Embryo dream meanings

In general:

In General, the dream about embryo represents the new beginning of something spectacular. The dream may be an indication for the growth of something we were not aware of yet. The ideas that has been set up reflects in dreams. Alternatively, the dream may signify the vulnerable personality the dreamer has and must be protected by others. Consider, that women who are pregnant, often dreams not only of newborn, but embryo, which is very common and normal.


On the psychological level, the dreamer has to deal with the things that has only started, get used to them and live with the new tasks, ideas or jobs that has been made. Maybe the one has to prepare for the upcoming state of his mind.


On the spiritual level, the embryo is the symbol of new beginning to create something in this world. The start of it is the most important thing.


European (Judeo-Christian)
New ideas or feelings if see an embryo – to dream that you see embryo in your dream, signifies the new beginning of something the dreamer has created. The start of it reflects in dreamer’s dreams.

Hindu (Hinduism)
New stage of the life if dream of embryo – the one who saw an embryo in his dream, is getting new tasks, ideas of his life.

Arabian (Islamic)
New plans and ventures if see embryo in a dream – the one must prepare for the novelty

Contexts’ Meanings:

Embryo while pregnant
To be pregnant in reality and dream of embryo, signifies the connection the mother has to the baby she is expecting. It is very common for pregnant women to dream of embryo.
Many embryos
To dream of seeing lots of embryos, denotes to many new plans and ideas the dreamer has. The state of mind and thoughts reflects in the dreams. Make sure you concentrate and organize everything to smallest detail.
Desire to become a parent
The embryos often could signify the desire of the dreamer to become a parent and have your own babies.

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  1. Hello 🙂 I had a dream of an embryo and your interpretation of the embryo as a symbol fits perfectly the things that have been recently happening in my life. Could help me interpret what it might mean that it was buried in a cat litter box? It was in an early developmental stage, but I could tell it was a girl, and besides, it wasn’t mine.
    Thanks in advance, I’d really appreciate your help!