Dragon kite dream meanings

General Meanings:

In Chinese tradition, the dragon symbolizes the wind, even today it is a symbol of freedom. The dreamer has a huge dragon kite in his dream, so it may be a reminder of carefree childhood days. Often the color of the dragon and the material from which it is made has a symbolic meaning. Dragon of paper can announce ambitious plans and hopes, but which will not succeed.

Psychological Meanings:

When you are able to control the dragon kite in your dream, then this indicates that you have to use your experiences and knowledge for your daily need and for your future.

Spiritual Meanings:

A dragon represents the need for greater spiritual freedom or desire to be free from restrictions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Use experience if see dragon – In a dream you see a dragon then this dream indicates that you have to use your knowledge in order to achieve something in your life;
  • No reality if see flying dragon – The flying dragon in the dream is associated with false happiness and unreal ideas.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Respect if see flying dragon – In the dream you see a flying dragon, then this dream announces that you will gain favor of great person,because of your hard work;
  • Welfare if see rising dragon – The rising dragon in the dream signifies about prosperity and respect;
  • Bad time if see broken dragon – In the dream you see that the dragon kite is broken, then this marks about adverse conditions in near future.

* Please, see meaning of colors and materials.

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