Chagrin (annoyance) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Chagrin (annoyance) can embody aggressiveness, which repeatedly leads to conflicts, if you do not control them better. A grumpy-closed nature is also sometimes expressed in such a dream.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Negative emotions if feel annoyance – Such a dream is considered to many enemies, opposition and ugly disputes;
  • Troubles if provoke chagrin – In the dream you instigate chagrin then you will have lots of disputes and worries;
  • Unpleasant time if others act annoying – You are dreaming that you see that others behave peevishly then this is a sign for unpleasant activities and bad companions.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • No enemies if have annoyance – You feel annoyance in the dream then you will reconcile yourself with your enemies;
  • Warning if have chagrin with neighbors – In the dream you have chagrin with your neighbors then this is a sign that you have to avoid hypocritical persons and flatterers they want to downfall you and your reputation;
  • Reward if have annoyance with superior – You have an anger with a superior then you will be rewarded because of your diligence;
  • Peace if anger with wife – You have an anger with your wife in the dream then you may expect luck and peace at home;
  • Be wise if anger with husband – With your husband you have an anger in your dream, then this means that not always you will have the last word;
  • Envy if be annoyance with relatives – With the relatives you have annoyance in the dream, then this means that someone grudges your happiness;
  • Separation if annoyance with brother – When you have chagrin with your brother in your dream, then this may be a sign that you will divorce with your business partner;
  • No success if annoyance with sister – This is negative meaning because your success will not keep waiting any more for so long because you have missed your chance;
  • Lost respect if anger with an old woman– In your dream you have an anger with an old woman then you you will lose prestige through your own fault;
  • Damage if anger with strangers – To dream of annoyance with a stranger marks that soon you will see the falseness through your business partner and this will bring damage.

* Please, see meaning of annoyance.

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