Cutlery dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Cutlery in a dream directs our attention to the food culture and eating habits. Food is related with basic needs and their refinement. The cutlery helps to run through this cultivation process. Pay attention to that, from what the cutlery is made of, whether it has special forms. In addition, with it comes the importance of decomposition and the analysis.

  • Fork – This is a widespread symbol of aggression for their sharp pitchfork. Have you ” picked up something”? Is there something that is difficult to grasp or hold in this dream?Do you feel embarrassed to access something with your fingers?
  • Spoon – The spoon is the least aggressive symbol beneath the cutlery. With the spoon there is the folk idiom ” the spoon deliver” –  the death. In addition, it reminds us the childhood, when we used to eat with a spoon. Also, this can mean that you have to spoon out your soup, that is to say, to carry consequences “as you have brewed” ( have done).
  • Knife -The knife is a symbol of the aggression and on the other hand the technical or analyzing symbol of spirit. It is especially important, what kind of a knife it is.  Big bread knifes and kitchen knives also express bigger aggression, then a small breakfast or fruit knife. Always pay attention to, whether the knife is sharp or is blunt. Sharp knifes indicate greater aggression or a sharper mind. Blunt knifes indicate smaller aggression and a rather dull or unused mind.

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  1. 1st dream unable to remember followed by 2nd Dream Friday 28 Nov 2014 in the morning. Forks, teaspoons, desert spoons and dinner knifes (not sharp) placed into a plastic open container like one to place cutlery for Dishwasher.

  2. Dinner guests kept increasing, finally at eleven, but we all disagreed as to the exact count. Went to get the food and tableware and had a very difficult time finding enough forks and knives. Had to give most of the guests the old, bad, unpolished knives and forks, while trying to make jokes about it. Husband made a salad of a huge broccoli globe, gave it to me to serve, and disappeared. I broke off a bite of it and it fell apart. Kept trying to put the globe together again as I went twds the table, wondering whereabouts of husband. Realized he was in the shower and was frustrated and complaining abut him.

    • Would like someone’s opinion on this dream about too many dinner guests, while having difficulties with enough proper tableware and broccoli globe salad made by my husband and given to me to serve, that falls apart when I sneak a small bite, he being now in the shower, to my dismay and frustration.