Organs/Viscus dream meanings

General Meanings:

In general the dream that relates to organs, signifies the lack of self criticism. Maybe the dream suggest to be more self-critical and look deeper into your views and ideas you are expressing towards the others.

The dream could also indicate the reticence of the dreamer. The one finds it hard to socialize and get in contacts with other people, because he feels better while being on his own. Consider, that the dream is a sign and warning to be more open-minded towards other people.

The actual pain sometimes reflects in the dreams, that is why the one may have such dreams. The pain that is felt at the certain area of the body causes dreams which includes organs. The dreamer should check on his health, especially if the pain persists.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Suffer if see organs of the man – to dream of seeing organs of human, shows the pain one will have, as the organs of the human denotes to anguish;
  • Victory if see organs of the wild animal – to dream that you see organs of the animal, signifies the joy of winning as the dreamer will obtain the victory;
  • Sadness if see your own organs – the dream in which you see the organs of your own, symbolizes the disappointment and sadness you’ll have;
  • Happiness if feel the organs – to dream that you feel, for example, that you heart is beating symbolizes love and sensitivity you are going to feel. Alternatively, the dream may suggest to look closer into your health, as the dream could be a warning of the problems from certain parts of your body;
  • Somebody will get tricked if tear the organs of another human – to dream that you or somebody else tearing apart the organs of another man, will cheat or mislead the person, who had his organs removed;
  • Will face the death if see organs of the child – to dream that you see the organs of the small kid, symbolizes death of someone you know.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • The close family will have to move out if the organs went through anus – the dream in which all of the organs went out because of someone kicking him, will suffer the loss of his relative. However, they will come back and everything will get sorted out;
  • Will get rich by the cost of other people if eating other people organs – the dream in which the one was eating organs of somebody in his dream, will become wealthy, but with the help of others;
  • Possibilities of treasures if find the organs of another man – the one who finds the organs, such as liver, lungs or any other ones will become wealthy, as unexpected gifts and riches will arrive to him.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Loss of riches if the organs goes through anus – if the liver or any other of the organs, go through the anus of the dreamer in his dream, then it suggests to prepare yourself for poverty. The loss of home and the riches will be painful, however, the state of the health will remain the same, therefore the dreamer should calm down and hope for the best;
  • Will get separated from someone or something very important if the organs go through the mouth – the mouth of the dreamer represents the power the one has in his own hands, therefore the one who will get divorced or separated will have his own fault;
  • Imminent death if dream of bad heart condition – the particular part of the body, such as the heart, represents┬áthe sudden death of the one he saw in his dream, as the heart is one of the most important organs of the dreamer;
  • Diseases if see stinking organs – the dream in which one or more organs were rotten, smelly and disgusting, shows the illness one will suffer. Consider, that the kids might be included either.

* Please, see meaning of gut, heart, stomach, kidney.

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