Burial (bury, burying) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Edge out bad things and move forward Burial in the dream often stands for the attempt to edge out painful experiences or negative traits. You haven’t done this successfully for a long time so you have to process them consciously, because  they will damage your life. Sometimes, this includes – going out and looking for company.

Psychological Meanings:

Shame because of behavior and immorality What is buried in the dream, this is like the shadow on the soul. It can be translated as the vice or the incorrect attitudes in the waking life. You can forget and conceal them from yourself or the environment, but you feel ashamed of them.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • The shame of wrong attitude if seeing burial – You are dreaming that you see burial action, this is an attempt to conceal destructive desires from the world and to pretend the passing of vices. Also this often suppress an attitude which was internally recognized as a wrong.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To see a burial (bury, burying) – This dream signifies that you have to get rid of your bad habits and you must free yourself from a negative situation. You have edge out hurting experience and feelings, because only then you can move toward.

To bury a live person ( father, mother, stranger, baby, sister or brother) – This dream signifies that your inner world is in confusion. You bury a person in the dream, this indicates that the certain person makes you worry about him/her. Positively this can be a mark that you try to bury and solve all your worries and stress in your real life and you are working on them.

To be buried or somebody buries you – The dream symbol of to be buried indicates that in the real life you feel humiliated, suppressed and hopeless. You think that your aims of your life are cheapen by others. But you have to move on and trust more of yourself.

To bury a certain thing (money, bottle, coins etc.) – To dream that you bury something this dream indicates that you are hiding your true feelings and it doesn’t depend on the thing which was buried. This action shows that you are trying to cover up some bad or difficult situation or actions from others or yourself.

* Please, see meaning of grave, monument.

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  1. meaning of running and find people burying some woman under a tree and you also put/cust soil into the grave after passing a very big mosque latter you seem to see someone afriend you know who is smiling. then after you get out of sleep.

  2. I had two dreams on the same night. The first one was it was kinda early in the morning and it was me, my mother, and my uncle burying my uncle I think. My uncle got into an accident a long time ago and is a vegetable bed bound. Everything was okay and I just helped move the casket in the car. I then transitioned to another dream that I don’t remember and then another Dream. The other dream I had was we had to take my uncle out, his hand was still moving which was creeping me out and there was muck on him so I didn’t want to deal with him taking note the same people were with me. But this time it was raining and kinda darkish. My uncle stood up. And he started walking. And I was creeped out so I tried walking away and he followed me so I started running and my moms like No! Don’t run ! And I was so scared because he ran so fast and then I woke up. Can someone please interperate this?