Colors dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of colors may omen luxury, idolatry and league.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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Fortunate colors for this dream: yellow and golden .
  • Zodiac - ...problem or it could even indicate the actual pain such as headache. Spiritual Meanings: Spiritually there are many different spheres and areas that have influence for every sign of Zodiac: Aries – the sign that is affected by the head. The color of this Zodiac sign is red, the gemstone is amethyst and diamond. Suggestion for Aries – control your anger and learn to be more patience. Taurus – the sign that is affected by the throat. The colors of this sign are pink and blue, the special stone is emerald. Suggestion for Taurus – do not be too greedy... (read more)
  • Horse - ...full armed and all necessary equipment, such dream shows the power and the strength the dreamer will obtain. The dreamer will fight the enemy without the fear of losing it, as the power that will lie within him, will keep him going; The color of the shields, which the armed horse and a man was wearing in a dream has also a very important meaning: if the shields are black or red – the enemies will be hard to fight, as the dirt on such colors is easy to notice, but if the colors of the shields are green or... (read more)
  • Chameleon - ...not ready for that. Seeing different colors of chameleons – The chameleon is different colors (red, black, brown, orange and etc. (see the meaning of the colors)), signifies about upcoming worries and difficulties in your life. Shows that you have some hesitations about something and this will not let you to move on. If it is black means that you feel anxiety and afraid of something, because black color is something dark and mystic. Becoming or being a chameleon – In the dream you feel like you are a chameleon or become one, this shows that you are not very... (read more)
  • White - Association: Purity, clarity & pure cold. Question: What do I want to purify? General Meanings: Different meanings Color white stands for innocence, purity and perfection which ones you strive for. Because it dissolves in the spectral colors, the white in the true sense is colorless. It means purity, but also restraint, coolness, and infertility (in some cultures in the Far East, white knows as the color of mourning and death). White in a dream could therefore be a signal for premonition of death. Psychological Meanings: White color in dream stand for transformation, and the urge for perfection, the innocent aspect... (read more)
  • Painting - ...if bright red –  This dream indicates that soon you will have a reason to rejoice and to be happy. Arabian (Islamic) Experience if bright color paint – To dream a painting with bright colors, this means that you will have very useful experiences; Disease if painting with black color – This dream is a warning that you have to take care of your health because you will have very serious illness; New start if panting with white paint – You will have events, which will change your life. You can start your life from the new beginning. * Please, see meaning of colors, paint.... (read more)
  • Picture - ...hang a picture in a dream, you will get a long missed recognition. Psychological Meanings: Reflection of reality As a dream symbol a pictures is a reflection or subjective consideration of the reality. Sometimes such a dream is a warning before making “a false picture” by someone, and to respond to this (only according to this misunderstanding). It is very important to remember who or what was shown in the picture! The condition of the picture as well as its colors can be very important. (see “colors”). Spiritual Meanings: An icon or a description goes with spiritual significance. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Disadvantages if considering... (read more)
  • Flower - ...Only rich: one will deal with a bereavement; – Pick: your joy will soon pass, you should use every opportunity to offer one’s life; – Plant: good deeds are your doings mark; financial blessing is coming up; – Withering look, or have: your hopes will not be fulfilled; – Thoughtlessly demolished: join his fortune with feet, you will miss a great opportunity; – Collect and bind together: if you’re engaged or married yet, so it will happen soon; – Get paid: it has to do with honest people. * Please, see meaning of bud, individual names of flowers, colors.... (read more)
  • Violet (color) - Association: Spirituality; boundary between the visible and the invisible; aristocracy. Question: What do I reach? General Meanings: The color symbolically stands for the contemplation. The interpretation of color purple may a reference to the symbolic colors of blue and red. The color purple is like a symbol which stands for the search new things or the pursuit for balance, or even for God. Psychological Meanings: Inner conflict This color violet or purple in a dream appears an indication of an internal contradiction. The dreamer has difficulties to bring his physical claims in accordance with his spiritual ideas. * Please,... (read more)
  • Eclipse - ...will reach everything what you want; Dark period if lunar eclipse – To dream the eclipse of the moon, this announces that now you are in the negative period and you see everything only in the dark colors, but everything will end. Arabian (Islamic) Misfortune if see solar eclipse – This dream shows that you will have some failures at your work or at home; Disaster if lunar eclipse – Such dream indicates calamity in your life, because you have moved the wrong way in your life and this is a sign to you to open your eyes more widely;... (read more)
  • Wabun Spirit Keeper of the East - Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Adler; enthusiasm; breakthrough; rebirth innocence eternal spring; spontaneity miracle; curiosity, exploration; passionate. Description Wabun is the name for Spirit Keeper of the east in Sun Bear’s system of medicine wheel. This is the time of youth, the new beginning of spring and dawn. Wabun  includes the element of air, the mineral, the tobacco plant. The animal is the eagle and colors are gold and red. General Meaning The symbol stands for new beginning, enthusiasm, freshness, vitality. Transcendent Meaning Rebirth. Please, see meaning of East,spring.... (read more)
  • Black - Association: freedom, happiness, independence. Question: What makes me feel happy, independent and free? General Meanings: In General black can stand for darkness and also unknown factors of human-beings. It is also the color or grief and pain, therefore the black symbolizes negativity in everyone’s mind. People are afraid of things they don’t know and do not want to experience novelty as it is something they never did before. The dreamer always waits for the worse that will come out of black. Psychological Meanings: If you think of the colors, you should know that black is not really a color... (read more)
  • Petrifaction (wood) - Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Conservation; Detail; Manifold; Messenger; Perseverance; Understanding the cycle of the Earth; Stability; Connection; Bridging. Description The petrifying to wood is the totem mineral of the turtle clan which is connected with the Earth in the inner circle of the medicine wheel. The petrifaction of the wood starts when its structure is affected by dramatic changes in the earth. The petrifaction are available in many colors because they became stones from the plants. General Meaning Investigation of your connection with plants and mineral resources. Exploring ancient knowledge. Association A fossilized heart. Transcendent Meaning The ability to connect yourself... (read more)
  • Snake - is just too soon for you. Snakes and Women Snakes belong in the female dream’s world like stars in the sky. Snake dreams have younger girls than mature women because they still have a fear of male sexual power. In later years, the snake can refer to the fear of a rival. Colors and their meanings – The yellow snake in the dream of a woman is the fear of encountering male sexuality and the red is often interpreted as direct symbol of the phallus, because the combination of the color and the form closely related to the penis.... (read more)
  • Cats - ...the cat is spotted – the colors of the cat, represents passionate and confused feelings the dreamer has. Consider the shades of the spots as it could give more of the clue about the dream; Ingratitude from relatives if feeding the cat – to dream of seeing yourself feeding the cat, signifies condemnation from people that are close to you; Infidelity if eating the cat – such dream warns you to be aware of unfaithfulness; Will be betrayed by friends if see many cats – to dream of seeing more than one cat, symbolizes perfidy from some of your friends;... (read more)
  • Drug - ...take the advice from more mature and/or the person who knows the certain subject very well. The tendency to take risks, reflects in dreams which includes the illegal drugs and the one who was taking them or providing it to somebody else. Spiritually: There are some drugs which brings the dreamer into the state of euphoria. The one faces the truth and real values there are in life. Even in some places out there in the world, people take drugs to experience the state of the being and human;s capability to see things in more colors. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Falseness... (read more)
  • Coffin - ...connection or relation with him/her. But sometimes this may indicate the end of relation with that person, your conscious shows that it is time to separate, to bury the past. You are hiding under or covering something in the coffin in your dream – These actions shows that you want to hide from your enemies or worries in your waking life. You try to cover yourself from unpleasant things. Also this may show that you want to hide your shame or bad behavior from the others, with such an action you try to bury this. Seeing coffin of different colors... (read more)
  • Iron (material) - ...central ion in the hemoglobin molecule of the blood, and thus depends on the whole person. The center of the earth also consists of iron. General Meaning Examination of your force, your hardness or your elasticity; New ways refer you to your own culture and your traditions; An indication which warns you to pay attention to the iron content of your nutrition. Association Iron will and inflexibility. Transcendent Meaning A thorough understanding of that, how you should steer your life in temperate roads; How you could moderate or control your life. * Please, see meaning of iron plate, colors.... (read more)
  • Glasses - ...some loss of business and property; Luck If wear light glasses – When you wear light glasses in the dream, then this dream will give you luck and happiness; Beware if see worn by others – This is a signal that you have to beware of false friends and jealous observers; Betrayal if someone wears dark glasses – In the dream you meet another man with dark glasses, you will be betrayed by a related people in quite shameless way – partly, however, also from your own fault. * Please, see meaning of eyes, blindness, colors, glass, lenses, opticians.... (read more)
  • Dragon kite - ...if see flying dragon – The flying dragon in the dream is associated with false happiness and unreal ideas. Arabian (Islamic) Respect if see flying dragon – In the dream you see a flying dragon, then this dream announces that you will gain favor of great person,because of your hard work; Welfare if see rising dragon – The rising dragon in the dream signifies about prosperity and respect; Bad time if see broken dragon – In the dream you see that the dragon kite is broken, then this marks about adverse conditions in near future. * Please, see meaning of colors and materials.... (read more)
  • Thistle - ...marks that you are surrounded by envious people; Difficult period if full field of thistles – The field is full of thistles then this dream symbolizes a difficult path that you have before and do not want to go; No worries if tear up thistles – In the dream you tear up thistles in your dream, then this dream indicates that your worries are over; Unpleasant events if plant thistles – When you plant thistles in your dream, then this denotes that you pull yourself through your own fault to inconvenience and unpleasant situations. * Please, see meaning of thorns, colors.... (read more)
  • Quilt - ...possibility to improve the position; Warning if wrap to quilt – You wrap yourself into quilt in the dream then this means that you are afraid of enemies and at the same time warns others not to be so open-hearted; Hindu (Hinduism) Hard work if have quilt – You have a quilt in your dream, then this denotes that you have to make so many things, if you want to achieve something. Arabian (Islamic) Hiding yourself if see quilt– The quilt as a dream symbol indicates that your desires will not fulfill because you hide under the “quilt” yourself. * Please, see meaning of colors, geometric figures.... (read more)
  • Brown - ...may get into danger, be careful. Arabian (Islamic) Anxiety if see brown color – In the dream you see brown color, then this announces you disappointment and anxiety in near future, you have to be patient; Deception if see brown eyes -The brown eyes in the dream denotes that you will be fooled by a woman; Illusion if wear brown dress – When you wear the brown dress in your dream, then the meaning of this dream is that you will be subject of illusions, but you will be safe from negative emotions. * Please, see meaning of colors.... (read more)
  • Bed - ...and not worry about it, it rests on a colorful cushion, will assume the dream interpreted in accordance with the above colors. – See pure white coated: happy married life; – Very nice: happy marriage; – Out of order: one of your secrets will be revealed; – Well done: security and peace; – Dirty: illness in the family; – Poor: experience misfortune in the family; – See carry away: loss in his possession, you will lose a loan; – Bask see: domestic welfare. – Sun beat and prosperity in the house; – Empty and face-up: death; – Those who place... (read more)
  • Beige - Association: Neutrality, detachment, lack of communication; status. Question: What am I willing to take seriously or not so seriously? * Please, see meaning of colors.... (read more)
  • Eye - ...In the dream you have only one eye, this indicates that you have to throw an eye on someone who seeks your attention all the time. They have something to offer; Losses if bad eyes – in the dream your eyes are bad, this marks about loss of any kind; Bad experiences if watering and dripping eyes – This dream will bring you distressing experiences and bad future; Losses if losing your eye – This dream is a signal about thwarted hopes, loss of love and lover. Contexts’ Meanings: * Please, see meaning of blindness, body, mother complex, colors.... (read more)
  • Refuse (trash, rubbish, garbage) - General Meanings: Cleaning your minds and surrounding In the dream symbolism stands for waste items or information that is no longer needed and now can be thrown away. Often the color of the waste is important (see “colors”). Sometimes the upcoming spring-cleaning solves a dream about waste cleanup and clean out. It may also be the explanation: Your life is littered with unnecessary problems and people who you should definitely get rid of. You are going to make a valuable discovery. You have to use it and try not to hurt your friends. Psychological Meanings: Refuse can also... (read more)
  • Formal wear - ...sad event. Sometimes the evening wear also indicates that you want to make or do more from yourself. The desire to be on the top In the dream you often see yourself dressed in elegant evening clothes, shining in a center of a society, means that you are still in the beginning of the new start and the new career in your life. The dream already takes the reality on: you want “to be on the top” – especially if they occur in indeterminable red or black and gold color. These are colors of the power of wealth – so to say... (read more)
  • Abalone (cochlea) - Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Deep; Hidden; Beautiful; Closed. Description Abalone or the cochlea is a mollusk consisting of a single shell and prevalent on the West coast of the United States. The abalone or the cochlea is a mollusk consisting of a single shell and prevalent on the West coast of the United States. The conch of shell is in all colors of the rainbow and therefore it was processed and used as tools and jewelry in ceremonies. General Meaning Your deep, emotional nature that is hidden beneath the surface of your other feelings. Transcendent Meaning A deeply hidden... (read more)
  • Money - ...a dream to spend money promises success and financial gains. Dishonor or Pride If Having Money – In a dream to have money can warn from careless spending, but also announce that you can lose prestige and influence, but not always. Sometimes comes pride. Psychological Meanings: Wealth or Poverty – There are many signals for correct interpretation of dream about money. Important are the source of the money, the place where you get it, find or lose, their colors and their numbers. Dreaming about money can indicate either riches, wealth or poverty. Power and Sexuality – A dream in which money is... (read more)
  • Dripping - ...Substances and colors, sound and smell Consider also what substance is dripping, what condition, color, smell this material has and how fast it is falling in drops. Also, think about what feeling gives the sound of falling drops to you. If the sound makes you nervous, then it represents how anxious you are or will be in forthcoming troubles. As internal stimuli, it can show illness in your psyche. As external stimuli, loud sound of dripping can represent actual drip of a leaking tap. If dripping was fast – the disturbance is going bigger or moving quickly towards you. As... (read more)