Brahma dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

To be tool if Brahma – This means that you have protection of invisible helpers which indicates that you have been chosen as the tool of a good deed.

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  1. I can’t remember me dream clearly as I was woke up and tried to get my other half to remember it firstly I met with my family who I haven’t seen for 7 years and during the reunion an Indian man came by and interrupted…only to be followed by everyone because of his preachings…his finally place of rest was at the top of a flight of the bottom on the pavement there was a guy who looked homeless but he showed me something ..2 slugs and one happen to be my daughter and she spook to me in reality she’s nearly 2 years old..but don’t see her very much… Anyways I knew it was my daughter even before the homeless guy told me..then something happen she got crushed I can’t remember if it was by him or I sadly climbed up the stairs only finally being able to speak with the Holy man who I’m not sure if it was his name or he mentioned it to me but the name was Brahman… Can’t remember anything else he said but I then went back down the stairs and chased that tramp who I thought was responsible for my daughters death and during the chase he evolved into something like a werewolf..but I then realised I had superhuman abilities myself but I didn’t catch up as something woke me up…why am I dreaming of such things and holy people..I don’t even have much faith in religion but I do believe on god..and this Brahman word which I didn’t even know of till the dream and who was this holy Indian man who seems very I believe in enlightenment n third eye…please help me someone as this is really playing on my mind!