Cream (skin) dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Skin cream usually stands as a symbol for soul balm, which you can not currently get so simply. You want to be pampered and do not want to come back to “harsh reality”. Such a dream appears for women especially in stressful times.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Friendship if see cream – In the dream you see cream, then this dream marks that you will have friendships that are very useful and pleasant for you ;
  • Theft if apply or prepare cream –  In the dream you prepare cream or you apply it on your body, then this dream announces you theft, you have to take care of your property;
  • Respect if have skin cream – The woman dreams that she has skin cream, then she may expect that she will be nice, well-kept and respected by others.
  • Working on your own if produce cream – The young woman produces cream, then this means that she manages to take her personal and business matters into her own hands.

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