Eleven (number 11) dream meanings


Inspiration; revolution; equivalent to the number two at a higher level.


What do I want and ready to change?

General Meanings:

Relation This number can mean work and trouble, a difficult beginning. But the two ones sometimes also indicate the cohesion between two people who do not understand their relations. Also the eleven signifies partnership or balance in the relations.

High personality Eleven indicates mastery, ability to deal and achieve goals. The symbol stands for personal creativity and intuition.

Spiritual Meanings:

The spiritual meaning of eleven is very various. The double of two ones – double strength, double energy.

* Please, see meaning of one, numbers.

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  1. I dreamed about an old boyfriend…I was working for him in an office and the number eleven was prominent in the dream. I was under pressure to finish the work but it was fun. In the dream I was working there because he asked me to and needed my help.