Errand dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • No troubles if make errand – In your dream you make errand and deal with it successfully and lead to the end then all your worries will be solved in near future;
  • Difficulties if can not make errand –┬áThe dream where you can not provide the requested object then you may meet some business difficulties or anxiety at home.

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  1. One and and woman in my street the place am living send me an errand to buy something
    in that dream i was in a haste i was runnin then i wake up
    pls interprete it for me i dont know the meaning

  2. I dreamt that I saw my late father who was obviously angry with me for getting to somewhere late. I was begging him with one of his friends. He stood up and went to the bath and stood under the shower with his clothes on. He came out, looked at me and sent me on an errand to buy him paracetamol. I woke up while running around to get the paracetamol.