White dream meanings


Purity, clarity & pure cold.


What do I want to purify?

General Meanings:

Different meanings Color white stands for innocence, purity and perfection which ones you strive for. Because it dissolves in the spectral colors, the white in the true sense is colorless. It means purity, but also restraint, coolness, and infertility (in some cultures in the Far East, white knows as the color of mourning and death). White in a dream could therefore be a signal for premonition of death.

Psychological Meanings:

White color in dream stand for transformation, and the urge for perfection, the innocent aspect of your being. Dream of white color shows a peaceful and harmonious person.

Spiritual Meanings:

If you see yourself surrounded by white lights (or candles), it means that you are spiritually transformed, at least during the dream.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness if see white color – To dream of white color means real happiness in life and in marriage.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happy person if white color – Dreaming of white color denotes that you joyful and innocence person.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Peace if white color – White color in dream symbolizes purity and peace in dreamer’s life.

* Please, also see meaning of colors.

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  1. I woke up crying this morning (but a cry of happiness) my father in law passed away last year 15 May 2015 at our house – I had a dream of him where he came to me in a white suit and with white balloons but he was very happy and laughing … very happy to see us but only myself you see him my husband was next to me in the dream and I said to him look here’s your dad touch him and I took his hand to touch his dad but he could not feel or see him only me … it felt real .. I woke up crying but of happiness … what a real experience!

    What can this mean?

  2. In the last part of my dream the other night, I was in my living room. I was waving a wand around with the intent to purify my surroundings and a pure white light filled the room and the objects within as I waved my wand over them. Overall, I can see that this is a very positive dream and I take it as a sign that I wish to harmonize my home dwelling, and that I have evolved spiritually. Thank you for the meanings!

  3. My cousin and I once shared the same dream a long time ago. We were staying the night at our grandparent’s house on Christmas eve. I’m not sure what the time was when we finally went to bed but I remember it was late. After I fell asleep, I remember standing up straight. As I looked around, I noticed that I was in an open area. This was no ordinary area though. Everywhere I looked there was white. There were no buildings or trees or hills… I don’t even think I was standing on solid ground. One thing I do remember was that my cousin was standing next to me. She was on my right. We stood there for what seemed like hours. When I finally woke up, I looked around my grandparent’s living room and everything was white. The pictures were white with black outlines, the floor was white, the fireplace was white with black outlines, everything was white! I looked over to my cousin as things started to fade back to their normal color and asked, did you have the same dream as me? She replied, the one where everything was white and the living room was just white too?

    • Hi,

      The strange white house with white walls means a “Spiritual Entrapment”. The two white tigers represent the art of “Tai Chi” and the white flowers is a symbol of “Buddahism”. The white orchids and snowbells means to be mixed up in something that will bring alot of confusion.

  4. I had a white dream last night. I saw myself in a strange house with white walls but i thought that it was my house in my mind. I was sitting with two white tiger babies in my arms and around me, there were a lot of white flowers… What does this mean?

  5. i was laying in a bed and the only thing i could see was a man sitting in the corner and while i was trying to figure who it was my eyes slowy began to close, as if i was slowly passing away and the next thing i get very loud ringing in my ears and the a bright white light got closer and closer and all of a sudden it felt as if i got punched in my heart! and the light dissapred. i woke up in the hospital and the doctor was telling my mom that there was no possiable way that i could have came back to life.
    what does this mean?

    • Hi,
      The Dream means that the Man in the corner was “Jesus” and you are dieing slowly. The very loud ringing in your ears means that GOD is communicating with you just like he did with his people Israel according to the Bible. The bright light that was getting closer and closer is “God” . He is getting nearer and nearer with you and he is communicating with his people Israel…You have Hebrew (Jewish) ancestry. The way that you came back to Life is because the Lord God has brought you back..

  6. In another dream I was in what seemed to be a ruined city, and I noticed a figure or person with an injured arm or wing, or deformed limb. Most of the enviroment was an olive/black/gray color. In the distance down the road in between the buildings, i notice a city of white, or just complete white area off in the distance. I ran, but as i got closer the same sound happened again. I tried to fight myself to stay asleep, as i can control some of my dreams, and this time my body jerked violently. I would close my eyes and focus again on the white and put myself back into a dreaming state, and the sound continued, i jerked more, and the image faded before i could get any closer…what does this mean??

  7. In one of my dreams i seemed to be in a room that was completely white, then in the distance, scattered red boxes appeared. As I got closer to the red boxes, it was as if my body was trying to force me to awaken. I hear a strange muffling sound, to be best described as the sound and feeling you have when all of the windows in the car are up, but you let down the driver or passenger side window only a bit, and this muffling annoying sound and sensation occurs in the ear. I managed to get closer to the boxes in one of my dreams, but right when I was about to look into the red box, the sound became too much and it felt as if someone was pulling me away or pulling me out of my body.

    • Hi,

      The scattered boxes means that there is Separation and Prejudice among you. And that the boxes are the color red indicates Pride. In the dream when someone was trying to pull you away and stop you from looking into those boxes was a “Warning”. This is telling you not to take a Bad Path.

  8. I had a weird dream, please help me, I saw myself getting a bright light and absorbing it the the light open light inside me and was shining , and then I went to someplace to eat I was told by someone I can’t eat in common people bcoz they all need some kind of help and I’m one of the leaders , so can’t be in that place , I don’t understand this dream at all felt like as if that light did something to me . While I was receiving that light people said usually people get born inside it but I felt good and was shining so bright and all people were smiling and watching me?

  9. what does it mean when you dream of your ex boyfriend wearing a white dressy shirt and white jacket,does it mean they still like you and that he will come back into my life? or does it mean someone else is interested in me which can be a purified new experience?

  10. So last night i had this dream that i was laying in my bed, i roll over and there is a man in the corner of my room in an all white suit with a bright red tie. the man never looked at me nor did he speak to me. but i did try and scream in the dream but not out of fear for the man but more so out of shock because he was in my room in the middle of the night! lol so if someone could please help me out this i would be greatful. everything ive been reading hasnt helped at all

    thank you

  11. My friend has dreams AND ‘controlled hallucinations’ about a void that he registers as white with ‘mystery things’ in it which he registers as black. He never actually sees the color, if’ya know what I mean. Hesays that sometimes there’s objects in the ‘void,’ such as once, an “odd, sort of distorted grand piano.” He says it’s a bit creepy, but not normally scary. The weirdest thing, though, is that he can ‘activate’ a ‘white void and black thing moment’ while awake, sometimes just after waking, sometimes when he’s in trouble with his parents, or scared, etc. He says that when he’s awake, it is scary, and that, dreaming or not, the black things make him feel some kind of pain that he can’t describe, without ever touching him…. We’re both baffled by it, and he says that the white voids don’t seem to represent ‘purity’ or any of that… so what does it mean?!

  12. My father saw my mum who passed away recently, dressed in white and with a white veil. She was standing and had a serious face by their bed in the main bedroom.

  13. The Dream

    It has been over 10 years since the awakening in the dream. I stood in the presents of the biggest, most awesome, most brilliant light that one could possibly experience. Everything above me, around me, and below me was the light; even the ground upon which I stood was the light. I was humbled and grateful, lowering myself to a fetal position. I melted together with the light in mind and spirit, and began to communicate without words with what I call heart speak. I felt as though I was there forever and yet only an instant. I brought with me to consciousness a since of awe, and a knowledge within my heart to cease the practice of eating meat, this was easy for me to do. In seeking to understand just what had happened to me, or for me, or with me I pondered with a new respect for all living creatures. Even as I write the vivid experience of being in this fantastic presents remains as bright in my consciousness as the instant of the dream, only never fading as most dreams do. For me this sleep full awakening has been the beginning of my conscious contact with the universal heart of all. I now see the cosmic universe in all things and have my feet planted firmly on a spiritual path. As the years pass it feels as though I have received a cosmic download that is gradually revealing itself as a bud blossoms into a flower.

  14. While a normal dream….a small white light appeared and grew as it came closer to me…. When it was finally in front of me it disolved and went away. I was not scared, but certainly it was a first time this has ever happened. What could this mean????

  15. It was dusk, the sky was a greyish blue to my right there,were illuminated white oddly shaped balloons floating and I remember on rectangular on was floating towards me. I noticed the people under the balloons were,also illuminated white. The details of both the people and balloons were of the finest lines. They were black. In front of me where more people in rows,also illuminated white but not as brilliant as the crowd to my right. I was following someone that was wearing jade green OR scrubs as,was,I.(I work in an OR ) the person in front of me cut thru th crowd to the left. I called out hey where,are you going I got a little scared. The person was waving a white towel chasing an Orange cat. The cat can towards my direction. I heard a voice saying get the cat. I dove to the ground grabbing the cat by the scruff of the neck I was laying chest down on the green grass with the oragel cat scruff in my left hand. I had two other cats in my right ARM one was white one was black and white. In the confusion I was yelling get the cat. Because I was loosing my grip. One of them I think the orange one bite my left wrist. The punctures see very deep I could see into the holes. Then I woke up. I remember being amazed by the whiteness of everything. It was so bright yet muted at the same time. I could look at the whiteness without irritation to.my eyes. What does this dream mean??

  16. My friend that passed was lying on a bed on his side kinda curled up sleeping in some covers. His hip was hanging out and he was wearing some very stylish white pants. There was also some of his belongings on the bed: forks, spoons, knifes. I started bugging him kinda rudely and he got mad at me. I stopped bugging him immediately and left him alone. then I woke up.