Brown dream meanings


Material world; security.


What are the needs in my life?

General Meanings:

Brown color is regarded as a symbol of earthiness and sensuality. Very often such a dream appears for nature-loving people and the individual meaning arises from the other surrounding circumstances. Sometimes the color can also be as a sign of a turning point in life, but mostly turns to unfavorable changes.

  • Brown eyes in the dream, stands as a warning against false friends.
  • Brown clothes in the dream, this announces slow but assured changes in life.

Psychological Meanings:

Brown in a dream symbolizes the earth and thus motherhood and love of nature.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Evil if brown color – Brown in a dream stands as an intermediate color which points to a transitional stage, which usually leads to evil or negative emotions;
  • False friends if see brown color – When brown color appears in the dream, then this dream warns that you have to be careful because you could be deceived by a person of whom you trust;
  • Warning if wear brown dress – You are wearing a brown dress in your dream, then this is a sign that you may get into danger, be careful.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Anxiety if see brown color – In the dream you see brown color, then this announces you disappointment and anxiety in near future, you have to be patient;
  • Deception if see brown eyes -The brown eyes in the dream denotes that you will be fooled by a woman;
  • Illusion if wear brown dress – When you wear the brown dress in your dream, then the meaning of this dream is that you will be subject of illusions, but you will be safe from negative emotions.

* Please, see meaning of colors.

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