Swimming shark dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about swimming shark can shadow comfort, cherishing and acquaintance.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung understanding this dream about swimming shark hints absolute humor, soft passion, genius and energy.
Encouraging amendments are awaiting in your life : swimming shark - This dream sign signals supremacy and being a notch better than others. However, if it was bad dream then a dream might typify upside down effect: some person may be crafty or unhealthy toward you.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: white and brown .
  • Driving into water - ...Swimming – For women to swim in the water with relish: sign of a healthy attitude toward sex and a positive sign for overall condition; – Swimming – For man to swim in dream: means good future in professional activity, success in business; Hindu (Hinduism) – Clear water – Dreaming of clear water means love between husband and wife; – Hot water – Dreaming about hot water or cooking in boiling water: you trust your friends too much; – Dark water – Dreaming of dim, dark, black or dirty water means adultery, unfaithfulness, infidelity, cheating; – Cold water– Dreaming of cold, freezing or frozen... (read more)
  • Water - ...on the dreamer, but he will overcome these troubles through vigilance; – Water sports – Dreaming of water sports: announces the sudden awakening of love and passion; – Water on head – The head is sprayed with water: the awakening of a passionate love is mutual; – Woman is swimming – For woman to swim in the water with relish: sign of a healthy attitude toward sex and a positive sign for overall condition; – Man is swimming – For man to swim in dream: means good future in professional activity, success in business; Hindu (Hinduism) – Clear water – Dreaming... (read more)
  • Swimming pool - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Pleasure if be in a swimming pool – You are dreaming that you are in the swimming pool then your life you will experience luxury and pleasure. * Please, see meaning of bathing.... (read more)
  • Bathing - ...we wash all the incriminating an unpleasant past. After this your life will become even brighter and happier. The bath with clear water purifies the soul and allows to reach clear insights in your waking life.. Outdoor swimming pool and cold pool water indicate that you will gain new vigor, more energy and courage to overcome difficulties more easily. To have a bath in slightly warm water, this dream marks that you need more inner peace and relaxation in a critical situation. Having a bath in murky, muddy water and looks like in the swamp, this dream denotes that you... (read more)
  • Sea - ...sea, shows your forgetfulness about the sexual desires, which means that you forgot the fact that you are able to make love. Do not worry, as everything will sort out by itself; If you dreamed that you were swimming in the sea, it means that there is something you are trying to find out, which you shouldn’t know. There are some things, which better stay as a secret, otherwise it will make you feel upset. Maya Dreambook: Dream meanings about sea in Mayan culture Good omen If you dream that you are swimming in the sea, it means that now... (read more)
  • Water - ...can be achieved by dreaming about swimming in ocean, sea, river or even being in a rain. Any kind of a liquid that touches your body, especially if you are sinking in it, may remind about a time for urination. For all, a shortage of liquids in a body can be a cause of drinking water dream. This physical dependency is the meaning of a dream and it is represented by any kind of giving or taking water, like fetching it from a well or a tap. An additional need for energy is another meaning, but only if drinking sweet... (read more)
  • Blood - ...– This dreams shows that you will have a war with your enemies; Happiness If Spouting from ground – In the dream you see spouting blood from the ground announces you good times; Sullenness If Shed blood; Health If Spitting beautiful red blood; Worries If Spitting dark and foul-smelling – When you spit dark and foul-smelling blood in the dream , it is like a bad sign about big troubles; Losses If Swimming in it – You are dreaming that you are swimming in the blood, this s a warning that your wealth is near the loss; Good business If... (read more)
  • Whale - ...or worry about a thing or an event; Completed matters if see swimming whale – The swimming whale in the dream announces that you will complete successfully your profitable business or important projects; Be careful if whale from a ship – In the dream you see a whale from the ship, then this dream indicates that you torn between obligations and relaxation and you may lose your property or important projects; Hindu (Hinduism) Barriers if see a whale – The whale in the dream announces that you will meet the obstacles which ones you have to overcome with energy; Better time if catch a whale... (read more)
  • Swan - ...in a pond – to dream of the swan that is swimming in the pond promises fortune in love, new relationships, richness, long life, healthy lifestyle and it is also very good sign for those who are making new deals in professional life; The dreams will come true if see flying swan – if the dreamer saw the swan that is flying, then such dream promises your desires and wishes will be fulfilled; Bright future if see white swan – such dream promises the future you always wished for. At this time of your life anything you will do will... (read more)
  • Horse - ...downhill – sometimes the dreamer while riding the horse notices that it’s going down the hill, then such a dream however warns about frustration he will have; Satisfaction through hard work if riding bareback – if the horse has been ridden, but without being bareback, then such a dream shows the fulfillment, however some of the barriers will be faced. Consider, that this dream shows that it might cost some money, especially for women while dealing with obstacles, because they are naturally more emotional; The highest bliss if swimming with a horse through a clear, beautiful river – such dream... (read more)
  • Nakedness - ...more space for yourself and freedom; Misfortune if walking miserably naked – to dream of being naked and walking around miserably, suggest to be aware as the suffering might come to you; Success if the dreamer is being naked and taking a bath or swimming – such dream indicates the courage and effort of the dreamer. The one should be proud of features he has; Shame if the one is being naked, but can not find his clothes – the dreamer who is unable to get dressed, because of not knowing where his clothes are will get disgrace very easily.... (read more)
  • Animals - ...which was wished for. Alternatively, the dream promises bad life when the animal is sick and carrying the disease, because he will not be able to provide good and healthy meat. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Nature; instincts; the kingdom of animals; support; mental and physical nourishment. Description The kingdom of animals is divided into four different types which are: swimming, crawling, flying and walking animals. Each of them are very individual and have completely different characteristics. Animals are more dependent on various factors, than plants are. Otherwise animals are more independent than human-being are. Because of the need to feed... (read more)
  • Dog - ...love and business affairs. But if he can separate them, then he will overcome difficulties and successfully solves his affairs; If dog kills a cat, then it promises luck and good business; If dog kills a snake, it is considered as a good omen too; Swimming dog means close luck – If a dog swims in the dream, then you just need to stretch out your hands to reach the happiness, because it is very close to you; Puppies means thanks – In the dream to see puppies, denotes that the dreamer will help to innocent people and for that... (read more)
  • Eel, eels - ...good news; Disagreement if see eel in the water – In the dream you see eels in the water, this means dispute; Warning and success if see eels swimming in large amount – This dream is a signal that you have to beware of sudden calamity. Also promises success in business and material advantage; More attention to your work if catch – In the dream you catch an eel this shows that you should pay attention that you have finished business or a project till the end; Recovery and joy if pull out of water – In the dream you pull... (read more)
  • Ocean - ...what kind of circumstances you are surrounded by. Turbulent, stormy ocean represents your inability to control and manage the simplest situation. Maya civilization: Dream meanings about ocean in Mayan culture Good omen: If you dream that you are swimming in the ocean, it means that in the near future you will get great offer. The offer which the dreams predicts you about will be heard as soon as you will wash your hands in the ocean. Bad omen: If you dreamed that you saw the storm in the ocean, it means that you should be aware, as you might get... (read more)
  • Forest - ...that brings security and prosperity in old age; – To view forest : heralds the end of a relationship; – To be in a dense: it stand before one loss in trade, unhappy home influences and anger in the family, cold and hunger are predicting a long journey to accomplish a disagreeable thing; – Make: means that you will achieve success through work; – See cut: message of a death; – Transport: sign of poverty; – To See swimming in the water: the failure of the hopes; – To see the forest on fire : one should pay attention to... (read more)
  • Bridge - Association: Compound; overcome problems. Question: What gulf am I ready to cross? General Meanings: Connection between two sides – A bridge leads over the abyss, and a bridge arches over the stream or river where other side we have to reach. Hardly any other symbol is so exhilarating and favorable omen for the coming days of life, such as just the dream of bridges. Achievement of the goals, Move ahead  – One is freed from the fear of having to wait endlessly, but also of the risks when swimming across. As well, of course, if this courageous act is successful! In... (read more)
  • Aquarium - ...in aquarium – In the dream you are swimming in an aquarium, this dream indicates that there is the threat of loss. You have to be very attentive and observant; New start if see a broken aquarium – In the dream you see a broken aquarium, this is very good sign that now you can free your emotions and start to do something very important. Now you are not hiding behind the glass; Clear future if clear water in the aquarium – In the dream you see clear and clean water in the aquarium, this marks that you purified your thoughts... (read more)
  • Wind wave - Association: Beginning, life & energy. General Meanings: Shows relation with mother The sea (water – also the ocean) is a common symbol for the mother. If in a dream wave breaks over you or you are moving into the depth, this dream denotes that you are maybe restrained by your mother. But if you are riding on the waves quietly or swimming in the warm sea, this means a perfect relationship with mother. Psychological Meanings: Water is initial and primary element on earth and together with wind, which stand for energy, they refer to beginning of human being. So... (read more)
  • Snake - ...overcome all adversities; – Hairs turn into snakes (hair of medusa): minor incidents become larger problems; – Abnormal snake or serpent (unnatural form of reptile): announces difficulties, but you will be able to overcome them with peace and willpower; – Swimming with snakes or stepping on one in water: an apparent pleasure turns out to be annoying obstacle; – Dead snake: you will become master of your enemies; – To kill by yourself a snake: you will fully exploit the opportunities and enjoy the deserved triumph over enemies; – To dream how children play with snakes: one must separate friends... (read more)