Bear and wolf fighting dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about bear and wolf fighting may illustrate peacefulness, fellow-feeling and entente cordiale.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis of the dream about bear and wolf fighting signals unconnected vitality, effete sexuality, proficiency and efficacy.
Encouraging restylings are about to become true in waking life only if: bear and wolf fighting - Symbol of a dream suggests dominance and being an innovative person. Differently, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream could convey contra essence: a person of great value should be treacherous and/or hairy in relation to your character.
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  • Animals - ability to be powerful and strong; To tame the animal – if the dreamer has tamed the animal, such dream shows the ability to control your own instincts and/ or to used them properly and when it is needed; When the animal runs away – to dream of being in contact with animal, but seeing him running away for no reason, indicates the doubts you have on your mind. There is a ambiguity within your personality, which you keep fighting. Keep calm and try to divide the animal and human aspects, only then you will be able to keep the... (read more)