right into the marsh. Once in the marsh and muddy water I got my boat back to upright position and backed out. That’s when I found out that not only was I in a motor boat but I also had a paddle. Then I woke up. No clue what all this means.

  3. I had a dream last night that I was in a boat that my friend (who’s gotten himself into a bit of trouble) was paddling but we were underground, it was odd because everything was calm and we were smiling and laughing, before that he said to me that he had to show me something, and took me down to where we were, it looked man-made, with stone and stone bricks, there were words on the walls but the most prominent one said “Love” in cursive letters, I don’t remember much else but can someone please help me understand this?

  4. it was a scary huge fire at my room together with my acquaintances and outside, they kept on screaming fire!! fire , and a huge monster chases me, I screamed and at least the monested died in the fire I went next ww the port.
    I had a trip with a boat , the boat was very luxuriously lavished by pools and pool party stuff and it has many areas, everyone i know was there.
    My cousin together with my family was in one table. I was so sexually aroused when he went down on a pool, he’s younger than me. I went closer and closer and I demanded him , the pool was blue-ish and we can’t see anything else under water, I felt his big thing under his pants. and I loved them, he moaned and I took my hands off and he touched mine too, Its irresistible though and I finally walked away running away and dressed up, my family landed already with him and I was already alone when we had arrived. so I never saw my family again.
    Its harder and he

  5. Last night i had a dream i was on a yatch or crouse ship and i met lost of different peple that i became friends with i also met a beautiful girl that mad me feel happy we held hands and ventured around the ship together one afternoon during a sun set we looked into the sky together and it looked like the energy flow of the univers me and the girl feel asleep side by side and the next day the sky was clear and you could see galaxsies i was stand on the deck and someone told me where i was standing was were the water flows up onto the ship then a big wave came and almost knocked me of the ship but was hanging on to the railing with one hand i puulled myself back onto the boat later on i was swimming in the ocean with joy and when i got back on the ship my dreads were longer and they were a breliant mixture of colors , white . Purple . Yellow green . Red all blending into each other someone complemented me on my hair while i was walking with my mother then it was over…… can someone help me understand this