Door dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of door can designate enjoyment, adoration and devoted friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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  • Interlock (engineering) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Show yourself if lock yourself – In the dream you accidentally lock yourself then this denotes that you “lock” all your qualities and can not show yourself for the people. Hindu (Hinduism) Travel if lock the door – In the dream you lock the door: a long and uncomfortable journey is coming to you. Arabian (Islamic) Stay calm if dream of locking – If the dream is about locking ( lock the door, shut the window etc.), this is a sign that you’re scary without any reason, stay calm only then you will find peace... (read more)
  • Airplane - ...more than one thing. The wings of the plane The wing of the airplane is one of the most important parts in the plane, therefore it is inseparable from it. The one who dreams of the wing or wings of the plane, feels that one part of the problem or situation is exceptionally important, depending on the circumstances of the wing if it is on fire or flying fine. If the wing or wings are on fire, such dream would mean that there are some problem which you should be aware of. Doors of the plane The doors of the... (read more)
  • Bathing - Association: Cleaning, letting go. Question: What do I want to wash off or to clean of me? General Meanings: In the dream to be in the bathroom can mean that the dreamer has the need to clean the old feelings, soul and spirit. The dreamer wants to relax, refresh and this will help to create more favorable conditions in the future. During the bath the dreamer has the ability to ponder past events and the opportunity to reflect new behavior. To become clean, beautiful and rejuvenated after the bath, this means all the kind of purification process in... (read more)
  • Knock - General Meanings: Need of permission or support To hear knocking in the dream, this dream has a negative and positive meaning. This gives an opportunity or gives losses. Perhaps you are waiting for permission and support to start something important. You are knocking on a door in your dream, this is a sign that you are looking for help and support. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Unheard desires if knock on a door without opening it – This dream means that you wishes and desires will be unheard; Attention if hear knocking – This dream is a sign, that your unconscious wants... (read more)
  • Being invisible (invisibility) - ...more confident and ear respect from others. Then you will become visible for others. Dreaming that things becomes invisible (car, money, wall, door and etc.) – Things which became invisible in the dream, may signify that you are hiding them from others. This show that you are hiding them because you feel that you do not deserve them, or even because you got them by cheating and you want to hide them from others. The wall or door which became invisible indicate that you must move on and do not be afraid to show your talents. Now all the barriers... (read more)
  • Entrance - General Meanings: New experiences The entrance in the dream has the same meaning as a door, dreamer makes a move to a new area and desires for new experience. Such a dream very often appears in order to represents upcoming changes and to create new opportunities. Psychological Meanings: New abilities The dream of entrance may be about secret inputs or hidden abilities of the dreamer. The dreamer found in himself new talents or qualities which will become very useful. Spiritual Meanings: Ability to move The entrance is a symbol of passage of an outer to an inner room,the ability... (read more)
  • Wash - ...troubles because of false claims; Loss if brings you laundry – The man comes to your door from the laundry and brings all your laundry, this dream announces that you will get ill or will have loss of valuable things; Joy if wash head – In the dream you are washing your head then this dream promises you success and happiness; No influence if wash your hands – To dream of washing hands that you are ready to get rid of negative influence; Get rid of bad things if wash pan – The dream marks that you have some bad or unpleasant... (read more)
  • Lost - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wasting time if lost something – In your dream you have lost something and try to find then this marks that you are wasting your efforts and time for useless things and people. Hindu (Hinduism) Wrong way if lost key – You have lost your keys in your dream means that you try to enter incorrect doors or building. Arabian (Islamic) Wasting time if lost and search – In the dream you are searching for something and you ca not find it, the pursuit of pleasure that you are trying to have will show that you are... (read more)
  • Catch up - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New experiences if catch up – In you dream you catch up someone then this dream denotes that you will make a discovery in yourself. Also do not try to conceal anything from those who you love. * Please, see meaning of key, door.... (read more)
  • Birdcage - Psychological Meanings: The prison of the bird (birdcage) stands for our inner freedom, the mental-induced inferiority complex. When you open the door of the cage in the dream, then this means that you free yourself from all the negative things or feelings in your life. You may take a deep breathe and live your new life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unpopularity if see a birdcage – In your dream you see a birdcage then this dream indicates that you will make yourself unpopular because of gossip and defamation; Love your family if see empty birdcage – The empty birdcage in the... (read more)
  • Pick lock (skeleton key) - General Meanings: Love is near you Skeleton key as a dream symbol indicates that someone wants to sneak into the “house”, maybe he/she wants to catch a heart, so that it will belong only for him/her. Psychological Meanings: Secret desire The skeleton key in the dream may be a symbol of secret doors. The unconscious desires to open it and to learn something new, interesting or to find out some secrets. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Satisfaction if see burglar tools such as a skeleton key – The dream marks that you cunning and cleverness will help you to reach or to satisfy your... (read more)
  • Horse - ...easily overcome obstacles; Good luck if dream of horseshoe – if the dreamer saw the horseshoe it signifies happiness and joy also a joy. The horseshoe is known as a talisman of affluence which brings good fortune. Very often people hang the horseshoe on the doors, therefore it will bring joy into their homes; Necessity for a rush if horse been walked by the halter – there is a particular situation or a matter that has to be sorted out as soon as it is possible; Hard work if see the horse with carriage – the carriage symbolizes the effort... (read more)
  • Sea - ...maidenly hopes, and joy will stand guard at the door of the consummation of changeless vows. See Ocean.  – (G. H. Miller, 1901, What’s in a Dream?) Good Omen’s Dreambook: To dream of the sea, usually signifies a good omen, which foretells about fulfillment of wishes. Yellow Emperor Dreambook: Dreams about sea meanings by Ancient Chinese civilization Just like the wind, the water of the sea has no form, but it is easily fills in any forms of any amount. When a person does not have enough Yang energy (gall, bladder and bowels are loosened), then the internal energy of Yin... (read more)
  • Urn, Urns - see a broken urn, indicates that accident stands at your door, the misfortune is coming. Hindu (Hinduism) Blamed if see an urn – In the dream you see an urn means that you are assigned responsibility for so many inconveniences and domestic strife; Long life if see buried urn – In your dream the urn is buried, this shows that you can hope to live a long life. Arabian (Islamic) Embarrassment if seeing and using – You are dreaming that you see an urn or you are doing something with it, denotes that soon this will bring you in a big... (read more)
  • Letter - ...will change your life; Earnings if received money in the letter – Very good omen, this will bring you big money income; Good news if write – This dream announces that you will receive interesting news and you can use them for good purposes; Trust if read -Reading a letter in the dream signifies that people see in you a great confidence; Marriage if find – When you find a letter in the dream, this shows that you have already found your love or this may be that he/she is near your door and soon you will meet him/her. You... (read more)
  • Rail transport - ...was able to jump on their own, already moving train, helplessly hanging the handle on the door is already open. So we can wriggle fate for a while in a bad, but well-deserved situation. In this dream, then appeared as the savior of an acquaintance, which the dreamer stayed because of its reliable accuracy, but did not want to suffer. That was obviously a separate helper, yet undervalued function. See the other passengers, in our opinion own soul parts, embodying in itself known and the unknown. Wrongly complains why the dreamer about the fact that much lower people ride takes... (read more)
  • Diarrhea - Association: Release. Question: What do I have to let go? General Meanings: Diarrhea is usually understood like cholera as an act of self cleaning. Concerns and losses are not rarely expressed in it. Indian dream interpreters saw in it a piece of advise that you should not overlook the luck and undervalue the happiness on our own doorstep. Fear Who falls through an exam which has long passed, is afraid perhaps of an appointment or a negotiation in the conscious life. However, the fear is unfounded because the dream brings the equipment or skills to master everything well. Psychological Meanings:... (read more)
  • Code - ...own thoughts are probably so confused that you can no longer understand this message, then you have to ask others for more information. Psychological Meanings: Warning The code in our dream is a coded message of the soul that you do not understand. However, it can also represent a risk of fraud. But when you forgot the code then this means that you have to be attentive with your future decisions. To use code to lock doors marks that you have an ability to use important information. The code may be a sign how to behave in your life.... (read more)
  • Funeral - ...symbol signifies that you are trying to bury and old hurting relations, you want to shut “the past door”. This also mean that your inner world is in confusion, you may free and bury such feelings as anxiety, frustration, hostility deeply under the ground. These feelings can be addressed to a person that you know and have some kind of relation with him/her, if funeral is of a person you know. To attend in unknown funeral signifies, that in the future you may get something new, but firstly you have to get rid of the old one (for example: old... (read more)
  • Train station - General Meanings: Train station stands for movement, which comes into development, or urges for more private activity. Our life train stands in dimly lit indoor track of the station . Such stations are important, they are the starting point for our various life because all life begins in the unconscious (the station is the unconscious). The dream of a station master often indicates personal authority that directs our fate and only we decide to travel because we do not take what we don’t want to. There are some other meanings and its depend on the circumstances: To see... (read more)
  • Address - are searching for the post to send your letters with own address means high selfishness, egoism. The bigger the letter with the dreamer’s name is, the more inflated sense of his own importance is. Those who repeatedly have dreamed the address of the partner (on door signs, business cards, in the phone book, etc.) – wish to share his life and request marriage “I want to be with you together and forever!” Psychological Meanings: To dream a known address may indicate a place of safety where the dreamer feels comfortable and safe. Dreaming of an old address indicates that... (read more)
  • WC (lavatory) - fulfill. Hindu (Hinduism) Don’t be so angry if see – The dream wants to show you that you do not show so much grief to other people if they don’t understand your way the same as you do; Be aware if occupied – This is a warning that you do not have to be so confident, because you can make lots of mistakes, pay more attention to the details; Luck is near if dirty – Good sign that the great fortune stands at your door, you will get it; Be more attentive if need to clean – You are... (read more)
  • Apartment - ...apparent improvement of the situation; – To have a nice flat: future looks extremely positive; – Dreaming that you can’t find your own apartment: dreamer lost good faith in humans; – To dream, that you does not have home: you will make many things wrong or bad luck in decisions; – To move house: hectic action and urgent trips to get to a port; – To see a strange flat or to be in it: usually heralds a big change; – To rent a flat: promises improvement; – If apartment with many open doors: symbolizes various women relations; – Flat... (read more)
  • Room - General Meanings: New areas of personality In your dream the discovery of a new room in your own home is an exciting and good symbol because, it says a lot about the state of your own personality. Women more often than men dream of finding new room, especially when they have reached a turning point in their life. Isolation The dreamer feels trapped in a narrow room, then this dream may indicate isolation of dreamer’s social life, especially when doors and windows are closed in the room. Psychological Meanings: Part of dreamer’s life or personality Room is a part... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - ...ring or buying one: The dreamer will wield tremendous power or become a king, if eligible because, says Ibn Siren, the majesty of King Solomon was derived from his ring. A woman being given a ring: She will get married or have a child. Borrowing a ring: The dreamer will own something that will not last. Taking a ring from a king: A house the dreamer enters, dwells in, or owns. The stone is the gate or door of that house. A girl or a woman whom the dreamer marries and whose ring-shaped vagina he will deflower by introducing “the... (read more)