Desert snake dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Be attentive if see desert snake – To see desert snake in your dream then you should not have too much trust in your employees, because they may make damage.

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  1. it was not really in the desert it was in the place with grass and the grass was like holding me when the
    snake was coming toward me and i saw a boy who was my friend and i tried to call him for help but he did not come , when the snake was trying to bite me and than i hold it head and than its was the end of the dream. what was it meaning if anyone knows?

  2. Hi.I saw a man bring up a black desert cobra to me and told me tht he had planned for the snake to suck his rivals but as his rival was not present at tht time he was worried as the snake had to take a bite at tht moment so as I wanted to save his rival who was a gal and my best friend I offered for the snake to bite me which it bite me exactly on my right knee but the bite tht was left was dark purple almost black and the fangs of the bite were far apart like 1inch apart please tell me what this dream means as after the bite everyone I saw in my dream were so concerned about this bite

  3. the dream i dreamt was so confusing…i saw 3 or 4 snakes in the desert moving very fast and suddenly they started rotating like a fan in the air and suddenly my class mate[i am a student] who is not close to me came and destroy all the snakes using some gas ….while destroying them a monkey without nose jumped out from gas and ran away….i was not in this dream…could you please tell something about this dream?

    • i am a phyic student and in class they said that in glass the number of snakes represents the number of past or present situations that need resolved, in order for you to move forward, the class mate may be one of those situations, hope this helps,