Door with broken hinge dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about door with broken hinge can prefigure warmth, lust and accord.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud interpretation this dream about door with broken hinge denotes separated life, girlish eroticism, inventiveness and jiva.
Constructive revisions are afoot when: door with broken hinge - This symbol commonly portends influence and power over others. You are an innovator. Nonetheless, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream could embody backwards interpretation: a person of authority could be indirect or treacherous in regard to you.
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  • Ring (jewellery) - If the ring is given as a present – a new contact or friendship; To pass the ring to another – losses; To buy or to obtain the ring – well-being / desire for attention; To remove the ring from the finger – will suffer from unfaithfulness; If the ring can not be removed from finger – bondage; If the ring has been broken – a dispute, loss and separation; If there is something written on the ring – honor, heir, spiritual successor; A ring with a big diamond – a huge business success, an important acquaintance; communication, labor and... (read more)
  • Break - Association: Destruction & violent changes. Question: What patterns or forms have I outgrown? General Meanings: Broken in dream symbolizes loss or injury. Needs of changes If it is about a favorite subject which has broken, then the dreamer must change something in his life and break with the past. Barrier If the dreamer has broken an arm or a leg, this means that he is possibly prevented from thriving, from making headway or from implementing a certain action. In the dream to see broken glass or porcelain (china) are considered as luck symbols, but to see, that other objects are broken... (read more)
  • Leg - ...the engine of the foot in a certain extent, it has something with progress and also with backward steps in our life. The sexual interpretation of the first psychoanalysts seems a little convincing. ( for example: You see when the leg slips into the shoe, it symbolizes the sexual intercourse. See beautiful leg is satisfaction of the sexual urge. Broken leg is equivalent with adultery.) Location and Movement In the dream the leg gives explanation about the location of the dreamer, how he stands and feels in his environment. Therefore you must consider what happens with the legs in the... (read more)
  • Egg - ...which is seen through your own horrible intentions, which you should leave on time. Punishment and Slander – Throw rotten egg on others indicates that he does a bitter injustice and will get his punishment for it; pelted with rotten eggs, you have to reckon with falsehood and slander by other people. Losses – Egg shells are broken, announce that you will suffer from a loss – usually through your own clumsiness. Warning – White eggs show that you exaggerate things unnecessarily or even too much “to balloon”, and it warns you because otherwise you will get in trouble. Happiness... (read more)
  • Mug - General Meanings: Mug (trophy) as a dream symbol symbolizes the fullness of life, opportunities that arise from the personality abilities and the life circumstances. This dream marks how the dreamer can maintain his properties and realize his potential. To drink from a noble mug – For sick people this promises fast and complete recovery. To get a mug – You will earn an honor, a victory or huge growth of property. To see a broken mug – A broken mug in the dream pays your attention your health. Empty mug – The empty mug in the dream often indicates that your life... (read more)
  • Diamond ring - Association: Pure obligation, clear promise, oath for the ages. Question: What is precious to me to unite  myself with? General Meanings: Diamond ring stands for a highest standards on the earth. It is an absolute perfection in all areas of mankind. It is a  power source of concentrated energy for the dreamer. Ring with diamond represents connection, an ultimate excellence in a relationship. If it is wedding ring with diamond in dream then this symbol is for unbreakable bond between two. Diamond in an engagement ring shows even deeper and stronger bond, focused promises and eternal loyalty. Diamond in ring can be... (read more)
  • Arm - ...good opportunities to present yourself with the help of friend. Hindu (Hinduism) Challenge if see an arm – This dream shows challenges in your life; Helplessness if injured arm – In the dream you see that your arm is injured, signifies inability to take care of yourself; Strength if see right arm – The right arm in the dream, shows that you are strong and perspective to reach your goals; Sensitivity if left arm – The left arm shows the sensibility and appreciation. Arabian (Islamic) Bad luck if arms broken or cold – Dreaming someone whose arms are broken or cold... (read more)
  • Airplane - Association: Quick overcome over long distances. Question: Is there a realization of how fast everything is changing? General Meanings: In General the airplane represents many aspects of everyday life, relationships, views, thoughts lifestyle and many others. But such dreams also signifies loses, fears, behaviour in everyday situations and many others. The dream is the reflection of the state the dreamer is at the moment of his life, therefore it is very important to parallel the state of your mind towards changes in your life with the dreams you are having. The airplane could also symbolize the desires the one... (read more)
  • Silver ring - coming into house; * for complete understanding see meaning about specific metal or alloy; Always good omens are dreams about rings when dreaming of finding, receiving as gift, giving as gift, finding a lost ring, wearing on finger, buying, fixing broken ring. Bad dreams about silver rings: Silver and gold ring (half silver and half gold) – bad luck, possibility of separation; Silver and copper ring – very tricky symbol: indicates bad luck with money, but with lot of effort success will come into pocket; Many silver rings – nothing personal, just business: the dreamer is completely lost in his... (read more)
  • Vase - life if see a vase – In the dream you see a vase, this signifies that you will make new acquaintances and this will bring you pleasant future and good prosperity; Unhappy love if see an empty vase – You are dreaming that you see an empty vase, this dream announces that you will not have success in the love; Happy relation if a vase with flowers– When you see the vase with flowers in your dream, this marks that soon you will create and develop a warm friendship with dear person; Division if broken vase – In the dream... (read more)
  • Break - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) damage if break something  – In a dream you broke something then this means that a defect will bring you a disadvantage; Illness if a link is broken – You notice that the link is broken then this may be a sign of a disease or you will have a painful loss; Lost money if break furniture – When you broke furniture in your dream, then this dream is a sign of loss of money; Death if broken mirror – The broken mirror in the dream indicates death.... (read more)
  • Girder - own fault or other misconduct; Happiness if get new girders – In the dream you get girders, then this denotes luck and joy in family life; Award if wooden girders – This dream indicates that you will get well-deserved reward because you work for this for a long time. Arabian (Islamic) Disagreement if see girder – In the dream you see girders, this will bring you discord with your partners or family members; Sorrow if see broken girder – You see broken girders in your dream, this is not so good sign, because this will bring you heavy grief.... (read more)
  • Wine bottles - Meanings: Dreaming damaged, broken or destroyed bottle of wine in the dream – This dream can signify about destroyed desires and wishes, because of your own fault. The other meaning may be that you have destroyed and broken your past. Now you have a chance to start everything from the begging. Dreaming a bottle of wine – This symbol announces that you will get wonderful news. This dream appears when the fate is ready to award you with wealth and prosperous life. You have deserved this because of your hard work and now it is time to enjoy your harvest.... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - soul is unhealthy, then everything goes wrong (the relations, work), these feeling can make you damage and you may have big losses. Black or unhealthy teeth warn you that somebody tries to slander you or even now you are trying to solve this problem. People are greedy and with this bad feeling they try to damage others to feel themselves better. You have to be aware with people that are around you. False, Artificial, Broken teeth in the dream – False, and artificial teeth in dreams marks that something in your life is not correct. Perhaps you have wrong attitude to something,... (read more)
  • Bathing - ...we wash all the incriminating an unpleasant past. After this your life will become even brighter and happier. The bath with clear water purifies the soul and allows to reach clear insights in your waking life.. Outdoor swimming pool and cold pool water indicate that you will gain new vigor, more energy and courage to overcome difficulties more easily. To have a bath in slightly warm water, this dream marks that you need more inner peace and relaxation in a critical situation. Having a bath in murky, muddy water and looks like in the swamp, this dream denotes that you... (read more)
  • Interlock (engineering) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Show yourself if lock yourself – In the dream you accidentally lock yourself then this denotes that you “lock” all your qualities and can not show yourself for the people. Hindu (Hinduism) Travel if lock the door – In the dream you lock the door: a long and uncomfortable journey is coming to you. Arabian (Islamic) Stay calm if dream of locking – If the dream is about locking ( lock the door, shut the window etc.), this is a sign that you’re scary without any reason, stay calm only then you will find peace... (read more)
  • Urn, Urns - you see a broken urn, indicates that accident stands at your door, the misfortune is coming. Hindu (Hinduism) Blamed if see an urn – In the dream you see an urn means that you are assigned responsibility for so many inconveniences and domestic strife; Long life if see buried urn – In your dream the urn is buried, this shows that you can hope to live a long life. Arabian (Islamic) Embarrassment if seeing and using – You are dreaming that you see an urn or you are doing something with it, denotes that soon this will bring you in a big... (read more)
  • Wine glasses - ...seeing beautifully polished wine glass or glasses – Very good sign which announces wealth. Arabian (Islamic) Chance to avoid worries if break wine glass in a dream – You may have a huge misfortune, but there is chances to avoid it. Now it is time for you to be very attentive with all your works. Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming damaged, broken or destroyed glass of wine in the dream – These dream symbols may have different interpretation. This can signify about destroyed desires and wishes, because of your own fault. The other meaning may be that you have destroyed and broken... (read more)
  • Wine - Association: Social companionship & celebrations. Question: What do I want to enjoy? General Meanings: The long and hard way to perfect and wonderful life  The religious experience has brought the wine to the parable of divine blood. Dreams of wine always mean an encounter with a mental and spiritual content. Dream of wine never indicates any drinking problems (alcoholism). Wine as a cultural object, has a very high value of the soul experiences. Wine always refer to brilliant event of so many factors, such as favorable climate, sunny, healthy and much-bearing vines, sweat and fatigue of the winegrowers in... (read more)
  • Anchor - Association: Security, stability. Question: What I would like to hold in my life? General Meanings: Pressure In the dream to see the anchor, this indicates that external pressure is too large for the dreamer and he isn’t able to deal with this. Solving problems When the anchor is thrown out, this is associated with a lifeline. This is like a hope which helps to resolve problem quickly. Changes In the dream to see a ship with the pulled up anchor, this denotes that you can turn your life ship to a different and unknown direction. Positive and negative emotions... (read more)
  • Barometer - Psychological Meanings: The dream symbol of barometer is often interpreted as a symbol of the mental pressure. Also points to excessive stress (worries, conflicts, excessive demands). All these negative feelings may press vitality, spirit and energy of the personality. The exact meaning reveals itself only in the context of individual circumstances. Basically the barometer as a dream symbol stands as a warning. This shows that you have a high pressure, excessive internal tension and you have to reduce; The barometer shows low pressure then this dream symbol symbolizes psychological “depth” of a dreamer. The broken barometer in a dream... (read more)
  • Flower pot - Psychologically: Perfection and growth – This is a symbol of cultured, delineated  will of the human nature.  Who often dreams plant pots, can understand it as an indication that he is customized and “cultured” person, as he would like to be. He prefers that his temperament would rather be “grow untrimmed”. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Wealth If see flower pot – You dream that you see a flower pot, this announces you about material and essential advantages in your own home, which will improve your daily life; Happiness If broken – In the dream you noticed a broken flower pot, shows... (read more)
  • Epee (sword) - ...see a damaged epee – This dream has a negative meaning which marks that you have to take care of your health because there are really serious danger; Lost opportunity if broken sword – The broken sward as a dream symbol shows that you will have mischance because of your pride; Event if sward with large gilded handle – The dream when you see a sward with large gilded handle then you may expect some kind of ceremony or a happy event in near future; Loss if lose a sword – In the dream you have lost your sword then in near future... (read more)
  • Shaft - General Meanings: Shaft is associated with the advancement and progress of life. To see shaft them then this announces you success. The broken shaft announces failures. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if see shaft – In a dream shaft then this dream marks that you will have a possibility to make changes in your life in order to improve it; Failure if see broken shaft – Your plan will not be realized when you see that the shaft is broken. Hindu (Hinduism) Fulfillment of desires if see a shaft – The shaft in a dream denotes that you will achieve... (read more)
  • Being invisible (invisibility) - General Meanings: Feels ignored and invisible for others When the dreamer becomes invisible or disappears in the dream, then this points to the fact that the dreamer is afraid to confront with insights or there is something that he would like to forget. the motive of this dream appears in two ways. Firstly, the dreamer feels ignored, disrespected and invisible of important figures or fellows in the waking life. Secondly, this is a possibility for the dreamer to do what ever he wants, because nobody can see him. This is one of the frequent omnipotence dreams. Psychological Meanings: Your... (read more)
  • Entrance - General Meanings: New experiences The entrance in the dream has the same meaning as a door, dreamer makes a move to a new area and desires for new experience. Such a dream very often appears in order to represents upcoming changes and to create new opportunities. Psychological Meanings: New abilities The dream of entrance may be about secret inputs or hidden abilities of the dreamer. The dreamer found in himself new talents or qualities which will become very useful. Spiritual Meanings: Ability to move The entrance is a symbol of passage of an outer to an inner room,the ability... (read more)
  • Knock - General Meanings: Need of permission or support To hear knocking in the dream, this dream has a negative and positive meaning. This gives an opportunity or gives losses. Perhaps you are waiting for permission and support to start something important. You are knocking on a door in your dream, this is a sign that you are looking for help and support. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Unheard desires if knock on a door without opening it – This dream means that you wishes and desires will be unheard; Attention if hear knocking – This dream is a sign, that your unconscious wants... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - ...The king’s ring in a dream represents his kingdom and power. Cutting off a tight ring with a pair of pliers in a dream means the end to one’s authority. Any incrustations on one’s ring in a dream represent his goals. If the gemstone of one’s ring falls in a dream, it may mean the death of his child, or the loss of his business. A broken ring in a dream means divorce. Wearing a ring made of iron in a dream means that one will receive benefits though with great strain on him. Wearing a golden ring carrying a... (read more)
  • Ewer (water pitcher) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be attentive if see ewer (water pitcher) – You will have to beware of the secrets, the observance of this is at the risk, especially if you break the pitcher. Hindu (Hinduism) Hard period if broken ewer – The dream of broken ewer is a sign of upcoming difficulties and difficult period. Arabian (Islamic) Doing good things if see ewer – The dream symbol of ewer marks that you will do good things on your own without anyone support; Disputes if break ewer – In the dream you break the ewer then you will have dispute... (read more)
  • Banjo - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Pleasure if see banjo – The banjo is a pleasant entertainment, with the music which brings pleasure; Learn to enjoy if see broken banjo – The broken banjo in the dream indicates that you have to learn to enjoy your life and to relax.... (read more)
  • Washbasin - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Making joy if see washbasin – In the dream you see a washbasin, then this marks that you will assume new tasks and will make other people happy; Fulfillment if wash yourself in washbasin – To wash your face and hands in a washbasin in the dream, then this marks that all your deepest desires will fulfill; Pain if washbasin is dirty or broken – The dream where you see that you washbasin is dirty or broken then this dream is bad sign which indicates that you will regret for a disreputable relationship which caused sorrow. Hindu (Hinduism) Joy if... (read more)