Bracelet dream meanings


Bond, friendship and obligation.


With whom do I want to make a bond?

General Meanings:

All positive feelings In general, the dream symbol of the bracelet represents joy, happiness, bond between people, obligation, and happiness. To wear the bracelet in the dream, indicates the special satisfaction towards someone or something.

Desire for more freedom Alternatively, the dream about bracelet may be an indication of the restriction the one is suffering from. The dreamer does not feel free and he needs more space for his own. Consider that different ornaments or certain words on the bracelet have a special meaning.

Psychological Meanings:

Relation with a certain person On the psychological level, the bracelet is an indication of love and a bond between people that already know each other.

Fear to show feelings The bracelet that unties itself, denotes that the feelings that one has, didn’t show them to another person. Maybe there is a shame or a fear of being rejected, therefore the bracelet is loosen.

Warning of false people Sometimes more than one bracelet could be a warning of the danger and falseness the one is surrounded by.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Will be happy if made a bracelet – To dream that you have made a bracelet, indicates happiness in all aspects of the life;
  • Happiness if create a bracelet – In your dream you create a bracelet, this marks that only after a deep sorrow you will be happy;
  • Money if find a bracelet – In the dream you find a bracelet, this marks that next year you will earn money;
  • Wonderful love if have pearl bracelet – This dream signifies that you will have pure and wonderful love;
  • True friend if have a silver bracelet – This marks that you will find real friend;
  • Love if wear a bracelet – In the dream you are wearing a bracelet. this dream announces you true and calm love. Also you will find a good friend who will always be near you;
  • Wealth if wear several very beautiful and precious – You are wearing beautiful bracelets, this indicates that wealth is becoming apparent for you;
  • Good future if made of gold – In the dream you have a bracelet made of gold, this is a good sign for money and love affairs;
  • Joy and Warning if buy a bracelet – In the dream you pay for a bracelet, this marks about upcoming joy. Also this dream warns that you have to be aware jealously or too much passion;
  • Happiness if give to others – When you dream that you give a bracelet to someone, this will bring happiness for yourself;
  • Expenses if see many on others hands – To see a lot of bracelets on someone’s wrist, this dream denotes that in near future you will have unnecessary expenditure;
  • Bad sign if see a black bracelet – In the dream you notice that you have or see a black bracelet, this is bad sign which is connected with your health, this may bring you illness and infirmity;
  • Marriage if find one – When you find a bracelet in your dream, this announces you quick marriage;
  • End of love if lose or drop – In the dream you loose or drop down your bracelet, this announces that you will be deceived in love or you will end love relationship which wasn’t so happy.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • You will find a lover if have a bracelet – In the dream you have a bracelet, this means that there is a person, who loves you, but you do not know who. You have to look in your circles more carefully, and you’ll find what you are looking for a long time.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Love if see a bracelet – In the dream you see a bracelet, this symbol denotes that you will find love and become loved one;
  • Secret love if wear – You are wearing a bracelet in the dream marks that you have a secret love and you are afraid to show your feeling;
  • Joy if get – When you get a bracelet in a dream, this announces that joy is near you;
  • Secret love if create or make a bracelet – You have a silent love in your heart, do not be afraid to show it and you will become one of the happiest person in the world;
  • Unhappy love if drop or lose – In the dream you drop a bracelet, this marks that you will not have much luck in love;
  • Richness if have a golden bracelet – This dream announces you wealth.

* Please, see meaning of jewelry.

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6 responses

  1. I dreamed of seeing two cut hands with a bracelet on each hand and i wore that 2 bracelets on my left hand. What does it mean? That 2 bracelets belong from a dead person.

  2. I have never worn gold in my life but I had a lovely charm bracelet watch once. Last night I dreamed I was wearing a golden charm bracelet. It was loose, just the way I wear things and it fell. There were boys playing and for a moment they passed over it. One of the boys, I knew from high school was in my dream, a dwarf. He tried to take the bracelet but I called out and he left it. I then happily picked up my jewelery.

  3. I had a dream recently where I was in a restaurant with my friends and this guy that I knew from 7th grade walked by an I immediately ran to him and jumped in his arms and kissed him, then he looked up and saw a woman throwing his things out of a very high building and lastly she threw out the Pearl braclet and I saw her throw it out like I was up there but then I ended up down there really fast and I grabbed it and put it on my right wrist. I went to the boy that I kissed and took it off and gave it to him and he said “don’t worry about it” then picked me up and we kissed again. Please tell me what this means??