Cocktail dream meanings

General Meanings:

Unpleasantness A mixture of ingredients can point specifically to misunderstandings with others because of personal circumstances which ones you have to solve immediately, in order to avoid troubles.

Mixing life Also the the dream of cocktail may be a symbol which shows too boring, monotonous life, so you want to mix everything and try to shake it.

Psychological Meanings:

The cocktail as a dream symbol symbolizes mostly erotic sensuality that the dreamer wants in his monotonous life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Need for changes if drink cocktails – In a dream you drink cocktail, then this dream marks that you are longing for changes in your life;
  • Disappointment if taste is bad of the cocktail – In the dream the taste of your cocktail is really bad then you will disappoint your friends and your family members;
  • Unpleasant events if prepare a cocktail – You prepare the cocktail in your dream, then this dream announces that you will have misunderstandings in private life;
  • Amoral life if woman drinks cocktail – For a woman this dream promises dissolute life and ignorance of moral conventions.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good life if drink a cocktail – You are drinking cocktails in your dream, then this dream promises you good future and prosperous life.

* Please, see meaning of Absinthe.

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