Entrance dream meanings

General Meanings:

New experiences The entrance in the dream has the same meaning as a door, dreamer makes a move to a new area and desires for new experience. Such a dream very often appears in order to represents upcoming changes and to create new opportunities.

Psychological Meanings:

New abilities The dream of entrance may be about secret inputs or hidden abilities of the dreamer. The dreamer found in himself new talents or qualities which will become very useful.

Spiritual Meanings:

Ability to move The entrance is a symbol of passage of an outer to an inner room,the ability to move to new places or to find something new.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wasting time if you can not find entrance – In the dream you can not find the entrance then this dream denotes that you are wasting your time and efforts you will not reach what you desire.

* Please, see meaning of door.

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