Family member dies in car accident dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of family member dies in car accident can attest cheerfulness, case and league.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung understanding the dream about family member dies in car accident symbolizes unconnected substance, gender libido, brilliance and function.
Affirmative metamorphosis ordinarily are going on only when: family member dies in car accident - This dream embodies superiority and being at a higher level than others. If not, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream might presage backwards essence: an unknown person could be subtle and unhealthy in relation to your being.
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  • Car - the dreamer’s status The car in reality represents the financial status of the person. It is very important especially for men to own the car that is expensive and nice, because he can be proud of what he achieved while working very hard. Women may interpreter the car as a symbol of masculinity, because the one who owns the expensive car will be a good provider for her and the family. Car as a symbol of independency The car that is driven by the person shows the level of the independency the one has. It is known that only one... (read more)
  • Water - in the process of purification and renewal. You will experience this stage not on your own, but also with people around you; If you dreamed that you were flowing on the top of the water, it is an omen of the upcoming wave out of space which was made by your influence,which you will not resist and will experience for what you’ve asked. If you will manage to find harmony with yourself, then you will become a great man; To dream of dirty and murky water foretells about difficulties and troubles with other people: your friends, family members or colleagues.... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - not of your own fault; Disease if fall out three teeth – Three teeth are falling out in your dream, this announces very serious illness and accidents; Bad omen if all teeth are falling out – this is a very bad omen, which brings you accident, death in the family, illness or disability; Death if lose tooth or teeth painfully – Very bad sign which signifies about death. The front teeth point to children or closest relatives; Illness if spit tooth out – means that you or someone from the closest family member is ill; Deceiver if see other’s artificial improper... (read more)
  • Wolf - throughout the world, would stand close to extinction and are now returning slowly. Earthy tribes had great respect for wolves, because they have such a strong sense of family and hunt only old and sick members of a species. General meaning Your relationship with your family and community, and the loving side of your nature, your feelings of intimacy. Association An aggressive man who persistently pursues its objectives at the expense of others; werewolf, a name. Transcendent meaning A protective animal that you can teach something about love and family. Please, see also meaning of predator, carnivore and animals…... (read more)
  • Horse - represents inner independence and easiness; Prosperity if the horse in a barn – the dream promises rich life ahead of you; Opportunities in career if the horse is wearing a saddle. The dream foretells about more prestige progress in your professional life; Disobedient horse signifies barriers -the dream foretells about overcoming obstacles you will face while reaching the success; Danger if the horse has escaped – if it was running from you away such dream shows that you should be aware of the enemies around you; Achievements if the horse is jumping around – the dream promises that you will... (read more)
  • Dog - each other, suggest to the dreamer to avoid any dispute in the family; Chasing, hounding or rushing dog means bad thoughts and dangerous habits – In the dream to be chased by dog or to see others (people or animals) being chased, rushed, hounded by dogs suggest to the dreamer be more careful about his thoughts and feelings. One should improve his mind and senses, otherwise he remains a troublesome creature; Multi-headed dog means fortune – In the dream to see Cerberus (multi headed hell hound) denotes the possibility of great profit. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Friend, loyal, protective, outcast,... (read more)
  • Carrion - General Meanings: Carrion is often equated with corpse. Only the corpse of a horse (in ancient dream books) is partially understood as a promise of long life. Find or see a corpse: You have left difficult or not very successful period of life behind yourself. A plan or a task is completed or abandoned. If we see a dead animal in front of you, the importance of the animal should be stated as a symbol to experience and to to learn more precise details. Psychological Meanings: The symbol of carrion appears in a dream, means that a problem is solved, in addition... (read more)
  • Death - shows that maybe some part of you is dead and not alive anymore, which shows that you are changing as a person, as individual. The other meaning could show that the dreamer is not taking care of himself, which means that he needs to start looking more after himself instead of the others. The dream could also have a good meaning, where the end of something old that lies within you is no more the part of you, and you are becoming better person, having only positive features. This dream could be called as a process of rebirth and new... (read more)
  • Carpenter - General Meanings: Your talents and skills Carpenter in dream suggest you to use your own power and creative energy in order to make life more independent. All your incredible ideas and plans are needed to reach the success. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New personality if carpenter – To dream of carpenter signifies that happiness is in your hands, you want to increase your wealth by honest means and to renounce selfish pastime or to renew yourself. Arabian (Islamic) Reaching aims if see carpenter – To see carpenter in the dream, then this is a sign that your goal will be reached very... (read more)
  • Steam car - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No journey if see steam car – The dream of steam car marks that all your plans about vacation will fail, you have to cancel for unknown period. Hindu (Hinduism) Slow success if steam car – The dream of steam car marks that you will move forward your goals slowly but surely. Arabian (Islamic) Meeting if see steam car – The steam car as a dream symbol announces a pleasant visit in view; Be attentive if go with steam car – The dream where you are moving with steam car then this denotes that you... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - You have to bury everything what bothers and makes you feel unhappy and keep moving towards; The end of relations if bringing flowers – You are bringing flowers in the cemetery, this announces death in the relations, this is not your soul mate, so do not be so sad about that; Healthy family if mother is bringing flowers – In the dream you see that your mother is bringing flowers to a cemetery, this shows that durably good health of the members of the family; Happiness and grief if a young widow visits cemetery – This shows that soon she... (read more)
  • Driving into water - with other people: your friends, family members or colleagues. Make sure you show kindness and patience, otherwise you will suffer unpleasant feelings; If the you dreamed that the water flooded your house – expect extraordinary news, which will change your life in completely different direction. You will find it hard to understand how much of circumstances will change and will make a huge influence on you; If you drowned down in your dream, it signifies that in reality you are trying to resist rules and regularities which results your state of being tired and exhausted; To dream of circles and... (read more)
  • Tree - lightning – Such a dream indicates about misfortunes which you can avoid under favorable circumstances, you have to trust your family and ask for help; Careless way of life if tear out with roots – In the dream you tear out the tree with roots means that you waste your energy and wealth. Hindu (Hinduism) Different explanation of several kinds of tree: The Indian and the ordinary walnut mean a man of high nobility, because the nut has a solid, rock-hard shell; The Cypress, the Empress, or Noble – beautiful lady, The Pomegranate – a well-born, strong and very wealthy man.... (read more)
  • Alarm devices - alarm, this signifies that you something is wrong in your life and needs your attention. This may be the wrong decision the wrong way and you must stop and try to correct this. To dream and hear the house or car alarm  – This dream is a signal that something is wrong in your family. This may be that your family member needs your help or even you need a help from them. Also it is a signal that you have some problems in your sexual life. To switch or turn on an alarm in a dream – This is... (read more)
  • Bed - understood as a sign of satisfaction and inner harmony, sometimes you’re looking to even the temporary oblivion of problems and conflicts and is prepared for an imminent serious illness. – Make bed promises a future usually happier family life. – Poorly made or dirty bed dissatisfaction with themselves and can their own life circumstances display or refer to family problems. – Can not sleep in bed announces unrest and conflict with others. – Shows up out of bed that you made a decision and it will carry out with courage and perseverance. – Does the bed dreaming of married couples... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - concerns in your life; Death of a friend if a corpse is dressed in black – Very bad sign, which announces the violent death of a friend; Concerns if see dead bodies or corpses strewn battlefields – This is a forerunner of troubles and disputes between family members or employer; Illness worries if seeing a corpse of a family member – When you see a corpse of a family member, this announces a disease of this family member that you have seen in the dream. This comes to domestic discords, or it is possible that your business will slowdown; Eternal faithful if see a... (read more)
  • Vicar (curate, younger clergyman) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if see vicar – To see vicar in the dream then this a sign of trouble in love affairs, you have to avoid disputes. Hindu (Hinduism) Support if see vicar – You are dreaming of vicar then this denotes that you will need an assistance and support. Arabian (Islamic) Help if see vicar – The dream of vicar marks that you will get help from unexpected person.... (read more)
  • Water carrier - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Richness if see water carrier – In the dream you see a water carrier, then is is a wonderful sign that your money will multiply. Hindu (Hinduism) Support if see water carrier – The water carrier as a dream symbol indicates that you will get support to implement your goals. Arabian (Islamic) Fortune if see water carrier – The dream of water carrier announces successful period in your life, you have to use all the gift that destiny gives you.... (read more)
  • Squirrel - – This dream is a warning about illness of a relative; also: you make yourself unpopular, because of you behavior. Hindu (Hinduism) No worries If see – Do not worry, even if it sometimes is not what you like or want; News – Unexpectedly you will get good news from far friends or relative. Proud If eating – In the dream you see squirrel is eating, shows that your family members are very glad about you; Caution If catch – You have to be more careful, someone wants to test you. Arabian (Islamic) Wonderful time – In general squirrel in a dream... (read more)
  • Fire - and pure flame, it is like blessing, but if it blazes enormously and unrestrained, it shows the evil. Prosperity The best to see is hearth fire – glow and pure. It means great prosperity, because where meals aren’t prepared the fire is pure; Poverty You cannot see the fire on the stove if it expires then it threatens grinding poverty; Success To dream that you carry a burning torch at night, it is positive especially for young people. It usually means pleasant love affairs and successful businesses, because you can see what is in front of your feet; Wellness The... (read more)
  • Arm - arm is missing – This dream announces the death of closed relative; Death if left side is missing – The death of a distant relative; Avoid conflicts if break an arm – This dream shows hardship and danger in prospect and you must watch out of conflicts with the family members. Contexts’ Meanings: To dream right arm – In the dream you see the right arm, this dream symbol shows your activeness and skills that you have – the creativity and strength. Hurt or wounded arm in the dream signifies that there is a lock of these skills, or you... (read more)
  • Roast - General Meanings: Roast in the dream symbolizes that something is cooking (mature) and can come to a favorable conclusion. If you smell something while roasting, then this dream stands for an opportunity or a risk. Want to support You want to roast something, this marks that you want to contribute to the success of something, perhaps your friends or family members. Psychological Meanings: The roast is the symbol for the Sunday and especially for Sunday lunch with the family. Rejection When the roast is rejected in a dream, this the sign of the rejection of family rituals. You have... (read more)
  • Bean - family members. Hindu (Hinduism) Peace at home if eating beans – In the dream you are eating beans, signifies that you have to strive to maintain the peace of your home; After losses, benefits if cooking beans – This dream shows that you will suffer from losses, but after sometime you will have advantage and gain benefits; Making better life if sow beans as seeds – This dream show that you and your partner can make life good and wonderful if both parts stick together (like two apple sides); Joy if eating green beans – This dream announces joy and... (read more)
  • Car / automobile repair shop - General Meanings: Dealing with life and ability to create The dream when you see a car repair shop, then this signifies that you can deal with your personal skills. The workshop is the place of creativity, out of the building shows the dreamer’s world with which he deals. There he uses his instinct and checks all his reserves and motivation skills. Psychological Meanings: Need of attention and love A car repair shop as a dream symbol can point to the need for personal attention and perhaps to physical affection.  In the dream the condition of the car marks how... (read more)
  • One-horse carriage - Traditional Meaning: European (Judeo-Christian) Longing for the old times if see One-horse carriage – such dream may indicate the past, as the one who was riding in One-horse carriage is looking for some privacy or trying to get away from things that already happened in the past. Hindu (Hinduism) Richness if see One-horse carriage – usually the carriage is associated with the prosperous life, therefore the dream gives a clue about new incomes. Arabian (Islamic) Victory if dream of One-horse carriage – the horses in Islamic culture are the symbol of wealthy, prosperous and rich lifestyle, therefore the dream is... (read more)
  • Bird - birds: Eagles: This bird of prey symbolizes dominance and superiority. Kingfisher: It means serenity and dignity. Magpie: Be careful with very valuable things. The magpie can be the symbol of good news. Duck: Indicates some kind of artificiality or childish swagger. Owl: In the dream it denotes wisdom and martial arts. Hawk: This embodies freedom and hope for those who are limited. The victory over lust. Pheasant: Predicts prosperity and happiness. Goose: This dream symbol stands for alertness and attention. May represent dawn or new life. A goose Flock is a symbol of the intuitive powers and warning of misfortune. Wild geese represent the soul and the pagan side of... (read more)
  • Rail transport - to independent living of our tracks to a target. Everyone has big or small railway experiences, their use of the dream as a matter of his testimony. Then there is the youthful memory of the child, where in thunder the long, dark car series, drawn by the powerful monster of the locomotive, slides in increasing speed from the hall of the railway station or with groaning brakes in this, as has almost every child the experience of the large force of the turbulent life. Of course itself seems to be more experience of a male; boys, girls and women are... (read more)
  • Cholera - to take care of your health if you want to avoid serious consequences; Misfortune if see sick people – The are lots of people who have cholera in your dream then this announces a danger or misfortune in your life; Anxiety if infesting the whole country – This dream denotes that you will have anger and many disappointments will follow you; Accident if be in epidemic place – You stay in a place with epidemic because of cholera, then this dream will bring you unpleasant accident and damage; Watch your family if family member has cholera – In the dream one... (read more)
  • Brother - dream shows that you will get news which will be unexpected to you; Happy family if a woman dreams of her brother – This dream announces that you will have a domestic happiness and close relation with your family; Concerns if man dreams of his brother – This dream indicates that the dreamer will have expected disagreements with partners or even family members; No support if farewell with brother – In the dream you farewell with your brother, then this dream is a sign that you will have to trust only on yourself; No help if lose brother – In... (read more)
  • Plums - This dream indicates that you are tired and bored about your life; Frustration if gathering or picking rotten plums – This dream about rotten plums indicates that some of your plans or desires are not achievable. Arabian (Islamic) Disease if see or eat plum in dream – This dream symbolize illness or even death if you do not take of your health ; Be with family if picking unripe plums – This dream shows that you are not worry about your family members, you think that there are lots of other important things that your family; Worries if see immature plums... (read more)
  • Bride - need for love, the knowledge of love, receptivity and fertility. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Felicity If seeing the bridal jewelry – In the dream you see the bridal jewelry yours or someone else, this dream announces you a lot of joy and happiness in your family; Engagement and Prosperity If seeing yourself as bride – When you dream that you are a bride in a dream then this shows early engagement and improvement of your own situation, life and wealth; Careless relations If hugging a bride (For men) – In the dream you hug a bride, so this dream is... (read more)