Teacher dream meanings


Learning, Discipline and rules.


What do I want to know and learn?

General Meanings:

The teachers itself as the person is the authority for most of the people, especially children. Because of the influence the teacher makes to children, they respect and love the person as much as any of the family member. Depending on different circumstances of the dream, different meanings of the dream following out of it. For example, the one has finished the school long time ago, therefore the teacher would be a sign of learning something new, or the one should listen to the others.
Consider, that sometimes the teacher could indicate the person the one is willing to be. Maybe the teacher is the ideal of the dreamer and he wishes to be just like him. On the other side, dreams about teachers could indicate the fears of failing and not trying hard enough, because the teacher is the one who rates the dreamer’s behavior at all aspects – studying, behaving and others.
The teenagers who dream of the teachers could have a crush, as it is normal during adolescence to fall in love many times and feel emotionally or sexually attracted to others.

Psychological Meanings:

On psychological level, people who dream of the teacher usually are looking for some advice, learning and guidance from others. Maybe the one who is having these kind of dreams is stepping into new period of his life, therefore he feels that he does not know many things in his life.
The relationships with the teacher
The dreamer should also consider to what kind of feelings the teacher in his dream has made. Maybe there is something special that he learned from certain person, or maybe the dreamer is having a very special relationships to that person? The feelings the one has towards the teacher says a lot about the dream, as for example if he likes the the teacher, it signifies the positive factors of the dream, and if there are negative feelings, then the dreamer should consider what causes those negative emotions.
I am a teacher
To be the teacher in the dream, signifies the knowledge and wisdom the one has, which is being transferred to others. There are some things which the dreamer feels very strong , positive and able to give it to others. Consider, that the one is having a great job, where he perfectly express himself if he dreams of being a teacher, when in reality he is already a teacher. Such dream reflects the reality in dreams

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the dream about the teacher symbolizes the teacher of the life. There is even a saying, which says that when the student will be ready, the teacher will come himself. Such spiritual teacher is going to teach things about life, wisdom and meditation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

The one will be examined if see a teacher – the dream, suggest to prepare for the tests and exams if you are a student. It could also show the need to learn more, but not necessarily specific things, as it could be something about life;
Will get joy if deal with teacher – to have a certain deal with the teacher, shows the completed tasks, the one is going to have;
Will succeed if being taught by a teacher – the dream in which the dreamer is getting instructions from someone, will reach the targets he was aiming for. Alternatively, the dream could indicate the things one does not know yet and has to learn;
Desire for knowledge if you are the teacher – the one who is dreaming of being a teacher has the thirst for news, new things and learning process;
Old deals will be finally done if talking to teacher – to have a conversation with the teacher, denotes to things which were not done till the end, but now is finally the time when the dreamer will finish it all.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Will get a very good lesson if see the teacher – there are going to be lessons which will be learned if see the teacher;
Will become wiser if you are the teacher – to be the one who is the teacher, denotes to knowledge you will obtain.

Arabian (Islamic)

Prepare for criticism if dream of teacher – to dream of seeing the teacher, denotes to allegations and complaints the one is going to suffer.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Having sex with the teacher
To have sex with the person who teaches you, denotes to sexual things you want to learn. The dream could also show the actual crush the one has for the teacher. Maybe in reality the dreamer has deep feelings for someone who is giving him a lesson. However, it is very common, especially for teenagers to fall in love with their teachers. Such dream only reflects the feelings, fears and fantasies the one has.

Arguing with the teacher
The one that is having a conflict with the teacher in his dream, is having argues with the system or some certain question in his life. Such dream indicates the dreamer’s desire to be the best, find out the truth and be the winner at some point.

Studying to become a teacher
If there is a wish to become someone who teaches others, then it is very normal to dream about becoming a teacher. Such dream simply shows the desire of becoming a teacher. However, if the one is dreaming of becoming a teacher, but is not willing to be one in reality, then such dream signifies your desire to teach others some things.

* Please, see meaning of age, boss, director, examination, school.

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