Cheeks dream meanings

Artemidorus Meanings:

Full cheeks for everybody, especially for women, are a good omen. While hollow or scratched cheeks mean grief or sadness, grief.

General Meanings:

Good life Cheek in the dream can promise you health, happiness and success, if they look full and red.

Negative emotions The pale, wrinkled cheeks have contrast meaning this announces sorrow, worry and illness.

Psychological Meanings:

Cheeks are red, round and full announces success while pale and hollow cheeks financial difficulties. Anyone who puts make up on cheeks in a dream, then in real life has something to hide.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy if cheeks healthy red – The cheeks are healthy and red then this dream shows happiness, good prospects;
  • Failure if pale cheeks – The pale cheeks indicate misfortune also grief and sorrow;
  • Illusion if painted cheeks – Your cheeks with make up marks that you live on illusions;
  • Health if swollen cheeks – This dream has a positive meaning that you will recover after a disease;
  • Warning if cheeks are bloody, bruised or scratched – In your dream your cheeks are bloody, bruised or scratched then this dream warns you that you can easily get into trouble.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • No success if feel pain and wounded cheeks – In the dream you feel pain because of wounds then this dream marks that you will have a lack of success at work;
  • Good business if beautiful cheeks – The cheeks became more beautiful and handsome in the dream, then this dream announces you success and increase of  business;
  • Success if healthy cheeks – Your cheeks are healthy in your dream, then you will reach your goal and will finish your plans;
  • Anxiety if concave and pale cheeks – The dream of concave and pale cheeks announces serious concerns and worries.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness if red and full cheeks – The red and full cheeks as a dream symbol will bring you health and happiness;
  • Illness if concave and pale cheeks – The dream of concave and pale cheeks in the dream denotes that you will have love sickness;
  • Grief if spotted and colorless cheeks – The grief and misfortune will come to you, when your cheeks are spotted and colorless in the dream.

* Please, see meaning of facade, cosmetics, powder, make-up.

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