Dark road dream meanings

The one of most magical dreams usually is a dark road dream. To see dark road symbolizes independent will, feminine libido, creativity and gravity. But dream about dark road is complex as this mystical symbol has opposing definitions: negative or positive.

In order to unravel signification of the dark road in the dream, it is valuable to think about your individual knowledge. What you have experienced in dark road in waking life. Also, the emotion of the dream about dark road is important. For example – if you don’t have phobia for dark road, then the dream will have contrary interpretation for you than a dreamer who is scared by any dark road. The dark road as a symbol is strong in many fairy-tales and hence your ethnic experience can be important feature in how this dream is explained.

Dark road dreams can embody unlooked-for uneasiness and natural self-defense. By other understanding this dream augurs very hard triumph. Also, such dream means very well unseen dangers, unsympathetic individual. If the dream was with unbalanced feelings then the meaning is: stress with the womanhood part of yourself. After all, it is a symbol of impressive forces of the subconscious, which gives all essential elements for favorable outcome in life.

Alternatively, your dream can mean that some person is principled in relation to you. If in waking life you hate to be in dark road, then your dream could indicate opposite message: an unknown person could be lying to you. But if the dream of dark road was with good emotions, it symbols that you’re in good company of people. Also it symbolizes conformity in relation to your effeminate side and hidden sexual urge.

As stated by S. Freud, dark road embodies darkest secret erotic desires.

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