Heart surgery dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about heart surgery may illustrate satisfaction, flame and esteem.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung explanation such dreaming of heart surgery denotes autarchical enterprise, effeminate lust, ingenuity and potentiality.
Supportive renewals are happening in life if: heart surgery - This symbol frequently stands for dominance and being a person who runs ahead of other. Notwithstanding, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream might evince upside down nuance: a person of great significance should be treacherous and dissembled toward you.
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  • Surgery - General Meanings: Get rid of troubles To be a surgeon in a dream indicates that the dreamer should take care of his health. This dream denotes that the problem has to be cut off and carefully analyzed if necessary. You may feel worry while these problems will be eliminated. Psychological Meanings: Essential changes An operation is a violent intervention in the life of someone what may be very essential. When you dream of a surgery or to be operated then this shows that you have to get used to changes. This can be difficult at first, but ultimately it... (read more)
  • Organs/Viscus - ...see your own organs – the dream in which you see the organs of your own, symbolizes the disappointment and sadness you’ll have; Happiness if feel the organs – to dream that you feel, for example, that you heart is beating symbolizes love and sensitivity you are going to feel. Alternatively, the dream may suggest to look closer into your health, as the dream could be a warning of the problems from certain parts of your body; Somebody will get tricked if tear the organs of another human – to dream that you or somebody else tearing apart the organs... (read more)
  • Vein - General Meanings: Heart suffering and Health Who sees his veins bulged, should pay attention to his health, particularly to functioning of the blood circulation. Veins are sometimes quite specific indications to a heart suffering or condition, as a precaution you should initiate an examination. Psychological Meanings: Constrained life Veins symbolize lifeblood and strength. The appearance and condition of the veins are important in the dream, and what do you feel during the dream. The image of the varicose veins can also be a warning not to move so clenched in the awake life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Concerns if bulged veins... (read more)
  • Ace, Aces (playing cards) - ...turn towards a decision which is very important. Dreaming of aces foretell that something very important will happen in near future. Dream about ace also represents that the dreamer has “the best card”, which means better position in everywhere. Clubs (♣): Ace of Clubs = Good opportunities in the professional life or Real advancement; Spades (♠): Ace of Spades = Mental advancement and/or Emotional development; Hearts (♥): Ace of Hearts = Luck in Love or Happiness in Family; Diamonds (♦): Ace of Diamonds = Possibilities of winning or Growth of profits. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Clubs (♣): Ace of Clubs = Money;... (read more)
  • Verses (stanza) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of partner if see verses – You see verses in your dream means that you will not be successful if you work alone, you should take a partner; Joy if learn verses – You dream that you read or learn by heart verses then in near future you will experience joy and success. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if learn by heart verses – The dream where you learn verses by heart then you may experience satisfaction and joy of life. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if read verses – In your dream you read verses or listen of... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...that you have chosen the right person as your partner. If the married women receives the ring from her husband it symbolizes happy marriage. New Family Dreambook: If you dream of seeing yourself with a ring on the finger – new business affair in which you’ll be lucky; Broken ring indicates disputes and unhappiness in marital affairs and broken hearts for the lovers; If the girl had a dream in which she was wearing a ring, her excitement associated with the beloved one will be extraordinary. From now on, someone that she is in love with will always give his... (read more)
  • Crataegus - Association: Strong & healing; Vulnerability & heart; Calming & love. Question: What kind of love or desires do I want to take? General Meanings: Crataegus (also known as hawthorn), in the medicine is the plant totem, which is associated with the inner position of the southern path and soul with the love. The tree or shrub has serrated leaves, small, round leaves and berries. The hawthorn have healing powers in both inward and outward application. Psychological Meanings: Need to love Dreaming of crataegus (hawthorn, a spring flowers) indicates the deep desire in your heart to love and to show it... (read more)
  • Water - ...on yourself – sadness; To throw something into water – prediction; A warm water – an unexpected delight; If you were swimming or floating in water – you will date someone; If sitting in the water – a failure; To scoop the water out – success in matters of the heart; To pump the water – gain of your incomes; Foam on the water – victory; To walk on the water – prosperity, success, good luck; To take a bath – a carefree and happy life; If the water is muddy – sadness, grief, dealing with bad people; Bright, crystal... (read more)
  • Zodiac - ...affected by lungs, heart and liver. The color if Lion are orange and gold and the gemstone is topaz and tourmaline. Suggestion for Lion – try to learn be less offensive towards the others, because you are not always the leader. Virgo – the sign that is mostly affected by stomach. The colors of the Virgo are gray and navy blue and the gemstones are pink Jasper and Jade. Libra – is the sign of balance, therefore the sign is mostly affected by area of lumbar. The colors of Libra are blue and purple and it’s gemstone is opal. The... (read more)
  • Flying - ...are in love they think in a different way listening more of the heart than of mind. Flying as the symbol of present days To have a flight with the plane, parachute or in any other way that is made for people is very common in these days. For example to have a flight with the plane is part of the communication with the other parts of the world. Consider, how much of it figures in your life, maybe that is the main reason you are having dreams about flight. The flight may indicate your actual fear of flying, because... (read more)
  • Ache, Aches - ...ache in a dream represents bad earnings and low profit. Regret if stomach pain – In a dream to have stomach ache this indicates that the dreamer is spending money with sin and might be feeling regret for doing such thing. Bad care if pain navel – Pain in the dreamer’s navel indicates bad treatment of his wife. Doubtful personality if have heart ache – Heart aches in a dream suggests that the dreamer might be having hidden poor characteristics or questionable religious sincerity. Illness of children if have liver pain – Liver pain in a dream indicates physical or emotional mistreatment... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...drink hot water – illness; If you spill water on yourself – sadness; To throw something into water – prediction; A warm water – an unexpected delight; If you were swimming or floating in water – you will date someone; If sitting in the water – a failure; To scoop the water out – success in matters of the heart; To pump the water – gain of your incomes; Foam on the water – victory; To walk on the water – prosperity, success, good luck; To take a bath – a carefree and happy life; If the water is muddy... (read more)
  • Altar - ...If see in front of you – This is a warning that something will happen in the near future, which can bring you harm; Joy If kneel – The good omen which announces you that your wish will come true; Cry for help If see people kneeling in front – This dream is a signal that someone needs your help. It is very good if you know these people, because they need your help; Heartless If get up and walk through it – This dream wants to show you that your heart like a stone, you have to be more... (read more)
  • Accordion - ...tear out from your gloomy brooding. The accordion in dream is a sign that your future will be much happier. Love If young woman was dreaming about an accordion or was playing with one in a dream, then such dream indicates that she will win the heart of her lover by a particular sad event; in spite of that lies lasting luck about her respect. Worries with health Dreaming about a broken accordion or hearing bad sounds from an accordion – this is a bad sign of illness or disease and love sickness or heartache. Spiritual Meanings: On spiritual level... (read more)
  • Blood - ...and foul-smelling blood in the dream , it is like a bad sign about big troubles; Losses If Swimming in it – You are dreaming that you are swimming in the blood, this s a warning that your wealth is near the loss; Good business If Seeing an animal blood – In the dream you see an animal blood, the dream shows that your business is going well; Disease If look at the others – When you look at the others blood, this points to illness in the family. * Please, see meaning of scar, wound, body, doctor, surgery.... (read more)
  • Yarn (thread) - ...yarn, this means that you will solve the puzzle that you have in your life; Hindu (Hinduism) More patience if see a yarn – In the dream you see a yarn, this indicates that you must have patience with others or the works you do; Lost wishes if wrap a yarn – You wrap a yarn in a dream, your heartfelt desires will not fulfill; Worries if see a yarn – In the dream you see a lot of yarns, this shows that your concerns are very big, you will have to put a lot of effort to solve them;... (read more)
  • Antelope - Association: Flee. General Meanings: Spirit beauty The antelope appears in the dream, when a dreamer requires beauty, grace and speed. The dream symbol of an antelope denotes spiritual desires. The desire to show your heart and to help people around you. Joy and happiness Also this dream may bring you happy events, good news and luck in your life. Psychological Meanings: Erotic symbol A typical man’s dream, this stands for a symbol of the exotic and erotic women. To conquer and to reach such a woman is very charming, proud and hard. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Joy if see an antelope... (read more)
  • Friendship - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Sorrow if dream of friendship – The dream of close friendship the this may show that you will experience heartache. Arabian (Islamic) Discomfort if make friendship – In your dream you are making a friendship, then you may have some inconvenience.... (read more)
  • Sexual intercourse - ...may be interpreted as a fear of lack of potency. Spiritual Meanings: This symbol stands for unconscious sexual desires for young people and for late age people new creative plans. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Creation and sexuality if see sexual intercourse – For young people this dream indicates the need to be sexy and attractive, for older people this may signify the creation of new plans and future; Love if have sexual intercourse with your lover – This dream denotes that you will have good affairs with your heart, your love will grow; Suffering if have sexual intercourse with wife/husband... (read more)
  • Confession - General Meanings: Get rid of bad feelings On the one hand the dream of confession means that you admit fault and blame, but on the other hand the forgiveness gives you hope for a new, light hearted start. The dream symbol of confession finally gives you a sign to admit mistakes and correct and get rid of them. Only then you will be pure and clean “paper”, where you can start writing your new life story. Psychological Meanings: The confession is the first sign that you are ready to accept your mistakes and try to correct them. Dreams of... (read more)
  • Liberation - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Don’t relax if liberate a concern – In the dream you liberate the concern and try to find solution, then this shows that you do not have to be happy and to relax while you do not finish the task; No worries if liberate yourself from a heavy burden – Everything will be good, now you will facilitate your heart; Joy if liberate pain – This dream is very positive and you will experience happiness and joy.... (read more)
  • Berry - ...have success without much efforts; Disputes if eat berries – You eat some kind of berries in your dream, then you will have some disputes and enmity with you family members; Bad sign if pick red berries – This dream is very negative which announces disease or death of a close relative; Worries if eat red berries – Eating red berries in the dream indicates toil and troubles; Grief if pick black berries – You pick black berries in your dream, then this dream will bring you a lot of heartache and grief. * Please, see meaning of hunger.... (read more)
  • Tree - ...conclusions on energy, attitudes, beliefs, ideas and values ​​which influence behavior and act decisively. Sometimes a tree is understood as a power symbol. The following accompanying circumstances can facilitate the exact interpretation: The leaves  say about how the dreamer acts and effects on his environment. The branches give information and explanation about the completed stages of development of the dreamer. A tree with spreading branches stands for a warm heart and loving personality, A small close-leafy tree suggests a blocked personality. A well-formed(shaped) tree symbolizes a well-ordered personality. A large, tangled tree – a chaotic personality. Tree with blossoms indicates better... (read more)
  • Excuse - General Meanings: It’s a bad sign when you dream of making excuses. You will suffer losses through your own fault. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Show heartiness if dream of excuse – This dream denotes that you need to show your sincerity to others because they need your support.... (read more)
  • Excavation - ...misfortune and unpleasant event; Give up if digging hole fills with water – This dream marks that despite of all your efforts you will not reach your goals, you have to find something more dear to your heart; Need of changes if dig up a corpse – In the dream you dig up a corpse, then this dream shows your bad conscience and bad lifestyle, you have to make changes in order not to rot from inside. Arabian (Islamic) Be strong if dig up ground – This dream indicates that you have to cope with difficult work and only then... (read more)
  • Wink - Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Love if wink – Dreaming of a wink means that you desire to meet a person you admire and you will implement your heart’s desire. Worries if wink to ugly woman or man – This dream indicates that you will have grief and worries in near future; Joy if wink to beautiful woman or man – This dream is more positive and it means that you will experience joy and satisfaction in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Real friendship if wink to your friend – In the dream you wink to your friend, then this means... (read more)
  • Ascent - ...the dreamer will be able to direct his sexuality energy to development of self-consciousness and self-awareness. To climb up stairs or take a lift then the dreamer releases himself from material constraints and pays all attention to spiritual awareness. Spiritual Meanings: The dreamer seeks for spiritual awareness. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love if climb up mountain – In the dream you are climbing up the mountains, this dream will bring you love, your heart’s desire will be fulfilled; Help if see someone climbing or rising – This dream marks that your friend will help you to reach the highest top.... (read more)
  • Asthma - ...soul in the waking life because of inability to breathe freely. Psychological Meanings: Sign of disease Asthma can occur in a dream in a way of attack, then there is a body-induced dream, which is based on diseases of the respiratory system or the heart which must be investigated thoroughly. Inability to deal with worries Asthma often appears in dreams of healthy people, because the weight of responsibilities and problems that can not be developed and almost suffocate person. For children, asthma attacks occur in their dreams, often by over-protection of mother, this brings fear and hinders their development.... (read more)
  • Watch - ...Also, the watch symbolizes the ticking heart of the human and this can indicate emotional side of you. In other words, we should realize that if the clock has struck, our inner world has stuck in crossroad and now you need to slow down the rate. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Learn to distribute time if see a watch – In the dream you see a watch, this shows and reminds that you have to divide one’s time better, because you miss important thing in your life; Time to start if wear self – The time runs so fast, it is time to make important decisions... (read more)
  • Bracelet - ...you are looking for a long time. Arabian (Islamic) Love if see a bracelet – In the dream you see a bracelet, this symbol denotes that you will find love and become loved one; Secret love if wear – You are wearing a bracelet in the dream marks that you have a secret love and you are afraid to show your feeling; Joy if get – When you get a bracelet in a dream, this announces that joy is near you; Secret love if create or make a bracelet – You have a silent love in your heart, do not be afraid to show... (read more)
  • Apricot - ...know how. You have to listen to your heart. Arabian (Islamic) Illness if see yellow apricot – This dream shows that you will have serious disease, but you will overcome it; Good future if plant apricot tree – When you plant apricot tree in your dream, then this marks that you made a basic for your better future; Richness if see green and unripened apricots – In the dream you see unripened apricots on the tree, this dream denotes that you put lots of efforts to reach your goal and now you will earn lot of money; Bad people if... (read more)