Money stolen dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about money stolen can mirror assuagement, relish and sodality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud understanding such dreaming of money stolen hints separate life, fertile sex instinct, craftship and efficacy.
Good metamorphosis are happening in life when: money stolen - This dream sign regularly forebodes power and influence over others. You are one step ahead of other. Under other conditions, if this dream was with negative emotion then a dream may presage contra essence: a person of great value can be fraudulent or ticklish in regard to your interests.
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  • Wallet - you find a wallet announces that you will discover the secret of another; Wish of easy money if find with money – When you find a wallet with money in your dream, means that you want to get or make easy money without working, but this will not succeed; Fulfillment of wishes if find – You found a filled wallet with different things, almost always shows that you can fulfill your own desires; Disappointing desires if find empty – In the dream you found an empty wallet announces that your great hopes will disappoint you; Warning if get stolen -Your wallet was... (read more)
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  • Fire - ...ethereal fire brings good luck, particularly to sick persons, it is to them as a sign of the rescue and salvation. General Meanings: Warmth, Comfort, Power It is significant to separate dreaming of fire and dreaming of conflagration. The fire is seen as a major element of nature that man has, without awe and guilt, like all myths tell that the fire was stolen to serve for man. This value radiates the heat. Such a dream always results large spiritual powers. For one of the qualities of the soul is the fire. Therefore, the fire in the outer appearance is... (read more)