Dreams meeting with president dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about dreams meeting with president may hint relief, devotion and sincere friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud explanation of the dream about dreams meeting with president indicates unregimented guts, tender sexual desire, talent and power.
Enthusiastic conversions are awaiting only if: dreams meeting with president - This synbol of your dream naturally represents the opportunity to gain some profit. You are one step ahead of other. Else ways, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream could symbol vice versa value: a person of great value might be deceiving and/or unstable toward you.
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  • Meeting - life. Try to say only significant things. Because of that, you might be estimated as a chatterer, definitely unreliable persons. We know that people want to hear only meaningful, remarkable news. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Reward if see people in the meeting – To see people in the meeting in your dream then this dream has a positive meaning which announces that works that you did will be rewarded, also this may indicate an unusually active business life or relationship with new love; Unpleasant discussion if hold meeting – You hold or you are presenter at the meeting, such a dream... (read more)
  • Meeting - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New rules if be in the meeting – To dream that you are in the meeting then in your life there will be new rules that you’ll need to take.... (read more)
  • Water - resolution; Emotions and feelings;  Wetness and liquidness; Thirstiness; Aquarius. Question: How do I feel? What do I feel? Generally: Water is in the interpretation of dreams usually understood as a symbol of emotional and feminine aspects. Water is a mysterious substance, it can flow over and around things. Whatever stands in its way, water can destroy it. The potential of the dreamer and his ability to create out of his own inner need a new life, can be symbolized by water. Water is an ancient symbol that embodies the general’s soul life with the conscious and subconscious contents. The individual meaning of... (read more)
  • Driving into water - interact with your physical reality. – A dream of big waves that roll onto the beach may indicate forthcoming decisive emotional events. How did you feel it,waves when weighed against the beach, indicates whether you have to expect a time of happiness, fear or understanding. – Dreams of big waves can also represent the memory of past lives or other worlds that have been purified by the power of water. Transcendent Meaning Dreaming about water in supreme plane is an initiation dream, especially one which has to do with your feelings. Huichol shamans: Dreaming of white foam on ocean waves signify... (read more)
  • Wilderness - General Meanings: Dream of wilderness announces a celebratory event in your house and there you will meet with old friends and will have a wonderful time. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Meeting if see wilderness – The dream of wilderness is a sign that you will have wonderful meeting with your friends or family members. * Please, see also meaning of jungle.... (read more)
  • Nobleman - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Honor if see nobleman – In a dream you see nobleman which means honor and respect. Arabian (Islamic) Meeting if see nobleman – Nobleman in a dream indicates that you will have a meeting with respectful people. * Please, see meaning of nobility.... (read more)
  • Curse - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Watch yourself if be cursed – You are dreaming that you are cursed then this may announce that you will get sick, o you have to take care of your health. Hindu (Hinduism) Meeting if be cursed – In the dream you are cursed then this means that you will have an unpleasant meeting and news. Arabian (Islamic) No friends if curse someone – In the dream you curse somebody the dream marks that you will not acquire friends by your own cruelty; Be wise and attentive if be cursed – You are cursed in the... (read more)
  • Cylinder - General Meanings: In the dream the cylinder can appear in different forms and then it must be interpreted every time differently. The meaning of this dream depends on the form – hat, lamp, drum, car or engine. Psychological Meanings: Looking silly If you dream, that you have a nice hat on your head, without having suitable suit, so this means that you moving on the best ways to look ridiculous. Sad news If you see yourself or someone else is carrying other cylinders, this dream may announce, that you or people in your dream will face a serious meeting... (read more)
  • Magician - communicating with a magician – In the dream you are talking with a magician, warns you to beware of swindlers. Also this symbol predicts an unexpected event that will change your life fundamentally; Accept changes if being a magician – In your dream you are a magician, marks that you should voluntarily adopt a new way of life, because otherwise you never obtain a satisfaction. European (Judeo-Christian) Negative experiences if meeting a magician – When you meet a magician in your dream, this shows that you will experience unpleasantness when you will  search for prosperity and happiness. You are too overconfidence of yourself.... (read more)
  • Voting - General Meanings: Good changes if voting – In the dream you are voting, this announces you that you will change your current position and surrounding and this possibly goes for the better. * Please, see meaning of community, council meeting, speech, hall, meeting.... (read more)
  • Bishop - General Meanings: Bishop is an ambiguous symbol, because you may hope that you will cope with difficulties with someone’s help, but you will have to submit others instructions. In addition, the dream of bishop can also be as a sign of strife and enmity. Psychological Meanings: Traditionally bishop dream symbol indicates male power and his exploitation and high requirements which hide under “untouchable high figure.” Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Hard work if see bishop – In a dream to see a bishop indicates hard work. You will have to reach your goals alone. Your companion will be loneliness; Quarrels... (read more)
  • Electricity - Association: Work on the energy or life force. Question: Which part of me needs to be recharged? General Meanings: Power In the dream Electricity plays very important role and often represents strength. The interpretation depends on the circumstances and what aspect of the force here is highlighted. Solving problems with the energy Dreams of electric wires symbolize the communicative abilities of the dreamer. Dreams about light switches or switches on electrical devices refer to the ability of self-control. The power station generates electricity, so energy passes through the unconscious to the dreamer. That is how the dreamer energetically deals with the... (read more)
  • Vampire - Also you should pay attention to your surrounding because somebody wants to use you. Marriage because of property if dreaming a vampire (young people) – You will marry because of money and you will think that you have done a bad deal; Danger if seeing a vampire – You are very close to the danger, without your own fault you will lose your assets and get into the accident; Risky way if meeting and seeing a vampire – In the dream you see a vampire announces that you are getting into risky things. There is the risk of being caught in... (read more)
  • Wedding dress - General Meanings: Wonderful life The dream of wedding dress may denote your wish to marry, otherwise it generally promises happiness and success in life no matter are you married or not. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Desire to get married if see wedding dress – In a dream you see a wedding dress, this dream shows your interest about marriage; Family meetings if wear a wedding dress – To dream of wearing a wedding dress indicates wedding or festive banquets. and meetings with family members. Hindu (Hinduism) Happiness if see a wedding dress – The wedding dress as a dream... (read more)
  • Mind - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Rely on intuition if lose your mind – In the dream you lose your mind, so this denotes that you should not think so much. The first mind that comes to you, choose it. Hindu (Hinduism) Meeting if lose your mind – To lose your mind in the dream marks that you can expect a cheerful evening meeting which will bring you benefits. Arabian (Islamic) Stay calm if lose your mind – Your dream is about  losing your mind may be a sign not to wander, you have to focus and to find out what is the most... (read more)
  • Dinner time - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if eat alone dinner – You have dinner alone in your dream, then this means that you will have concerns and worry about the livelihood; Divorce if young woman has dinner – The young woman has her dinner with loved one, it means dispute or separation of lovers, unless it is a harmonious and enjoyable affair; Meeting if be a guest in dinner – You are one of many dinner guests, then in your near future you can expect a warm welcome or meeting.... (read more)
  • Director - General Meanings: The director is often interpreted similarly as the boss. To see yourself as a director, this may announce you a professional success. Psychological Meanings: Any person in the dream takes a higher ranking function, such as directors, heads of state, ministers, presidents, etc. symbolize the directional function of the psyche of the dreamer. This dream symbol stand for ego. The superego is understood as a central authority for the management of the psychological processes of personality. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Reached desires if be a director – When you are a director in the dream, then you may expect that all your... (read more)
  • Wakefulness - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The event if dream to be awake – To believe that you are awake in your dream, then in your real life you will have a strange happenings in near future; Pleasant period if be wakeful – To go through green fields or landscapes and to be wakeful in your dream, then this indicates the imminent good and amusing event in your life, but that will happen after the unpleasant present. Hindu (Hinduism) Meetings if be wakeful – To dream that you are wakeful in your dream, then you may have some interesting meeting or... (read more)
  • Broom - warns about wrong people around you; Meeting with good friends if old one – The old broom marks that you will gather together with good and old friends; Trust yourself if turning around with it – In the dream you turning around with the broom means that you do not have listen to other people. Arabian (Islamic) Quarrels if see broom – In a dream you notice a broom, this will bring you quarrels and strife at home; False friends if have a new – The broom announces false friends, which want to make harm to you and use your kindness; Old... (read more)
  • Downtown - To dream that you are in downtown, can be induced by external stimuli, which means that you have a meeting in downtown. Also in same manner, it means that it is time to wake up and get ready for the day. Had you any important appointments in next day after this dream? Alternatively, downtown can be interpreted as an induction of internal stimuli. In such manner, center of the city in dream represents material aspects of your personality. Do you have a lot of concerns about valuable possessions? Also it indicates large amount of activity and work for the... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - his typical qualities / features, because in such cases the dreams say to us that you have to eliminate these qualities in yourselves and change them to better ones. Change your attitude The inscription is sad on the grave of the person you know, this means that you have to change your attitude to that person and to be or to become more considerate, more gentle or more thoughtful. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Loss of a friend if see epitaph on the gravestone without name – In the dream you see and epitaph on the gravestone, this announces that you... (read more)
  • Lips - ...On the psychological level the dream about lips may represent the female genitals. It is also the sign of unfulfilled sexual wishes. Make sure you are open with your chosen one about your needs and wishes. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) In dreams lips mostly represent erotic desires. The shape of the lips which is heart shaped are also recognized as the symbolism of appreciation. Unpleasant experience if see fat, unattractive lips – such dream indicates conflicts in marriage, unpleasant decisions and unwanted meetings; Luck in love if see red and smiling lips – the dream of someone’s smile with beautiful... (read more)
  • Hairdresser (Hair stylist) - he does not like himself, especially the way he/she looks. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) In dreams the hairdresser is associated with influence from your surroundings and other people, difficulties with business and cardinal changes. The desire to look good if visiting the hair stylist – such dream shows the desire to be successful and happy, especially on the sexual basis; You are changing your attitude towards of who you are and what other thinks of you if you visited the hairdresser – such dream shows that you are not afraid of the changes and you are ready to move forward;... (read more)
  • Crow - General Meanings: In General crow mostly symbolizes strife, failure or death. Screaming crows in a dream are considered as signs of loss or major changes in the intimate relationships that might affect the dreamer. Alternatively lots of crows may indicate happiness and announce huge development. Psychological Meanings: A crow is a symbol of a ( perceived as aggressive ) woman. Usually the confrontation the dreamer has is related to the woman and the dreamer is always a man. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The crow in the dreams usually denotes to death, sad news and negative aspects of your personality.... (read more)
  • Cave - Association: – Hidden secrets and issues; sexuality of female; the past. Question: – What do I have in my personality that I would like to be discovered? General Meanings: Just like catacombs in dreams the caves also has a lot in common with subconsciousness. Although it may be scary at the beginning , but such dreams can have very good influence for the future and better understanding of yourself. Psychological Meanings: The cave in dreams has very similar meaning to grotto. These places have been used as a place to hide and was known as the symbol of security.... (read more)
  • Sea - a peaceful happiness within your fate. New Family Dreambook: According to the New Family dreambook, if the dreamer heard an easy sound of the sea, it means that he will suffer from depression and loneliness. In general, the dreams of the sea is quite sad, representing sadness, isolation and other negative conditions; If the girl dreams that she is going into the water with her lover, it means that all good expectations she has with that man, will come true. Gypsy’s Dreambook: Dream about the sea signifies a long journey; Quiet and calm sea – the trip will be successful... (read more)
  • Appointment - he should deal with it consciously. To miss a date or an appointment, refers to the fact that he turns insufficient attention to dream details. Psychologically: Perhaps the dreamer can present himself for good work or reward. There is something what he can finish and do in a certain period. (With whom did you have the date? This could be important and give other explanations.) Spiritually: At a spiritual level, the appointment in a dream is an indication of the dreamer, on spiritual effective way to save them or time to use them. * Please, see meaning of meeting.... (read more)
  • Reception - Psychological Meanings: Wonderful person In the dream you are in a reception and welcome guests, then this confirms that particularly you are an open-minded person in a waking life. There are some problems with some guests or in a reception, this indicates they are real problems in your environment. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Pleasant meet if attend in a reception – In the dream you attend in some kind of reception, this shows that you may expect pleasant appointments; Worries if a mess at a reception – There are some worries and troubles in a reception in your dreams,... (read more)
  • Hurry - General Meanings: When you are in a hurry in your dream, so this indicates that you contend with pressure from outside. However the rushing will not help you to reach your goals it is better to make haste slowly and then you will reach your goals slowly but perfectly. Hurry can show up in different ways in the dreams, this often refers to anxiety, uncertainty and nervousness. Psychological Meanings: The dreamer has to learn how to deal with time. There is an obvious symbol of the fear of missing something. The dreamer has to learn to plan timings and dates... (read more)
  • Gutter - you stand under a gutter then this dream marks that you will have unhappy times in love. Hindu (Hinduism) News if see a gutter – When you see a gutter in the dream, then this marks that you will have unpleasant meeting or news. Arabian (Islamic) Good partner if fix a gutter – In the dream you are fixing a gutter then this dream is a good sign that you will meet a partner with whom you will reach your desires; Discomfort if crash of gutters – You see the damaged or crashed gutters in the dream, then this announces unexpected inconvenience in near future.... (read more)
  • Camping - Association: Natural life, return to the simple things in life. Question: Do I deny my basic needs? Psychological Meanings: Desire for freedom Camping is a dream symbol that has a connection with simple life or nature life with casual social contacts. Who dreams of various meetings in changing environment and are happy about it, then such a dream marks that you do not want to suppress yourself – you want to look around and to find new experiences. Need for stability But when you feel negatively about camping then this dream symbol shows your need for safety, security and... (read more)