Cat with human face dream meanings

To see a cat with any human face in a dream means unconstrained temper, fertile desire, originality and efficacy. By Freud’s explanation such dream augurs disasters and hellish occasions. Symbolism of such dream acquires various meaning determined by whether you are a friend of a cat or not. The dream could show that somebody could be upright and loyal in regard to your personage. But when you don’t have a cat as a pet or if your dream has left bad feeling, then such dream may mean upside down connotation. An unknown person should be ominous in regard to you. Your dream about cat having human face also symbolizes congenial impressions. It augurs that you’re in integrity in regard to your womanhood part of sexual desires. Under other conditions like dreaming with unharmonious feelings in a dream, then it announces that you are having unbalance toward the effeminate side of yourself.

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