Meeting someone new dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about meeting someone new can argue enjoyment, devotedness and coalition.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's understanding the dream about meeting someone new stands for unaided backbone, womanish libido, creativity and puissance.
Supportive renewals are happening in your life when: meeting someone new - This frequently portends the circumstance that puts you in a favorable position. You are a trailblazer. In different circumstances, if it was bad dream then a dream can promise backwards sense: someone may be fraudulent and misleading in regard to your character.
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  • Meeting - life. Try to say only significant things. Because of that, you might be estimated as a chatterer, definitely unreliable persons. We know that people want to hear only meaningful, remarkable news. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Reward if see people in the meeting – To see people in the meeting in your dream then this dream has a positive meaning which announces that works that you did will be rewarded, also this may indicate an unusually active business life or relationship with new love; Unpleasant discussion if hold meeting – You hold or you are presenter at the meeting, such a dream... (read more)
  • Water - ...of the life. Hindus also thought that only the water can maintain the life; In Baptism the water has three main meanings: life, death and rebirth. It is believed by baptist people that when someone goes under the water, somebody else instead of him will born. Remember that when the women is in labor, the first thing that happens is that her waters breaks, which announces about the new life coming in to the world; Since ancient times the water is associated with femininity and fertility of the women. When the water is flowing it foretells how you feel at... (read more)
  • Driving into water - everything started from the water it is the rudiment of the life. Hindus also thought that only the water can maintain the life; In Baptism the water has three main meanings: life, death and rebirth. It is believed by baptist people that when someone goes under the water, somebody else instead of him will born. Remember that when the women is in labor, the first thing that happens is that her waters breaks, which announces about the new life coming in to the world; Since ancient times the water is associated with femininity and fertility of the women. When the... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...the way out, try the method which asks to wrap the index finger with strand of black hair and leave it for a night. Nobleman’s Dreambook: Ring dream interpretation from The Nobleman’s dreambook by N. Grishin To dream of the golden ring on your finger – a marriage or birth of a child; To put the ring to someone or yourself – the fulfillment of desires; To lose the engagement or wedding ring – will lose old friends or communications but will make the new ones; To find the ring – a significant meeting or a new love / friendship;... (read more)
  • Broom - ...everything in order if sweep yourself – The dream warns, that you should fix all you affairs in order, otherwise threatens annoyance; Slovenly wife if a woman loses her broom – In the dream woman can’t find her broom, she has lost it, means that she will become a nasty unpleasant and slovenly wife in housekeeping. Hindu (Hinduism) Worries if see – Broom in a dream shows that someone will bother you and the stupid person will bring you troubles. Be smart and do not listen to fools; Warning if see new broom – The dream  where you see a new broom... (read more)
  • Meeting - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New rules if be in the meeting – To dream that you are in the meeting then in your life there will be new rules that you’ll need to take.... (read more)
  • Tree -, new energy or power, sometimes stronger sexual needs that perhaps are now suppressed. Tree with fruits promises success through good work, especially when you harvest them yourself. Shaking the fruit-covered tree promises future happiness and success. Sit under a tree can mean safety or the need of it; Sit on the top of the tree, want to find out how to protect yourself from danger or misfortune. Climbing on a tree can announce a better view about the life situation; Partly this also indicates that you will arise, on your own force, in a higher protected position or use your... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - Association: Monument, Memory, Recollection Question: How do I want to be remembered? What will I leave in this life? General Meanings: Welfare The dream symbol of Gravestone stands for prosperity and a happy marriage. New beginning and old friends Dreaming a new gravestone, means that you have good opportunities to begin new and interesting things. Old gravestone announces that you will renew your relations with your old and forgotten friends. Psychological Meanings: Eliminate typical properties In the dream you leave an inscription on the grave. The name of a person that you know. This means that you think of... (read more)
  • Sea - ...between work and rest; If the dreamer sees someone washing up or bathing in the sea, then this dream promises a good omen. The particular person that was seen bathing or washing himself/herself up, will need your help. You should support this person, when your help will be needed, as it will bring you much joy and happiness; To dream seeing yourself washing up or bathing in the sea, signifies your great mental and physical condition. However, you should not stop and do things that you are great at; To dream of trying to go into stormy, raging and hectic... (read more)
  • Cave - ...It could also be seen as the dark space from which comes life, the maternal, new beginning and new promises. The cave also represents the feminine, because the vagina is also represented as a cave. On the context of the dream it is very important to understand if the experience was pleasant or maybe even dangerous. If it was unpleasant and the dreamer felt terrified or scared, then it points to the problems and/or environment the dreamer has. Spiritual Meanings: Spiritually the cave symbolizes spiritual protection, rebirth and initiation of something new. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Affection of subconscious mind... (read more)
  • Crow - Alternatively, the symbol of the crow could be a message from your unconscious, which could be interpreted as a warning to get rid of negative and unfavorable features of yourself. Sometimes the dream notifies of new meetings and achievements. Death if crow flies to you very closely – if in the dream you feel insecure, because the bird is too close to you, flying around or simply standing, then such dream indicates of someone’s death. The closer the bird is to you, the more familiar person will die; Grief and sorrow if catch the crow – if you caught the... (read more)
  • Working - questions will give you correct interpretation. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if self working – This dream means success when you use your own energy; Support if see others at work – This dream signifies that you are surrounded by hopeful circumstances which may help you to reach your goals; News if look for new job – In the dream you are looking for a new job, this dream marks that you will have interesting meeting and will get news. Arabian (Islamic) Better life if see someone working – The dream announces that you will have good business and this will make your life better.... (read more)
  • Adam (the first man) - General Meanings: Postponement for a short period of time and then success It is considered as a good omen if you dream of meeting one of our first parents, Adam and Eve. If you talk with them or they talk with you, then this indicates some delays in the realization of your dreams, so be patient. In the dream you see Eve and Adam together, then this is a lucky dream. Psychological Meanings: Relationship with dreamer’s father The first man Adam, as the progenitor of mankind, often occurs as a symbol of physicality and sensuality, which is not channeled... (read more)
  • Ear (botany) - conviviality and pleasant meetings. A separate one can show that new plans mature in you and a happy coincidence may come to help. Psychological Meanings: Positive circumstances In the dream the ear (grain or grass ear) stands as a symbol of positive circumstances of life, self-confidence, confidence, security, health, force or also it may be that you are longing for these things. From negative side this symbol is understood, only if you cannot reach the ear or it becomes stunted or appears destroyed. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy time if see many – In the dream you see many of them,... (read more)
  • Common Blackbird - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Message if see or hear singing – In the dream you hear singing blackbird this dream will bring you a joyful message; Good changes if several together – To see some blackbirds in your dream, denotes that the life situation will improve to better and more positive. Arabian (Islamic) Bad message if see or hear singing – In the dream you hear singing blackbird then this blackbird will bring you a sad message (because black plumage); Good news if listen to blackbird singing – This means that you will have pleasant meeting and you will get good news. * Please, see meaning of Throttle, birds.... (read more)
  • Curse - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Watch yourself if be cursed – You are dreaming that you are cursed then this may announce that you will get sick, o you have to take care of your health. Hindu (Hinduism) Meeting if be cursed – In the dream you are cursed then this means that you will have an unpleasant meeting and news. Arabian (Islamic) No friends if curse someone – In the dream you curse somebody the dream marks that you will not acquire friends by your own cruelty; Be wise and attentive if be cursed – You are cursed in the... (read more)
  • Cylinder - General Meanings: In the dream the cylinder can appear in different forms and then it must be interpreted every time differently. The meaning of this dream depends on the form – hat, lamp, drum, car or engine. Psychological Meanings: Looking silly If you dream, that you have a nice hat on your head, without having suitable suit, so this means that you moving on the best ways to look ridiculous. Sad news If you see yourself or someone else is carrying other cylinders, this dream may announce, that you or people in your dream will face a serious meeting... (read more)
  • Magician - ...communicating with a magician – In the dream you are talking with a magician, warns you to beware of swindlers. Also this symbol predicts an unexpected event that will change your life fundamentally; Accept changes if being a magician – In your dream you are a magician, marks that you should voluntarily adopt a new way of life, because otherwise you never obtain a satisfaction. European (Judeo-Christian) Negative experiences if meeting a magician – When you meet a magician in your dream, this shows that you will experience unpleasantness when you will  search for prosperity and happiness. You are too overconfidence of yourself.... (read more)
  • Wine - ...the dreamer. Love, wealth and different experiences In the dream drinking wine means a meeting with mental-emotional content, you will see positive things, perhaps even the miracle of love. Anyone who is intoxicated with wine in the dream, will be able to calculate an increase and growth of material things and money. Who spills wine in the dream, will have a very bad luck in waking life and will have to pay a big price for this. Wine as a symbol of the “juice of life” refers to the ability to share experiences as best as possible and to enjoy what brings joy and... (read more)
  • Gutter - ...will make your life even better; Harm if climb and slip or fall down – You climbed up the gutter but you slipped and fell down then this dream is a sign that your affairs will become even worse, you will have lots of damage; Sad time if stand under a gutter – In the dream you stand under a gutter then this dream marks that you will have unhappy times in love. Hindu (Hinduism) News if see a gutter – When you see a gutter in the dream, then this marks that you will have unpleasant meeting or news. Arabian (Islamic) Good partner... (read more)
  • Mount - ...mountain is in a dream the center of human existence dar. He symbolizes and meeting place of heaven and earth and human advancement. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – mount in a dream in general: difficulties will be overcome; – rugged mountain beyond the green level: promises trouble; – snow-capped mountains in the distance: warning that bring your dreams and aspirations of any worthwhile progress; – bald mountain: shows the hunger and suffering from a variety; – look in the distance: the goal is still far away, can be reached but, be prepared for early misunderstandings; – see waver: enmity and persecution... (read more)
  • Hurry - ...your dream, then this dream announces that you will get lots of news; Wrong aims if miss a train – Despite the hurry you missed the train in the dream then this dream is a sign that you want to achieve something that is impossible; Adventure if rush to theater – In the dream you rush to get to the theater or cinema then you will experience an adventure and interesting events. Arabian (Islamic) Guests if be in a hurry – In the dream you are in a hurry then this dream announces that you will have guests and pleasant meeting.... (read more)
  • Formal wear - General Meanings: Naked body is a bad meaning A dream of the opposition – the prettier you are dressed, the worse is the meaning. The best meaning of this dream for the woman when she sees herself naked. (see Eva) Your clothes torn or shabby in the dream, it is a good sight, although not so good as naked. Psychological Meanings: Upcoming event If you are wearing formal clothes in the dream, this means a meeting, event or a date. You pay attention to the color of clothing that you wear, whether it is about a cheerful or about a... (read more)
  • Wolf - ...kill a wolf – in reality you will overcome your enemies. Gypsy dreambook Wolf meaning in dreams by Romani people Dreaming of wolf symbolizes strength and independence. The New Family dreambook If you had a wolf, then this dream shows that among your staff is careless and irresponsible person. To kill a wolf in a dream – in reality you will cope with some tricky enemies. To hear the howl of a wolf – you need to expose someone’s plot and defeat it in the face of fierce competition. Chinese dreambook Chinese dream interpretation by Zhou Gong Ferocious wolf is... (read more)
  • Mountain - ...existence. Also mountain in dream symbolizes meeting place of heaven and earth and human advancement. Traditionally: European – In general dreamign of mountains: difficulties, but you will overcome all of them; – Rugged mountain beyond the green level: promises trouble; – Snow-capped mountains in the distance: warn that your desires and aspirations get no worthwhile progress; – Bald mountain: shows the hunger and suffering in various ways; – To see mountain in distant horizon: the goal is still far away, but can be reached; – Also dreaming of mountaint in distance: be prepared for early misunderstandings; – To see shaking:... (read more)
  • Camping - Association: Natural life, return to the simple things in life. Question: Do I deny my basic needs? Psychological Meanings: Desire for freedom Camping is a dream symbol that has a connection with simple life or nature life with casual social contacts. Who dreams of various meetings in changing environment and are happy about it, then such a dream marks that you do not want to suppress yourself – you want to look around and to find new experiences. Need for stability But when you feel negatively about camping then this dream symbol shows your need for safety, security and... (read more)
  • Wakefulness - strange happenings in near future; Pleasant period if be wakeful – To go through green fields or landscapes and to be wakeful in your dream, then this indicates the imminent good and amusing event in your life, but that will happen after the unpleasant present. Hindu (Hinduism) Meetings if be wakeful – To dream that you are wakeful in your dream, then you may have some interesting meeting or events in your life. Arabian (Islamic) Waiting for news if be wakeful – This dream is a sign that you are waiting for something in your life and cannot relax.... (read more)