Carrion dream meanings

General Meanings:

Carrion is often equated with corpse. Only the corpse of a horse (in ancient dream books) is partially understood as a promise of long life. Find or see a corpse:

  • You have left difficult or not very successful period of life behind yourself.
  • A plan or a task is completed or abandoned.

If we see a dead animal in front of you, the importance of the animal should be stated as a symbol to experience and to to learn more precise details.

Psychological Meanings:

The symbol of carrion appears in a dream, means that a problem is solved, in addition unpleasant decisions must be done. It may be a separation or a farewell of persons or things, or ways that a relationship will be ended. The attitude to this symbol gives closer explanation:

  • The more disgusted you feel when you see the corpse, so the decision to separate will be more unpleasant.
  • Carrion often signifies to give up with an intention or a goal (a plan ” allow to die “) which is hopeless and will lead only to trouble and inconvenience.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy if carrion of mammals – In the dream you see carrion of mammals, will bring you long life and pleasant time;
  • Desires will come true if see carrion of birds – This dream will bring you fulfillment of  wishes;
  • Long life if lying – In the dream you see lying in a meadow, this announces healthy and long life;
  • Frustration if a horrible smell spreading – Your hopes will not come true at the moment, but if you work harder you will reach what you want;
  • Bad feelings if carrion of another animals – This can announce loss aversion, disgust or sadness in the near future;
  • Damage if grab – This dream announces damage or disease.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Sorrow if see carrion – In dream you look at carrion this means pain and grief. The certain joy that you have at the moment is only for short period;
  • More difficult solution if very repulsive – The dream denotes the more repulsive the corpse, shows that a current problem solution will be more unpleasant then you expected.

* Please, see meaning of vulture.

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