Contact (touch) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Any kind of contact in a dream indicates the desire to establish more contact or to become closer. Contact in the dream may also symbolize a desire for closeness to another person.

Psychological Meanings:

The touch may be an important action in order to recognize the relationship. The dream signifies the importance of making contact, he gives and then receives.

Spiritual Meanings:

The blessing touch may be a transfer of energy and strength

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  1. I was attending a class but all of a sudden this changed in an outer place. A demonstration of plane flight was presented to us. At one point something was dropped from this plane and it came next to me. It was a yellow flower and it was alive since it started to get closer to me to get cuddled which I did and enjoyed. A second item was dropped this time it came in the row in front of me but this flower (probably a white one) was stretching out to reach me and get cuddled by me. I cuddled this flower too. Both flowers used to have a smile while I was cuddling them and I enjoyed cuddling them. What does that mean?