Vampire dream meanings


Fear to be pulled of energy.


What haunts me? Where in my life do I fail to access with my own forces?

General Meanings:

Tired because of too big demands When big demands are placed to the dreamer, then vampire can appear in the dream who “sucks out” him.

Evil or Bad person around The blood-sucking vampire is such a frightening creature that he is commonly regarded as an embodiment of the evil. Ancient Indian dream books understand him as a warning before own gentleness which is used from other.

Psychological Meanings:

Dark and Threatening thoughts Vampires should be only seemingly dead persons, who leave their grave at night and drink people’s blood. It was believed, that vampires are unresolved souls, which could not fulfill their purpose in life when they were alive. They were overtaken by death and therefore can not find the rest.  A dream symbol of vampire and bat, points to dark and threatening thoughts and imaginations of the dreamer.

Sucking energy and fear of relations The blood-sucking creature is as a monster who goes through our dreams. Where the Vampire (blood-sucking bat) enters the dream events, he stands for a person who wants to suck out our blood – energy. The fear of emotional or sexual relationships can manifest itself in a dream of vampires. Because the person is still afraid of the unknown things, the archetypes, which symbolize this fear, can appear in dreams.

Spiritual Meanings:

Life-threatening is frequently embodied by a vampire in dreams. But the dreamer himself could also tend the fantasies about the world of the evil, so that here certain reservations are appropriated.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning to pay attention if dreaming a vampire – The dream about vampires has a negative meaning of vermin – primitive instincts. Also you should pay attention to your surrounding because somebody wants to use you.
  • Marriage because of property if dreaming a vampire (young people) – You will marry because of money and you will think that you have done a bad deal;
  • Danger if seeing a vampire – You are very close to the danger, without your own fault you will lose your assets and get into the accident;
  • Risky way if meeting and seeing a vampire – In the dream you see a vampire announces that you are getting into risky things. There is the risk of being caught in the nets of an exploiter;
  • False friends if attacked by a vampire – In the dream you are bitten or attacked by a vampire, this signifies that you must beware of false friends;
  • Destroyed enemies if kill with a stake – In the dream you fight or kill with a stake, you will defeat somebody who has bad or harmful intention towards you;
  • Be aware if your friend is a vampire – You are dreaming that your good friend is the vampire, you should watch out the intentions of this person.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Worries if seeing a vampire – To see a vampire in the dream shows that by your gentleness you will come to trouble and misery;
  • Warning if meet or see – In the dream you are meeting or seeing a vampire, this is a sign that someone wants to exploit you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see – Seeing a vampire in your dream, means that you have to be careful, so that you do not fall in the hands of usurers. Also you may be confronted with terrible reproaches by a friend;
  • Fervent feelings if being a vampire – In the dream you are the vampire announces that you will give your passionate feelings in a love relationship at any way.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Being a vampire – You are a vampire in the dream, shows that you have some characteristic features that you can use to feed yourself, to attract energy from others. You have to become more independent from the others, don’t use peoples’s resources or information or position. You are like parasitic person who use others to reach your goals or improve your life. You are very selfish person, you want to achieve your aims by others for your own selfish benefits.

Been bitten or attacked by a vampire –  Means that somebody wants to feed himself/herself from you. They want to use your position, tries to profit from your position or work. Maybe someone is feeding from you to full himself emotionally. They absorb your energy. You have to be aware and to retreat from false friends or colleagues because they are using you.

To kill a vampire – This dream means that you will overcome all the difficulties and worries that you have in your life. Also this signifies that you have already got rid of bad people who feed themselves from you emotionally and  materially. You are physically or emotionally drained and now you will recover.

Seeing bloody vampire – In the dream the vampire is bloody or see the action of sucking the blood, means passion and sexuality. The person with which you are now may looked for you attractive and seductive, but now you he/she makes you feel tired and exhausted. He/she may have some character features or behave, habits which makes you feel drained.

* Please, see meaning of monster, bird.

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  1. My dream was very open and welcoming I was invited into a large coven of vampires and was to be made a companion to beautiful female vampires I witnessed two other people turned then I was introduced to a very old vampire who took me below a really old house lots of beautiful dark wood. I meet the eldest of the vampires but before I was to be turned I woke up to was actually a very inviting and invigorating dream. I felt no fear or malice, just a lot of openness and great energy

  2. Had a dream where I rescued captives forced to be pharmacists in the loft overseeing a formal library. I tossed the captors to their deaths one by one. The last escaped me and I hunted him down. By nightfall I tracked him to his cocoon in a forest. I shot an incendiary arrow which burned him alive in his shelter. To his screams I cut open the cocoon and ripped apart his chest with a dagger. I proceeded to spear the heart ignoring his pleas before cutting it out while still beating. To each jab boiling acid spurted out and ate away his flesh.

    Needless to say I never wake up well rested.

  3. I had a dream where I was stuck in this place because it was raining like crazy outside. It was dark and my whole family was there. But a girl and boy joined us and right away I knew they were Vampires. No one really knew except from me. I confirmed it with the girl because the boy didn’t want to tell me. Then I started talking the guy vampire a lot and I spent alot of the time in his room. the more we hang out the more closer we got. And slowly I started to realize his eyes turning red while we makeout so I would stop and try to just talk to him. I think days passed by and then all of a sudden the rain got crazy hard and it was impossible to do anything. we all stayed inside and we started to clean our stuff just. idk why. so he was cleaning his closet which was basically like a storage room and I joined him. He got all hyped and started talking about our future and how our son would be called Goal. Which was a really cute name.So we started to like kiss and stuff but his eyes started to turn red and no matter how hard I try to push him sway he wouldn’t let me go. He was aiming for my neck but I kept trying to defend myself. I mentioned Goal and our future together and he started to reject the urge to bite me but he lost the control. He just grabbed my hand and bit me. And when I told the girl that something is wrong with me she just told me to let it go but I knew something was off and when he joined us I woke up.

  4. I had a dream of a vampire . It all began with a train journey nd I was travelling in train . A lady came to me and said they wont hurt you. Later the train stopped . People began to run and started hiding . Later 3 vampires arrived . They killed all the people in the train the youngest vampire saw me . He kissed me and I felt like I am enjoying his kiss. He hide me safely. But his brothers found me they tried to attack me bt the youngest vampire saved me by fighting against his two brothers. He taken me to his place. His brothers had no problems later. I saw them feed on other people in their place. When I wake up in the morning there was a scratch mark in my body. What does it mean

  5. I had a dream about my cousin was a vampire and I was in school and I tried to tell a cartoon character the Emily Grant was a vampire and star butterfly ignored me and it was last period and end of day OMG #COUSIN VAMPIRE #OMG

  6. i had a dream that i was attacked by a vampire and then i became a vampire says i got a fangs and then i ran out of my house so that i do not want to harm my family and suddenely i saw so many boys and they were unknown to me personally but i lead them and i am standing like i am queen of them and one is listening to me and follow my all instruction and and then i felt sleep parilyses ohhh it seems adventorous to me its not horror at all

  7. When I was in second grade I had a dream about a girl vampire. She told me her name was Alex. She killed everyone around me and she said she loved me threw out her heart. I killed her with a wooden stake that appeared out of no where. Then I woke up. I had another dream about a vampire girl in 7th grade she had red blood eyes . she asked me how my life was. I told her it wasn’t pleasant. She said if I wanted them dead all I had to say was yes. I don’t know what it means but please help me out.

  8. My dream felt so….real. I dreamt I was with my family in a different house near a city, except it wasn’t my familyfamily. My family wasn’t my actual real life family though. I had one less sibling, no step parent, and my family members were different people. Though, in the dream, I thought them to be my actual family and never strayed from the thought. Everything was okay at first, I don’t remember exactly how things turned freaky but I do remember the news on TV telling us to stay indoors. I remember thinking it’ll all be over soon, but silly me it wasn’t: it was just getting started. I know we went out of the house to go closer to the city to check it out by car and go to a convenience store nearby. At this time, I had my cousins and uncle with me. While we were there, the place was attacked by human like creatures that I didn’t understand what they were because I was panicking. I remember two of my cousins escaping with me and running to the car then taking off. We then went back to the house and along the way we were attacked with the car still in motion. This led to the car crashing, them being taken, and my frantic run towards home. Once there, we tried to barricade the house some only to be attacked, though I don’t remember exactly how that went. Then it was just my brother, father, and I at the house trying to live a normal life and keep cooped up for protection. I’m not sure when, but somewhere along the way I was taken hostage by the creatures. I eventually made my escape and ran home to the “safe spot” which was a small space in the cieling that could only be accessed with a ladder. My brother and dad were up there and I remember them being so happy to see me. Looking back, I think this was a bad move and a crazy one at that, but I left the safe spot to go find something in the city where I was being held hostage. Once there I was kidnapped again only this time it was a bit more vague. I don’t remember how, but I remember waking up in a dingy, dark place with creatures in it. I remember a guy telling me I shouldn’t have ran, that I should’ve stayed with them obediently. (It was then I realized the creatures were vampires) I was terrified of what would happen if I stayed, so I tried to run away again with no success. If I recall correctly, I was captured then awoke in the same spot. Again, the same guy was talking to me only he was more violent and angry this time. Near me there was a pipe I think it was which I grabbed and hit his shin as hard as I could. From there I successfully evaded all of his stupid minions and made my getaway. I ran all the way home, but the only problem was that I was now physically one of them. How did I know? I have no idea. I just remember thinking about it. When I got home, I went to the pantry and got some marshmallows to eat as a substitute (we were short on foods with juice). Then, I tried to climb the ladder to the safe spot only to be rejected and have the ladder knocked to the floor. I picked up the ladder, climbed up, put my marshmallows up and told them it was okay. It was at that moment everything came crashing down, literally. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I do recall being pulled down to the floor with some fighting then the house literally collapsing on itself. Then the same vampire guy came to me and said, “You can never leave, _____” I put the underscores because I recall him saying a name, just not the name itself. 🙁 After a brief moment of shock, I told him no one could touch the bodies for I wanted them cremated. He then agreed and I woke up. I was very confused when I woke up, because it felt very much like reality. Can anyone explain this dream please? It would be of great help.

  9. I had a dream where the world felt empty, I was surrounded by just supernatural things while I was the remaining human. As I walked out of my house, I felt someone watching me, and in just seconds, they appear! It was a vampire, actually at first, I thought he was human just like me, because compared to all the other human looking things, they didn’t really have eyes, but just shadows covering their eyes and nose, however, he had a clear and decent face. At one point, I was sitting with the vampire and someone else, while we were just chatting outside on a clear day, the vampire just roamed around me and bit the left side of my neck. And, I never felt scared around him, in my dream, I was probably the most calmest person, the only thing that scared me were the people with shadowed faces. After he bit me, I realized he was a vampire and thennnn, my dream took place in another place, the place was dark, and he was always besides me.

  10. Umm….. you see I’ve recently had a dream about a vampire. First he was a bat flying to my front door wounded from the wing so I helped it heal and fed it. He got better then he turned into a man and we got along well. One day a different vampire comes and tries to bite me but the first vampire tells him“ You can’t bite her or anyone else, except her father”. The second vampire tries to attack but the first one (the one I helped heal) gets in front of me and blocks the attack. I tell him to stop that he’s wounded but he doesn’t move I cried. He asked me “may I?” and I answered “yes” then he got close to my neck and said “i’m sorry” and bit me. After that my vision was blur and he said “when the marks are gone you’ll remember” I woke up and my neck was killing me I went to wash my face in the restroom and I saw a bite mark right on the place he bit me I screamed and my mom freaked I told her what happened but she didn’t say anything and sometimes when I spit blood comes out. can anyone help?

  11. i dreamt the vampire was threatening me and my kids but i guess maternal instinct kicked in and i was ready to fight and so i chopped it up with a sword in my dream i didnt sleep while it was around opting to watch over my kids as they slept to protect them it wasnt really a fearful dream because i was alert and ready nor was i afraid of it there were scenes where it had buried most of its victims in a mass grave

  12. i was viciously attacked by a vampier but it happen really fast as i now am lookingdown at my self an i can see i was getting the side of my neck ripped off real fast by a growling vampier, then next thing ik im taking off in my dream as a vampier but in my dream i feel powerful an attacked to people by all i could see was them an i was tearing part of them apart with my teeth that seem to be all spiked an i could see flashes of blood an fleash an could feel the power i had an then im flying higher an higher in sky an then im walking on top a bulding up high an a lion is fallowing be hind me at a slow but then getting faster im enjoying being in control of this lion cause i know hes the king of his animal kind um an i have him then i rember i faught the lion an falshes of me an the lion attacking each an then im at the zoo placeing what seems too look like a a body of a man at least 5,10 with dark clothes on but he is life lease an i lock him in a cage which was the lions old cage an then i take off flying an im happy flying high an low an high up up higher an im flying over trees an back down to ground an i walk to my home that only took seconds to be at an in i go an i wake up

  13. I have recurring dreams for the last 40 years of being visited , bitten and ushered into darkness with the taste of the vampires blood. He is kind , he is gentle. The bite is painful , but a good pain…. I look forward to it and to be cloaked in his arms. I have no fear , no reservations of him, I gladly give my self to him each time and would stay forever in that dream if I could. There always seems to be someone trying to stop us , but he still drinks me and shares his blood. I had sever back pain and one time he came and bit me hard in the back…… I have had no pain since the dream. I curse each time I awake from this wonderful dream .
    To me he is a guardian angel .

  14. In my dream at first i was really scared of the vampires and was running. Further into the dream my adrenaline kicked in and i was powerful, i was throwing things at them. After one of the things hit one the boy vampires i stopped running and ask if j threw it too hard and if they were hurt. They told me no they were fine. He stopped chasing me and told his mother (the leader) that i was actually a really good person and that I was beautiful and my smile could make anyone smile back, it was that bright. His mother smiled at him and said, “so i see, we wont kill her. Someone one can date her.” And she winked at him. Thats where the dream ended, but i cant stop thinking about and i need help, i dont know what it means. Please respond.

  15. Okay it doesn’t say anything about having a vampire as a lover or boyfriend. I had a recent dream where i was in love and dating one. I wasn’t scared i gave him blood when he needed it so he doesn’t harm anyone. I assumed he’s a vampire because he drank blood and needed to live off of it and he bit off my neck.

  16. I was in some sort of party and it was pretty flashy with the colors and couldn’t recognize anybody that I knew. I couldn’t even tell where I was but for some reason it seemed familiar, buy only a bit. I was standing close to one of the corners of the house and the front entrance seemed like 8 feet away from me. There was a small corridor to my left leading to where all the refreshments and snacks were as well as where all the people were. I was just standing there and all of a sudden this (pretty good lookin) guy approached from behind me and held me in a tight grip. I didn’t realize what was going on and I guess I failed to notice him. Before this he seemed really thirsty and I just shrugged it off. He then whispered,”I’m really sorry for what im about to do, but my body and very core is craving your blood.” He then turned me around until I was facing him and then slammed me into the wall with great force. He caged me between him and the wall. He had brownish-blongish hair with reddish-brownish eyes. He was a head taller than me as well. He began leaning his head closer to mine. I got really scared, so I elbowed him in the chest and he lost his grip. I was so close to getting out the door but he caught my arm and put me back in the same position I was in before. Only this time, he pinned my hands above my head. He huskily said,”don’t try to get away because I will always find you.” Right at the moment his face went to my neck and I felt a very sharp pain. His fangs were burying themselves deeper into my neck, which sent chills to my very core.(it’s embarrassing, but it kinda felt good) I could hear my blood getting sucked inside my head. I then woke up sweating and could still feel where he bit me. I felt weaker than usual too. Does anybody what this dream is about???

  17. Can anyone tell me what this means: Instead of my dream taking place somewhere i didnt know it took place in my bedroom, and everything seemed normal same room , everything was in place, same lighting(dark) , and i was even able to feel EVERYTHING. My dream started off okay with me sleeping but then i felt something on my left arm. With my eyes still closed i used my other arm to feel what was there and i felt a smoothness of skin which i though was a girl so i played along until i opened my eyes and started to feel the pain , then i tried to yell, but my voice was gone and all i could do was try to speak. Then i looked over to my older brother who was sleeping on another bed next to mine but i saw a shadowy figure picking him up with one hand and with the other he started slicing his throaght slowly. I was still trying to yell , but couldnt then i looked back at my arm and thats when the female vampire looked up and i got to see her face in detail, then i finally woke up and yell that i was trying to do in my dream was actually sounding in real life.
    So can anyone tell me what that means please.

  18. I have a dream last night that i was sleeping in my bed and there is something landed in my lap and that wakes me up and when I look at it . Its a bat and it starts to lick down there and it feels good and then i blink my eyes and then he turns into human a vampire and i saw his eyes its so dark and lips is dark but still he is handsome to me.

  19. I dreamt of having a vampire close to me and he tried seducing me . He talked to me and he tried To kiss me and I just gave in to him. He was so sweet and nice . He did look like a dracula monster not a (pretty vampire) but he was so sweet and i found him very attractive. Soon when he took me to his bed . I sat on him thinking I was to spend the night but soon blood started to drip on his cheek and that is when i got off and looked up .The ceiling had so much blood dripping and I decide to stop and walkaway . He did not follow me , he rather looked hurt . What the heck does that mean

  20. I dreamed that i was a vampire. I was the strongest one. I teach the new vampires how to walk faster. As they do what i say i saw them walk and the place in a seconds. What does it means?
    Thanks for reading..

  21. Hi, I’m a teenage girl and I just had a very weird dream. I had a dream that I was with classmates and adults I knew and we were in the middle of a vampire apocalypse. We had a choice of a hand gun, a rifle, and a machete. I chose the hand gun. Then they gave us a choice of vampires blood to rub on ourselves or something we put up our nose so we wouldn’t smell human. We busted out the door and then we went to the second entrance way and i kept seeing vampires out of the corner of my eye. A small one, a little boy vampire appeared behind a women and I yelled “behind you!” And shot it in the shoulder and it didn’t die so I kept shooting it, I ran back to the room we were all hiding in at the start and some people had stayed behind and I saw I had shot myself in the finger somehow. Does anyone know what this means?

  22. I was dreaming that I bitten my three kids because I was hungry for blood to turn them into lil vamps..then was teaching them how to fly…then we stole a bunch of sweets from a rich house and we were trying to escape to our big house sitting on the edge of the lake……

  23. Ok in your point of view~ I’m still wondering what mine means kk. Lol get back to me when you can.

    I had a dream where I was in a beautiful forest type of place. Beautiful rich cabins and the weather was fresh! I was in a college field trip and there were tons of young people in a museum looking building. We were in a place where people were talking about myths and legends and vampires happened to be the subject. There were was a group of young men explaining about vampires and how a few think vampires don’t exist and some do. The main man talking had to be in his mid 20s and he was very handsome. He said that his family comes from a vampire clan and he is a vampire. He smiled and the crowd laughed and a few looked shocked. I laughed and thought this guy is just pulling our leg and just saying it to give in the “vampires do exist” type of vibe. While he kept smiling he said “he sees doubt in some” the crowd. “Should I display my truth? Any volunteers?” Again people laughed and I couldn’t believe we were in this ridiculous convo. Obviously vamps don’t exist. While some people did look that they were intimidating by that attitude. In my mind I thought wow so the fear of him being really one is making some people squirm and not say a thing. While no one volunteered the situation cooled down and another guy from his group representing was talking. I was still in the “ok he was not a vamp.” But for some odd reason ….. I wanted to prove that I was right! And also curiously to know if I was wrong. My personality in real life lol. I go to him while he was chatting with his fellow companions and I tell him straightforward “I’ll be your volunteer.” He looks at me surprised but he smiles with a nod and says ok. A few students look with a what just happened and my friend next to me looks at me like I’m gonna make a fool out of myself like of course he isn’t. Though I continued. He gently goes behind me and my heart was beating fast as he slowly and ever so gently was breathing on my neck trying to get a good angle. Here I am thinking this is just turning into a kinky display and this is PDA. I knew it was looking odd in public but I didn’t care I was still going to prove my point. He didn’t seem to get a good angle on my right side so I helped by pushing my hair away from my left and told him I am going to lean back against him so “it will be more easier.” He chuckled said ok. I was super nervous too. Thinking how I’m doing this in public is extreme yet I wasn’t going to back down. So I angled the left side of my neck and it was a lot better for him to do his thing. I felt that warm breath and all of a sudden I felt the most over empowering pleasure I have ever felt in a dream. It felt so real… The bite only stung a little till all I was left with was the sensual pleasure of being bitten. I was aroused and also surprised that he was actually a vampire. He was drinking my blood and holding me close so I wouldn’t lose my balance since the action was too impactful. I could feel the blood sucking and also in public I could hear a couple of gasps yet I was too distracted by sexual pleasure from this bite. I gasped and moaned and all I could think about was why am I feeling this? Is this how all vampires make others feel? Can he see the core of my existence while drinking my blood? It’s odd to say but in a nutshell it felt as if I was becoming one with him.

    Once he let go he licked my neck to stop the bleeding and I was gasping and trying to calm my breathing as if I had just had…. Cough cough you know what I mean. He turned me around and he was smiling staring at me with desire in his brown eyes and I could feel my face hot and I looking at him the same way. He said I tasted like a sweet pumpkin. A sweet cake. Then he said he wishes to continue later on the future and I should stay longer in this town. He wants to know how it felt like in my point of view. My friend who witnessed it, said nuh uh you will not be used as an experiment for his vampire research. I felt like it was a bad idea to continue on the future since one: I didn’t truly know how this vampire is and if all the myths and legends are 100 percent true
    And two: if i say yes will I be really an experiment only like what my friend said.
    He rolled his eyes at my friend and was only looking at me and telling me to come back and to think about it. He handed me a map on the big house where he lives so I can find him spot by later on the day.

    Once that event occurred many other students wanted to talk to him and even get pictures with him. A real vampire excitement crowd while others didn’t feel the same but walked away. My friend and I left and he still didn’t keep his eyes away from mine.

    Afterwards I was only thinking of him and blown away of his existence. Part of me was glad I was proven wrong and another part of me curious on the whole vampire existence. Like I wanted to talk to him more about what I felt and discuss further into it. Though I also felt a bit scared if things may not be all that postitve. If the myths and legends about vampires being heartless and evil beings was fully true. Outside was still that beautiful green with that overcast weather of fresh clouds and scent. I was walking holding the map and looking at it deciding whether to go or not. I woke up feeling amazed by that dream.

  24. I had purchased a very handsome vampire poster from this music store in our city’s mall.People I hung the poster on my wall at my home….my dream of that very sexy vampire male on the poster came to life in the dream it felt very much real…the title of the poster was falling in love with a vampire boyfriend.. Well wow.he was amazing his eyes.. OMG.he did hate anything religious in the dream I mean I was in a very dark environment room full of vampires I was so scared.. The vampires hated light and hated and fear crucifixes of any kind..he the poster vampire in my dream tried to protect me..he spoke to was so strange I still feel under his thrall we made love it was such a strange dream highs and lows in odd the way we made love in a room he took me to it had to be him to lead the way he was vampie I’m human…his name he told me and he said I could summon him anytime I’m asleep at night or just before dawn people. No lie…its so strange he was so cold to touch too like ice.pale beautiful skin long dark straight black shiny hair he had a royal scent?I think this was indeed a Prince Vampire a elder but looked young.He knew me too..I received a old looking necklace I can still feel as if I’m wearing the necklace and from this Handsome vampire to this night.

  25. Hella . Just last night i had a dream that i was in Las Vegas . And some random guy came up to me , my mom, and my sister in law. Anyways. My mom was in a daze so in love with his guy. Anyways . We go and sit on a couch at a motel . And they start becoming so sexual with us. So as i get up to try to leave this man looks at me and then looks at my neck and starts licking his lips and i look at his teeth to realize hes a vampire and as i try to get up to run from him i run but i cant seem to get out the house. Then one of thr other guys bits his finger, it starts bleeding and tells us all lets be blood brothers and sisters. Then i woke up …. Anyone know what that mean?

  26. Hi Everyone,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called Mr Marc who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay for just to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his email address today ([email protected]). he also has a friend who is a warewolf just incase you want to be one okay…([email protected]).

  27. Hello my friend said he had a dream where I was a vampire and I wanted to kill everyone and I was turning everyone into demons. He said that I had tried to attack him but I didnt and we became friends, and also that he said I can’t hurt his family but that I’d said I wanted to. What does his dream mean about how he feels about me as a friend. He is a dear friend of mine and I really care about him. Thank you

  28. My dream about a vampire was my earliest childhood dream. It was night and our community is filled with bats, the sky was violetred in color, then at that time I saw that one vampire had entered our home. Nobody was there, it was only me who was in our house, inside the bedroom. The vampire was in the living room and because I know vampires are dangerous I hid under our bedroom.

    Thats all I can remember. I was about 7-8 yrs old at that time

  29. I have got several visitations in my dreams from vampires. The first couple of times their were two females that I would have conversations with them in a strange bedroom (house). The first time after the conversations I had sex with them. One of them appeared to have triangle thorn patch on their left leg and would never let me see her face.

    The second time when they visited me in a dream we were just laying on the same bed talking even though the female with the thorn patch would try to stay hidden while I would conversate with the other one. I don’t remember the conversations though and no sex that time even though I vaguely remember the main girl I was talking to laughed at me as we laying down on our backs on the bed telling me “We’re not getting married so don’t even think that”. I was like???

    The third dream a latino guy that looked young visited and had a grin on his face like he knew something and I didn’t… but they were all vampires. I didn’t know why I did it but for some apparent reason I made a form of a cross with my fingers and when he turned his back on me I place it on his back and saw a cloud of smoke that burnt him. It obviously burned and hurt him because he flinched and got mad at me but I played it off. The fourth time in a dream they all were there but in form of death. The two females were on the bed hands and knees but in grotesque forms and the male entity stood at the corner in the same form. The girls didn’t look pretty like in the original forms that I seen them and the guy look grotesque and evil to.

    Now finally tonight one (or maybe they all did) came back but nothing happened.. They were just there like just observing me while I was hearing that they feel sorry for me and that they are also witches. They all have black hair and look latino. The guy obviously is Latino and the girls resemble latinas to. I googled Latino vampires and didn’t realize that there are Latino vampires out there. I was like???

    No doubt these experiences are real and not dreams…. These are true astral projected experiences and when I come back in my body they are there in the same room.

    What do you think????

  30. My vampire dream took place at night in the parking lot of a K mart or something similar. There was a gathering of people. Some of them I knew and some I didn’t. My sister was one of the people and so was my husband. I didn’t understand why I was there at first. There appeared to be a leader. He was mysterious, very handsome and had a confidence about him that was alluring but skeptical at the sane time. He was speaking to the group of people. I felt like I needed to hide within the crowd and hoped he wouldn’t see me. I had an uneasy feeling, like one would have when being called out to answer a question in a classroom. The crowd started to dissipate and were following others that seemed to be guards for the handsome speaker. I soon learned that I was the one of few left in the parking lot. When he spoke, it felt like he was sneaking directly to me. He started talking about chosen people and he pointed to me to come forward. I felt nervously afraid. As I went forward, he took me to what appeared to be a room where many of the people were sitting on beautiful furniture. My husband was there. My sister was there. My husband appeared to be happy as if he came into a lot of money or something. He also was proud. Proud that I was chosen to participate in something wonderful. Only I didn’t feel like it was. I learned that this leader was a very important vampire. He had turned everyone in the group. However, they were allowed to be human. They could choose from mortality to immortality. I was singled out and told I would not have a choice. That I was chosen to be with him forever. All the perks were explained to me, though I do not remember what they were. I felt extremely hesitant and never felt it was a good thing. However, knowing I did not have a choice, I approached him. He took me in his arms and bit me. I felt a rush of pleasure and pain take over. I could hear the applauding of the crowd in the background. After I fainted, I woke up to my husband sitting at my bedside. I was crying and asked him, how I would ever be able to be with him again. He told me I would be allowed to only when he was a vampire. I told him it wasn’t fair that I could never be mortal. I wasn’t given a choice. He then told me that I was chosen because of my bloodline; particularly my father’s. He continued to tell me it was an honor to be chosen. All the while I didn’t feel honored. I felt trapped. And then I woke up.

  31. Hi, soo I’ve seen many people post and comment very seldom on this but i have a serious issue… I dreamt of werewolves and vampires. Weird I know

    In my dream, im the werewolf girl who goes to any extent to protect her family. We were at an abandoned house of some sort and taking refuge there. But we got into some sorta trouble and has to leave. We seeked out an old friend who was normal. But as we entered this friends house. A few vampires stood outside across the road infront of a massive house. But one of the vampires caught my attention. Like an attraction towards him. it was weird. We then made our way to this abandoned building and he started talking to my sister or something and i felt a pang of jealousy. He was openly flirting with her. He got me my cousin and her confused and or we confused them by our playfulness and kindness before they arrived. I remember my sister dancing before they came up to us. Anyway, after a few arrangements and agreements about us leaving. I stayed back to ensure that they get back to the house safely. When suddenly this extremely hot vampire grabs my and and somehow ends up having me in a tight grip. I grab onto his arm but couldnt get loose. But the weirdest part is when he spoke to me and said “I always wanted you”. with him breathing down my neck.

    I need to know as soon as possible what the heck this means because i will protect my family at any costs.

  32. I was feasting at my cousins house with some relatives…then from out of nowhere a black haired female vampire attacked me out of nowhere and left few scratches in my hand…i was fearing during the dream not to turn into vampire but it wasnt scary.also in the home there was natural light from outside like it was afternoon or early and shadows on house.after a big chase in the building i stopped the vampire but not killed it.i was feeling uncomfortable and agony during the dream

  33. I just woke up, swetting like crazy! I met these two guys and three girls who I didn’t know were vampires. I really don’t know how I got to their house but I wasn’t afraid! They showed me the power they have, so I agreed that they can turn me! When finally I fed for the first time, a few hours later one of the girls who were just turned, left that night went on a blood-feast, I was new so they decided to send me to bring her back! I found that she turned Four normal females into vampires! These females she turned randomly! I followed her to a room and confronted her, well she told me ”I’m just having a little fun”! I thought to myself, why not! So she called these Four newly turned vampire ladies, they came in this room, blood on their faces! I told them to get on the best, and I had sex with all Five of them! Wow, it was the best experience ever! Taking it out of the one P»ssy and in the other one P»ssy! I’m still rock hard laying in bed!

    Well it didn’t stop their, the only thing I realised is that, by turning you lose your entire family and all your friends, because you can’t protect them all the time! Plus other vampires will always be watching you! When you become a vampire, human beings are seen as lunch, doesn’t matter if they your family, so choose wisely!

    From Syrex

  34. I had a dream about trying to seduce a vampire, or trying for a vampire to notice me..

    Thats strange, and in my dream I feel like I really want his attention, why is that?

    I felt weird and curious to death tge moment I wake up..

  35. I once had a dream about vampires. A vampire. It was an intimidating dream. It was evening, I was in a restaurant sitting in a first class table waiting for someone. I think it was a date. Then he came, with a boutique of dark red rose. We had dinner together, had a laughable conversation. When we were gonna leave the restaurant, he gave me a suprising kiss and hold my hand.
    What is the meaning of this dream?
    Please tell me ASAP.
    Thank you.

  36. Hi, um, I don’t know if it’s too late to even reply to this but here it goes. So for the past week I’ve been having these weird dreams. First it started out me running to my room, I looked it the mirror and watched as my fangs began to form. All I remember is everything turning red and I woke up. The next night I had a dream I was in chemistry class and everything felt so real. We were doing a lab and this girl next to me accidentally cut her hand on the glass, all i remember is my fangs started to come out and I ran out of the classroom because I didn’t want to hurt the girl. I’m starting to get worried about this and I just need help. Thank you.

  37. in my dream i was captured and taken by vampires and forced to be a donor on a train so i would have to willingly give my blood up or die and turn into a blue seat , a school freind appared and bit my neck , bit it didnt hurt , than a stanger with blond hair (boy) around the age of 17-18 bit my left wrist 3 times very painfully , it was like i was really there.
    my dream i had fairies and wolves too i killed a wolf and then i woke up

  38. I was at summer camp, then all of a sudden my grandmothers room where i had trouble sticking a beautiful small sword thing through a older vampire.

    I had real fear.

  39. I had a dream where I was in New Orleans with my friend. One night he was walking me home and I invited him inside and we started making out, then he turned into Dracula and he wispered “Please be mine” and I answered “yes” and he then bit the right side of my neck during this heated passion between us, I have to admit I was very arroused when he bit me, then I turned into a vampire and started biting people that mean a lot to me. What does this mean, I can’t stop thinking about this dream.

  40. i was kissed by someone and kissed someone i think was an actor of a daily soap..we kissed on eachothers lips.what is the meaning of it coz i have never thought of kissing to anyone my whole life…why this happened to me i feel disgusted now.

  41. i dreamt that this old woman chased me coz i know her dark secret. Suddenly i locked myself in a bathroom to save myself. There she was sitting behind me hiding her face threatening not reveal her secret.but i told her that i will tell her truth to evryone outside.she got angry.i opened the door and ranout. She flew and flung then pounced on me and bit me on my neck bleeded so much. I woke up panting and touched the bitten part of my neck coz i felt wet and pain on that part.i touched to find nothing.i felt exhausted after that.i had few sleepless nights after that..please tell me what does this mean.

  42. My dream was weird and maybe messed up to some. I was a vampire and I’m pretty sure I started off my dream as one . . . something was happening I can’t remember what but we vampires were getting killed and fast. It was me and two other vampires that I called my friends. A boy and a girl I think, I can remember so we ran into some humans that needed help someone was chasing them or wanted them dead. They were young so I decided hey let me turn them! so I did but I told them the risks before and how they had to fight the urge for blood. I don’t remember when I did this but I caught one of the men that was chasing them and locked him in the same room with the newly turned vampires it’s stupid I know but it sorta happened and when I stepped back out to fight I could see everything that was happening in the room. as if I was in the room just watching or if I was actually one of the three young vampires attacking him. I could clearly taste the blood in my mouth,
    I think it was a lucid dream because the color was mesmerizing like actual blood and the smell and taste it felt so real. When the Youngblood finish feeding on the man I suddenly found myself on this filed-ish scenery I don’t know how I got there but I was there and then the craziest thing happened . . . My fangs fell out. They were bleeding and everything the pain felt so real. I could feel my gums throb and hurt just like when they pull your teeth out. I had both bottom and top fangs and there was so much blood but then my regular canines began to grow back but i woke up right there.

  43. I had a dream it was from long time ago, where old folks are dressed and men are wearing long beard gentelmen. I had a family my father was well known men and my mother was perfect one, I had a small sister and a brother. There was this gathering that my father a bout to hand me over to his friend to be married. Then suddenly we are all attached at the mansion and only my little sister, brother was wise to hide. I was drag by vampires to see the head master, he tried biting me but he smelled something. I tried to kill myself but the head of the vampire tries to stop and said a “a virgin pure as can be” so i ran to nearest water pool/river and try to drown myself he gave his blood and I survive. I tried many time to kill myself but he just feed me his blood, and then one day I saw my little sister and brother again the village this time was attach by the savages and this time I try to give, something valuable to my brother and ask him to hide it for me. And he did i was turned to vampire and the head vampire was so furious he said “I was the one he was searching for” not to be turned like them but the key of something . Then, he ask me where is the item I could say where it was. After then I woke up so parched and as I checked my kids the small girl and boy really look so similar as my little sister and brother in my dream. What does this mean?

  44. I had a dream where I saw a vampire and asked if I could be turned, he turned me and a friend from the dream and we both looked in the mirror and saw fangs growing and our eyes became red, and we didn’t feel like blood or anything but I loved the dream since I love vampires and it’s really getting to me so I was wondering if it meant anything it’s really weird but I enjoyed it

  45. by the time I slept i woke up in a dream I was in a school and it is turing dark but my teacher didint want me to go but the teacher is a girl but she has red eyes and bitten on the neck then I said (teacher is there something wrong) and she said (no I want to suck your blood) then after that she bit me on my chest and I start feeling weak,then I tried to run
    but I was muping and I accidently woke up from the real world and the place she bit me
    still hurts

  46. these were great 🙂 they were helpful except that in my dream i dreamt about that i was grabbing all these coins and supposedly one of those coins have the one. i dont know what that means but i grabbed it while in the background this male vampire was going crazy and they had o restrain him again i dont know what for. so when that was happening in the background everyone panicked cause they thought he was going to come out and i guess destroy them and attack? haha but yeah that’s what i grabbed when everyone panicked and supposedly took the coin with me, a special coin and then this man came beside me and was looking for “this coin ” but i already took it . but also this woman was beside me ( i thnk she was a friend of mine) who was telling me hurry and when the man was asked, “where is the coin?” my friend told him that she thought i have it and he looked through my bag and was saying at the say time if i took that coin im the chosen one ( which still i don’t know what that means) and so the coin was there and then he took me by the arm and took me through this volt door thing and thats when i saw the vampire. dressed all in black with a cape that hid his body and his cap was really long and thick and black hair i think slicked back and i couldnt see his face but i was kinda scared ( since my dream was all realistic, i actually thought this was happening to me for real) and could feel his aura, it was pretty scary. haha and then i didnt look back at him but i felt him staring at me. so i kept walking with the guy and then the next thing there was my dad. and i smiled at him and took me where we both wrapped our arms together and walked me toward the vampire again and he asked me if i was ready haha and then i saw the vampire again but out of his cape dressed in a white long sleeve what looked like a pirate shirt and red pants and he was smiling at me and and i smiled at him as i got closer to him . i didn’t know what i was ready for but i just agreed and that’s how it ends

  47. I had a dream that I was walking to an old library. And for some reason viampires were looking for me. They have been searching for me for ages. And the main guy of the vampires, the leader, wanted me. He told me that I was going to help him succeed whatever he needed. After that he was teaching me how to defend myself. This one technique. He had grabbed me by the waste. And pulled me closer. We were a breath away of kissing. I looked at him in his eyes and they were reddish brown. I felt drawn to him. Like I wanted him. I kissed him and the emotion were like wow. I felt so alive. And he smiled after the kiss. His fangs showed and he said that he couldnt have me. I was hurt. And so I left. I heard him call my name. But I didn’t turn back. Next thing I know I feel Jim behind me and he caresses my arm. And then he bites me and that’s whenever I woke up. I could steal feel the bite mark in my neck.

  48. Hi so i have this dream to where i have to chose wich friend to followand i run outside and i start to laugh and say damg i chose you again i knew i shouldnt have and two of my friends are.vampires but.they all up and so i walk up to them and were in the street and im like ok lets get this done amd give them my wrists then hit the groumd and say something

    I next wake up in the hospital and have blood pumping into me

  49. I was walking , and a boy was with me and he was by my hand, I’ve get him out from a room, and then he bit me out of my hand like a vampire, and I scolded him and kept him away from me. he kept away, but returned to try biting my hand. Then I wanted to return him back to the room, which I got him out from it , I was standing with him in front of the door of the room waiting for the door to open, and he was sad because I will return it to the room, and then I woke up and we are still waiting for the door to open

  50. Okay so I was having a dream about being a vampire and its was crazy. I can’t remember if I was turned or been like that but I was being married off to like the top vampire of the world (he was very hot) but I wanted to get away so badly that I even drank the blood of people I care dearly about. Then I find myself falling in love with a human girl who has no family ( Not in a sexual way). I care deeply for her but in the end he disappears and i just don’t care anymore about anything so I became a puppet or something a blood thirsty bloodsucker who would kill anyone. When I woke up I had the metallic taste of blood in my mouth. Can any tell me about this dream or is it just really crazy because I can’t remember what happens after that. Thanks.

  51. I met a vampire while visiting this fancy house. There was a lord there and which was very attractive and alluring. He paid close attention to me. Of course we fell in love. After a little while we got married. 3 years later or so he decides its time to turn me into one. I’m scared and don’t want him to, yet at the same time I’m craving him to turn me. I’m scared because the first few days of being a vampire makes self control very difficult.

  52. Hey, in my dream I was in a convenient store and followed a guy,Nicholas Cage, into a dark part where we could be alone to…ya know…and then he changed bald white and started biting my neck…it felt pretty great but then it started tickling and I pushed him away…..I know its weird! And kinda funny considering I’m not at all attracted to this actor!!

  53. I dreamt that I was looking at myself in the mirror and lifted my upper lip and saw fangs.. I didn’t seem so shocked about it only curious. So I met 2 others who were just like me and we ran really fast from religious people who wanted to kill us but they never catched us. It seemed like we were the good guys in the dream. We never harmed people or sucked blood. Anyway we got away and was really happy about that.

  54. I had a dream about vampires attacking my friends and I on my BIRTHDAY! So it was after a band concert at my school and my friend and I were walking to the parking lot when all of a sudden I hear someone walking behind us. I whisper to my friend that someone is following us and just as I finish she gets yanked away by a vampire. The vampire bit her and then threw her at me like he couldn’t ingest her blood. Within seconds we r surrounded by vampires. I fought off some of them and the rest fled. I got her home safely to her parents and head back to the school to make sure they were all gone. When I got there the guy I like was there and had watched me kill the vamps. He said that I was amazing and kissed me. But I didn’t know he was a vampire he went to kiss my hand like a gentleman and he bit me. I automatically wake up at the pain going through my hand and there were two holes bleeding on it! What in bloody heck does that mean ???!!!!!!!

  55. I had the weirdest dream i was seduce by a beautiful female vampire i was walking in my dream she came out of no where’s and then she grabs me she takes me in the air starts kissing me i kept from her bitting me but as soon she was going to bite me i woke up!! i woke up shuckin up!!

  56. Ok see I actually just woke up from a dream it was very short. What had happen was I was just standing there n these two female vampires both had blonde hair n blue eyesjust came straight down and bit both of my hands I woke up I could still feel my blood just pouring out like it did in the dream n I can still taste the blood in my mouth even tho I didn’t drink any both in dream n real life weird I know I’m used to it weird dreams.

  57. I was running through school and all my friends were there and suddenly I’m alone and I run to the hall and go down under stage where there are these two pale vampires, they are both male one with dark red hair (who is smiling at me) and one with white hair (who bites me on my neck) then I wake up and I feel faint and tired and weak and my neck hurts. These vampires (I’m a little ashamed to admit) were really good-looking.

  58. I was bitten by this gorgeous vampire, he deceit me, I let him bit my right arm just to make sure my family is safe, in my dream I also became a vampire, knowing I still controlling myself not to harm or suck other people’s blood. I feel dehydrated, I felt the need of blood, I still feel his fangs in my arm when I woke up. Its really weird. but I never suck blood, its really a long dream.

  59. I was runnning away from a vampire village/town in the daytime when all of a sudden i was surrounded by vampires. Then eelse 2 black vampires started to drink my blood from my wrist. One was male n the other female. The whole time i thinking to pretend to be submissive then stirke when they least expected it. When i woke up i could still feel the place were they bit me.

    • Hi, this dream means: that by you being surrounded by Vampires shows that you are exposed to Deceitful People. The two black Vampires means that these Deceitful People are very Evil. It doesnot have anything to do with “Race” but ther Spirit. The female means that its a friend or family member that is wronging you or have already wronged you. And the male means a boyfriend have or will hurt you. You striking them when you pretend to be submissive means that when you are hurt, you will take “Revenge”. That bite that you are still feeling means that you have some “Unresolved Issues” with someone or persons..

      • i was in a gas station and then a vampire appeared there was a vampire mark there and next dream i had was a vampire hideout and none attacked me they just asked me for some of my blood and then i woke up i felt like i was weaker then i was before and my strength was all gone

      • Hi. I had a dream that I was with a group of friends in some kind of place where there was water, like a cave and one girl I don’t really recognized fell into the deep water. Then one of the other girls when to get her out. We were shocked when the girl that fell and looked different and even had wings and fangs . her eyes changed color as well. Then she began to attack us and we all ran. There was a lot of other people running from her .as if we were in a school. Then she bit other people who changed as well but without wings . some of those friends are here and some in mexico. Some I don’t even talk to but I know who they are. And some I’ve never seen them. Vampires everywhere. I can’t remember if I was bitten but when I woke up, I felt no energy in me. I feel weak now that I’m writing this. When I went to the restroom and was coming out in the morning I felt as in someone watched me from behind and wanted to touch me. I felt some kind of weird energy and ran out the door into my room. What does this all mean? In some kind of moment in my dream I said ” I can’t see them, but I can sort of feel their presence.” This is weird and kind and of freaky. What’s its meaning?

        • Can’t really explain what your dreaam means but I think you should always eat a lot of garlic and make sure you smell of garlic as this repels them and over time they will leave you alone. Garlic really works wonders.

    • He was a descent guy, during the dream I know him! his face is familiar but now I can’t remember who he is. He wore a light blue shirt, pants and a shoulder bag, he is my schoolmate I guess? because I saw him at our campus. Just a normal schoolmate not a vampire who wore black cape etc. So yes as I saw him he’s just a normal guy. He smiled at me then suddenly he grab my neck then tried to bite me but it didn’t hurt.