Red moon dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about red moon may betoken enjoyment, idolatry and intimate friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis of the dream about red moon indicates self-governing character, womanish passion, talent and strength.
Reassuring renewings are awaiting only if: red moon - This symbol of dream forebodes primacy and being a frontrunner. Contrarily, if the dream was more like nightmare then your dream should say backwards meaning: some person should be lying and/or ticklish in relation to your character.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: blue and yellow .
  • Driving into water - ...or want to draw attention to the unconscious side of the dreamer. If it is a very deep river, then the dreamer should give more attention to the world that surrounds him, and his relationships. A river crossing – promises big changes. If the river is scary, the dreamer might be going to create unnecessary difficulties; If the river poisoned, the dreamer should stop and do nothing for a while, this is for the best; Diving is to go down into the unconscious, or rediscover the trial, the parts of self that have been suppressed. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The state... (read more)