Mass murder dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream of mass murder can foreshadow enjoyment, affection and friendliness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud interpretation of the dream about mass murder portends free dauntlessness, tender sexuality, taste and quality.
Favourable conversions are going on in your life when: mass murder - This marks the opportunity to gain some benefit. You are an innovator. Diversely, if it was bad dream then such dream may suggest contra interpretation: some-one might be beguiling and perilous in regard to your interests.
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  • Assassination - ...Fear to feel pain In the dream you were attacked in order to be killed but escaped successfully then this dream signifies that you really afraid to be hurt and you always run away from difficult situations. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if commit to murder – The dream when you commit to do assassination indicates that you have to beware of shame. You do not have to sacrifice yourself for a hopeless cause or situation, because this will bring you only damage; Stay calm if see or experience – In the dream you see a murder then this dream... (read more)
  • Bus - Association: Common journey, mass of transport. Question: What relation exists between my individual power and the mass consciousness? General Meanings: Belonging to the group and dealing with the commitments Staying at a bus shows that the dreamer deals with group of relations and considers how he wants to deal with his fellow in the future. Perhaps the dreamer feels the urge to be with them, although he belongs to a group and fights with their commitments. Psychological Meanings: Changes and movement toward As in the real world: rapid progress in the community. Sometimes a dream assistance for people who... (read more)
  • Aggression - Psychological Meanings: Suppressed anger inside you You killed or shot the known person in the dream, this expresses suppressed anger feelings which you have edged out in the everyday life. On the contrary you are murdered  or attacked by somebody you know, this certain person has unfulfilled and impossible expectations to you in your life. If you cannot fulfill the wishes, demands or expectations more because of others, then responsible complexes arise in your dream. The unconscious often responds by aggressive attacks from “internal pressure”. * Please, see meaning of steam.... (read more)
  • Ant - Maybe something makes us antsy for the big plans, which are ready for implementation, realization and achievement. Worries – When one kills some ants or destroys their building, this can announce about physical hardships and worries because you have not probably tried to work hard and diligently enough to success. Work – To see the anthill, this associates with the workplace. Psychological Meanings: Warning about health – Ants, like other insects more usually are a danger signal, if they appear in masses, then the mind sends an alert. Often the dreams of swarming ants is a signal of a... (read more)
  • Asians - Psychological Meanings: Fear Everything depends on your own personal viewpoint, which is hidden in a dream as a symbolism of Asians. It is possible that your subconscious sends you a sign that you deeply have a fear to lose your quality of life. ( Because Asian mass-produced may flood the market and a number of Asian immigrants). Desire for spiritual development If you are interested in spiritual topics, then Asians symbolize the wisdom of the Far Eastern culture (Buddhism). You search for something which may improve or develop your personality and thoughts.... (read more)
  • Train station - built – The station is under construction and you need to search laboriously the right train in your dream, then this denotes that very important project is still in question, because there are lots of unanswered issues; Missed opportunity if miss the train in the station – You are unlucky and not ready to accept changes and opportunities in your life. You will have to wait for a while. Hindu (Hinduism) News if be in a station – You will receive a massage that may change your life. It also depends on what kind of message good or bad,... (read more)
  • Celebrity - ...The becoming famous is a frequent dream symbol. The dreamer desires to be the focus of attention and to be noticed. The thirst for fame comes from the ego. First of all the fame has the connection with freedom and independence, you may lose this.  If the dreamer wants to make decisions about his future progress and to become seen, he must know whether he is in a position to stand out from a mass or not. Spiritual Meanings: On a spiritual level, the fame for the dreamer will bring only negative effect from the outside world for his spiritual... (read more)
  • Stage - ...for support to deal with this. In the dream to stand on stage, this will show the present life. An open-air stage in the dream is an indication of communication with the masses. To renew a stage in the dream, then this means that the dreamer needs to keep moving and to reach goals. In the dream to be in the audience, this shows that the dreamer is a passive observer of life and and watches the action on stage. Psychologically: The stage for may of us means “position in the limelight,” which each of us aspires. It looks like... (read more)
  • Desert - ...very slow, so this is a dream symbol stands for danger signal. Usually this dream is image of the isolation of the dreamer in the middle of the mass society. Emotional loneliness and psycho-spiritual standstill are often presented with the dream. However, if the dreamer have voluntarily withdrawn into the desert, then there is a temporary, voluntary abstinence, from which will spring new ideas and new energy in life. The ride or walk through the desert in a dream is to point out that dreamer can achieve one goal only after unspeakable hardship or physical effort. The dreamer must be... (read more)
  • Egg - joy; Luck If Bird’s eggs see – You will inherit something from distant relatives or make profits with mass products. Hindu (Hinduism) Come back to reality If see egg – You must be on the ground of reality, because somebody can use your negligence for bad purposes; Honor It eat – Somebody will honor you in any way, because you deserve this; Politeness If drop – You have to be more polite with other people; Watch your words If rotten – Beware of people you talk about, which have never done anything bad to you. Don’t make slanders; Arabian (Islamic)... (read more)
  • Whale - ...– To dream of catching a whale then this indicates that your business is getting better and you should not lose your courage. Arabian (Islamic) Wealth if see whale – The whale swims freely in the sea in your dream, then this dream is a sign that in the near future you should expect a high profit; Grief if trapped whale – The dream when you see that the whale is trapped then you may expect that you will have unfortunate accidents that will bring you grief and sorrow. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Ancient, massive, powerful, strong; In harmony with the environment.... (read more)
  • Rape - Association: Force of union. Question: – Where in my life do I feel that my love will be rejected? General Meanings: Suppressed personality Rape can symbolize that you suppress massively some parts of your own personality and this makes mental damage. Farther it points out to personal interests, that you passes mercilessly over the needs of others or that your own needs become overlooked by others. Also sexual needs can stand behind it, often this associated with the strong wish to give more. Psychological Meanings: Frustrating feelings and confusion In the dream the dreamer itself is raped or attends a rape,this... (read more)
  • Lion - ...shows that you must prepare yourself for a battle, find the courage in yourself and move on; Will have a fever if you are overpowered by the lion – according to Ibn Siren, the lion is known as being feverish, therefore the dreamer will have a fever; Will avoid the danger if escaped from the lion — the danger that you had in reality will be avoidable; Triumph if drinking the milk of the lion – the milk represents victory over your enemies; Will become a king or will have massive potency if eating lion’s meat – for the dreamer... (read more)
  • Walrus - Association: Massive sensitivity. Question: Where in my life am I ready to be less threatening? General Meanings: Leadership The walrus as a dream symbol stands for supremacy. This may be in the relation or at work, you are the person who says the last word. Also the walrus may indicate that you have fat skin which protects you from negative influence, critic and other unpleasant events. * Please, see meaning of animals.... (read more)
  • Sledgehammer - Association: – Massive destruction. Question: – What will I tear down? General Meanings: The dream of sledgehammer marks that you are ready to create something new. You are strong enough to resist for negative influence, to get rid of all negative emotions that kept you aside from the environment. * Please, see meaning of hammer .... (read more)
  • Precipice (Cliff) - ...precipice, it should be understood as even more massive warning, which perhaps indicates that you will not escape from difficulties any more. To fall down into an precipice, this announces an impending personal disaster, that can’t be stopped anymore. The fall depends on the personal circumstances, this can mean unexpected  fortune, if you particularly land softly on the ground. But it is often  signifies emotional sorrow inside you, sometimes the dream is then a momentary situation from real life which appears in the picture (such as the fall out of bed, when you immediately wake up). This is favorable sign when... (read more)
  • Demon - Association: Image of self-doubt or denial. Question: What stands between me and my higher consciousness? General Meanings: Repressed emotions Demon as a dream symbol may show inner conflict of a man who feels threatened by his repressed needs and desires. Often the dream of demon has a connection with massive guilt, disgust and aggression and anxiety. Psychological Meanings: Demons come in a dream before they are either helpful or benign and usually have something sinister in itself. Often this is a picture of conscience or fear of blame. If this dream of demons appear very often and cause fear... (read more)