Director dream meanings

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  • Director - General Meanings: The director is often interpreted similarly as the boss. To see yourself as a director, this may announce you a professional success. Psychological Meanings: Any person in the dream takes a higher ranking function, such as directors, heads of state, ministers, presidents, etc. symbolize the directional function of the psyche of the dreamer. This dream symbol stand for ego. The superego is understood as a central authority for the management of the psychological processes of personality. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Reached desires if be a director – When you are a director in the dream, then you may expect that all your... (read more)
  • Funeral director - General Meanings: The dream symbol of funeral director denotes that the dreamer refuses and are afraid to take on an unpleasant task and he will better give it to others. This is an indication of lack of self-responsibility. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Marriage if be a funeral director – A dream of funeral director has a contrary meaning and this dream announces that you will have a new family and newborns; Fear if see a funeral director – The dream marks that you refuse to do or to make important decisions because you are afraid to accept consequences.... (read more)
  • Chef - a sign that will have careers changes ; Loss chance if receive a gift – You have got a gift from a chef, then this dream signifies about lost ability. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if become a chef – In the dream you are a chef or become one, then this dream has a positive meaning that you will experience changes where you will be very happy. Arabian (Islamic) Better life if talk with chef – In the dream you talk with chef, then you will have a possibility to reach better position and to be more satisfied about yourself. * Please, see meaning of director, doctor.... (read more)
  • Rail transport - The dream director picks out what is the current situation particularly significant precisely what accompanies us, and we have on this dream trip his opponent once to grasp in the eye, it is a reflection of ourselves; sometimes sits a man in our car, of which we knew not yet that he belongs in our destiny. Men in dreams, it can also be a very foreign-looking lady, who we meet here for the first time, although it deep inside us as animators lives. For women, it is subject to the level of these internal figures, rough men, doctors, actors,... (read more)
  • Father - ...marrying good children, beautiful married life; – To see or speak with your father: luck; – To see dying: accident; – You see dead father: there will be changes in your family. Arabian (Islamic) – In the dream you speak with your father: you will learn and know something good; – You lose or can not find your father: you will get in a big embarrassment; – in the dream you became a father: you will be revealed a new field of activity. * Please, see meaning of archetypes, chef, director, sexual intercourse, intercourse, teacher, child, king, man, family.... (read more)
  • Teacher - Such dream indicates the dreamer’s desire to be the best, find out the truth and be the winner at some point. Studying to become a teacher If there is a wish to become someone who teaches others, then it is very normal to dream about becoming a teacher. Such dream simply shows the desire of becoming a teacher. However, if the one is dreaming of becoming a teacher, but is not willing to be one in reality, then such dream signifies your desire to teach others some things. * Please, see meaning of age, boss, director, examination, school.... (read more)
  • Chaos - ...dream of chaotic situation, then you have to realize that you make contact with another world, which lives in the same way as you. This world is seen only at night in a dream, because you repress it at day and do not want to take it. You use your energy, and creativity to go through your life that you want to, then it is absolutely necessary to integrate “this world” into your everyday life. This will strengthen your intuitive abilities and you will anticipate things and go will through life more secure. * Please, see meaning of director.... (read more)