Squirrel dream meanings


Horten, running in the wheel.


Where in my life I’m ready to feel safer?

General Meanings:

Diligence and Well-being – Squirrel is a lively busy little creatures. After the ancient dream books, this announces that you do not need to worry about your future happiness, and material well-being, because you will find helper.  It can exhort to make provisions for the future so that you will not suffer from hardship. This is especially true if the squirrels in the dream busily collect fodder.

Psychological Meanings:

Deception – The cute little critters flatter with us in the dream; in other words, means that it warns us of flatterer who wants us to cheat. If it bites us, this is a sign that someone lies and deceives us.

False friends and Grudge – Who kills a squirrel in the dream, he is not an animal torturer. This vision suggests us to recognize envy in everyday life and eliminate false friends.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning If Flattering – If the vision of the artfulness and the flattery, warns us about people which use our trust and insidiously harm us. This urges us with extreme caution choice friends;
  • Happy family If see – In the dream you see a squirrel, for single people, announces a happy marriage.
  • Sorrow If see – For married couples this dream brings grief with the children or children’s blessing;
  • Merry family If eating – When squirrels are eating in your dream, such a dream informs you about family happiness and quiet family life;
  • Pleasure If stroke – In the dream you are stroking the animal, signalize about familiar pleasures;
  • Discords If chased – In the dream you see when the dog is chasing the squirrel tells about disagreements between friends and this is the reason for fear;
  • Danger If catch – You caught a squirrel in the dream, notifies that you will be in danger, but your clear mind and resourcefulness will help you;
  • Annoyance If bitten – If the squirrel bites you, reports you about harm and anger or dispute in the family. The reason for this is horrible spouses or wayward children;
  • Be ready for future If hoarding food – Means that you should be ready for a rainy day in a timely manner, like this squirrel gets ready for winter;
  • Release If kill or see dead – Reports about liberation of false friends;
  • Disease and Unpopularity If kill – This dream is a warning about illness of a relative; also: you make yourself unpopular, because of you behavior.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • No worries If see – Do not worry, even if it sometimes is not what you like or want;
  • News – Unexpectedly you will get good news from far friends or relative.
  • Proud If eating – In the dream you see squirrel is eating, shows that your family members are very glad about you;
  • Caution If catch – You have to be more careful, someone wants to test you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wonderful timeIn general squirrel in a dream means happy event; fulfilled wishes, financial wealth and this all will happen in the immediate future;
  • Marriage If see – For a single woman this dream announces early marriage;
  • Child If see (married) – For married this dream will bless you with children, soon your family has new member.

* Please, see meaning of chipmunk, animal.

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15 responses

  1. I dreamed squirrel chases me gets in my backpack and bites me i throw the backpack then a nother squirrel chases me up tree. What does this mean i climb on Tree limb He keeps bouncing trying to get me.

  2. Today I had a dream that I was in the kitchen getting ready to cook and my daughter was at the kitchen table doing her homework , when all of a sudden a squirrel pops out of no where running so fast and jumping on my sliding door to get out my house .

  3. I was dreaming that I was in bed and I saw something move in the corner of my room, I got up to check it out and immediately lost the ability to talk. I was trying to force this bullshit jibberish out of my mouth like I was having a stroke. The only thing I could do when I saw this thing moving around was whisper “squirrel” it was insanity. Absolutely frustrating and terrifying. The last thing I remember before waking up was being on my knees holding my throat and collapsing to the ground and smacked my head on the wood floor while whispering “squirrel”

    Please if anyone could interpret this in any way that would be much appreciated it’s really taken a toll on my waking conscience, thank you.

  4. I had a dream where there were two squirrels, one red peeping over a fence hiding where all you could see was the top of it’s head and another cute busy grey one who was running backwards and forwards from outside a window, to sitting on my shoulder. What does that mean?

  5. In my dream i am falling,dont know from where cause it it’s dark outside (night time),but i am falling with a squirrel,a bear,and a wolf…we land on hard flat land,and then i wake up. Can anyone tell me what this means?

  6. In my dream i was with my friends going out to have fun.all of them climbed on a ladder nd i could not,i decided to walk away then i met a squirrel runnin away,on my way i then saw a happy zebra urinating.pls interprete my dream.

  7. I had a dream that two squirrel sneak into my pants. when I put them on they began to bite me in my private part. I pull one out kill one then pull the other out and also kill them both.

  8. I dreamt that I saved the life of a squirrel from a pit of snakes.
    I had stumbled there by accident and landed on my ass, when I see a cobra slowely slither towards me and opening his hood.
    There was a squirrel there with me, I grabbed him as I slowly got to my feet and escaped.
    Later I was in a fight and in my command, was a mass army of squirrels, with the one I saved riding on my left shoulder.

  9. last night i had a dream. in that dream i saw a cute squirrel who comes to my house very often and we bacame friends. after some days another squirrel comes to me whom i don’t know.the second squirrel seems to be scared of something,finally i got to know that it’s scared of a cat which was chasing it.i was trying to help the squirrel n escape it from the cat.bt i failed . that cat caught the squirrel n i was standing helplessly.i was shouting n crying in pain. bt could nt do anything.can u tell me what does this dream mean?

  10. in my dream my son is living with my mother. he is very sad, not crying just sad and joyless. i try to help him and make him happy but he ignores or cant hear me. to be close to him i live in a car right outside of where he is living. a squirrel keeps breaking into the car biting me. it is very vicious (rabid). no matter how hard i try i can not kill or get away from this animal