Vase dream meanings


– Susceptibility; Exhibition.


– What am I ready to receive?

General Meanings:

A dream symbol of vase with some kind of plants or flowers frequently stands for the femininity. Also this dream may symbolize the creativity.

Psychological Meanings:

Strong love and happy relation The vase can also be a symbol for secrets or for the absolutely feminine body. When you put flowers in the vase in your dream, it represents your best and the most wonderful feelings, that is why it is often associated with sexual wishes and love. Also, if we put flowers in the vase, this may mean that a loose relation now can form into strong connection.

Desire for love If the vase is empty, this indicates that you do not find requited love.You have to calm down and dream of the lover and only then the life will bring you this.

Sexual life If you see a vase filled with flowers standing in front of you, that means that you have a healthy sex life.

Separation If you break a vase full of flowers, you may possibly separate from your loved person.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level, the vase stands for the Great Mother in the dream.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happy family if see a vase – In the dream you see the vase, this dream indicates that you will enjoy your family life with full of joy and satisfaction.
  • Improve yourself if vase with one flower – When you see one flower in the vase in your dream, this dream is a sign that you have to try to get useful qualities from the man who loves you and this will help you to realize and to develop yourself;
  • Recognition if buy a vase – You bought a vase in the dream, then this dream marks that you will make yourself popular;
  • Desire of love if empty vase – In the dream you see an empty vase, this means a hopeless and a desperate desire to find a true love of your life;
  • Notice the flower if vase with flowers – The vase with flowers in the dream, this denotes that all the questions will be answered when you will pay attention to the importance of the respective flowers!
  • Love if drink from a vase – You drink something from a vase, this dream is a sign that soon you will find a love, but which one you will take away from somebody else;
  • Pain if see a broken vase – You see the broken vase in the dream, this indicates that you will lose a friend or a girlfriend and this will be very painful for you;
  • Fulfillment of wishes if get a vase (for young woman) – If a young woman in the dream gets a vase, this is a very positive omen that her the most wanted desires will be soon fulfilled.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Popularity if see a vase – In the dream to see a vase, this shows that you will have pleasure everywhere because of a huge popularity;
  • Admired person if have a vase with beautiful flowers – The vase with beautiful flowers in the dream signifies that you are very popular person and lots of people admire you;
  • Richness if get a vase as the present – In the dream you get a present and it is a vase, then this means that you will increase your wealth only by your own efforts;
  • Loss if break a vase – This dream denotes that you will lose a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good life if see a vase – In the dream you see a vase, this signifies that you will make new acquaintances and this will bring you pleasant future and good prosperity;
  • Unhappy love if see an empty vase – You are dreaming that you see an empty vase, this dream announces that you will not have success in the love;
  • Happy relation if a vase with flowers– When you see the vase with flowers in your dream, this marks that soon you will create and develop a warm friendship with dear person;
  • Division if broken vase – In the dream you see the broken vase, this announces you a division of a friend or annoyance by your carelessness.

* Please, see meaning of archetypes, flower, flower vase, names of the flowers, vessel, cup, urn.

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  1. Thank you for your wisdom. I’ve gained more understanding of my dream.
    I was walking pass a countertop that had beautiful tall glass vases with different gorgeous flowers of different kinds in each of them, but the water needed to be change. As I changed the water in each vases a $100 would appear in my hand.

    A clearer understanding would be great.