Chaos dream meanings

General Meanings:

Confusion and conflicts The chaos is a sign of insecurity. This may be a sign that the dreamer has lost all his important things in life. The dreamer has to relax and to give himself some time and to let all affairs to develop slowly. Chaotic states in a dream reveal mental anxiety, feelings that can not be classified and controlled. The chaos in the dream is to be taken literally – the confusion in your real life.

Psychological Meanings:

Support from  another world Chaos is the mother of all things. If you dream of chaotic situation, then you have to realize that you make contact with another world, which lives in the same way as you. This world is seen only at night in a dream, because you repress it at day and do not want to take it. You use your energy, and creativity to go through your life that you want to, then it is absolutely necessary to integrate “this world” into your everyday life. This will strengthen your intuitive abilities and you will anticipate things and go will through life more secure.

* Please, see meaning of director.

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