Collar dream meanings

General Meanings:

Generally the collar in dreams stands as a symbol of keeping up with the rules and orders. Collar may also indicate unfavorable circumstances that lead to failures, especially when the dreamer tries to iron or finds it difficult to put it around the neck.
Alternatively, in these days it is very popular to wear a collar as a jewelry, therefore it shows the desire to be beautiful.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the collar can be interpreted as a symbol of sexuality, which shows hidden desires and secrets the dreamer has. Alternatively, the dream shows the major affair in your waking life which is not sexually related.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Will have a new acquaintance with someone if man wears a collar – such dream shows new contacts, friendships and/or relationships;
  • Anger towards males if ironing the collar – for a woman to iron the collar, signifies the displeasure and hard feelings she has for men or just for particular one;
  • Will get invitation to special event if tie round the collar – for a dreamer to bind a collar shows that he/she will be invited in some kind of special event or ceremony;
  • An urgent problem has to be solved immediately if the one is unable to bind / tie around the collar – if the dreamer is unable to put on the collar, it denotes to specific matter that has to be sorted out as soon as it is possible;
  • Will be honored if wearing a collar – for a dreamer to wear a collar means that that he will receive special attention or even the prize;
  • Have lots of admirers if a woman wears a collar – for a woman to wear a collar as a jewelry in her dream, symbolizes men that fall for her. However, none of these men will have serious intentions, that’s why you should try to stay away from them;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Will be held back if wearing a collar – which means that anything you do you will face difficulties doing it on time, will have to deal with obstacles also many things might be in delay, which will not depend on you.

Arabian (Islamic)

In Islam dream interpretation the collar usually symbolizes the pride and satisfaction.

  • Invitation if washing collar – for a dreamer to wash a collar signifies the invitation he will receive;
  • Will marry good and wealthy man if woman dreams of wearing an expensive collar – for a women to wear a collar, which is made of pearls or diamonds, as a jewelry promises good omen. The dream shows that the collar represents as much beautiful and happy marriage to a man as the collar is;
  • Will marry young eastern man if a woman wears alum collar in a dream – the state of the collar represents the marriage, therefore if the collar is made of alum, then such dream shows that the dreamer will marry a man that is from east and still very young;
  • Will marry mean, angry and poor man if woman is wearing beaded collar – for a woman this dream is interpreted as a bad omen. It means that she the man she will marry will be hard to live on nicely and peacefully;
  • Suffering and misery if a man wears collar that makes him uncomfortable – for a man to wear a collar that seems uncomfortable and/ or is too small which makes him suffocate denotes to miserable life he is having or maybe just one particular problem that was not solved.

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