Wolf bite dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of wolf bite can portend exhilaration, heart and lasting friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud understanding of the dream about wolf bite forebodes unconnected oomph, female passion, vision and elasticity.
Good reworkings are about to become true only: wolf bite - This ordinarily portends primacy and being a person who runs ahead of other. In spite of that, if your dream has left bad feeling then your dream could point to vice versa substance: a person of importance is being delusory or wicked in regard to your interests.
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  • Wolf - stationary – presages a happy meeting with the official person; Jackals, wolves and fierce dogs – indicates thieves and robbers; If wolf devours meat on the foot  – suggests unfavorable position. Antique French dreambook Wolf interpretations comes from old French dreambook Dreaming of wolf in general – means a quick deal with a cruel and treacherous person; If wolf bites you in the dream – this  is a warning and it means illness and loss. To defeat wolf in dream – a sign of great success and wealth. To dream a pack of wolves -foretells long year of suffering. Hasse dreambook... (read more)
  • Dog - ...your emotions or to fulfill your desires. In other hand, but it is very unusual, dog can be a warning against being too much aggressive (more often dreaming of wolf has this meaning). Guide for self-realization – Sometimes dog appears in the sleep as a guide through the world of the unconsciousness and calls for self-realization, for complete fulfillment of one’s own potential. Aggressive behavior or strength – In broader sense most common symbolism of dog is same as the animal. These dreams’ symbols embody the aggressive masculine sexuality and show power of the dreamer. Different conditions in the dreams... (read more)
  • Animals - ...related to low intelligence and the fear of God, which means that the dreamer stays faithful and honest in all cases of the life. If the dreamer dreamed not only of the sheep/lamb, but also the wolf, then such dream indicates the conflict in your life between good and bad. You should consider to choose the good in life instead of bad, because things will go smoothly only when you will behave in appropriate way. Jackal – as the symbol stands for death and cemetery, which doesn’t have to be interpreted as the bad sign, because it shows the connection... (read more)