Dried dates dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of of dried dates may register poise, adoration and friendliness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung analysis such dreaming of dried dates embodies self-determining warmth, effete sexuality, originality and magnetism.
Reassuring metamorphosis are ahead only if: dried dates - This symbol means dominance and being a frontrunning person. Despite that, if your dream has left bad feeling then such dream could embody vice versa significance: somebody could be disingenuous and/or faulty in relation to your character.
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  • Dates - General Meanings: Need of warmth Dates are exotic fruits, so this marks that the dreamer wishes for something unique. On the other hand, the dates in a dream may be a sign that the dreamer needs some real friends or lover and support from them. Date usually has sexual meaning, this denotes the need for sex, love and tenderness, especially if you consume it in a dream. Psychological Meanings: Happy love or complexes The date symbolizes the feminine in mental and spiritual level. Ripe, sweet dates refer to satisfying partner relationships and overall satisfaction and surprising luck in love.... (read more)
  • Dried - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey if see dried plants – You dream of dried plants, deserts or dried places,so the trip to a hot country is imminent to you. Hindu (Hinduism) Wasting time if dried field – The dream of dried field may be a sign that you are wasting your efforts because there is no any ability to have benefit from what you do. Arabian (Islamic) Need rest if dried tree – The dream dried tree as a dream symbol stands for tiredness and the need of rest.... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - ...offspring of a motherless barnacle. You grisly, mutilated moose gizards for brains. May the hosts of Hades gleefully procreate in the toxic dump you call home. May the hosts of Hades have a religious experience in your mother’s pantry. Finally, the dream of snake crawling in my shoe means this: You dried up, reeky goat cysts for brains. May the hosts of Hades bite you upon your mother’s grave. You musty offspring of a motherless lemur. May the hosts of Hades smite you forty-two times upon your heinie. You sloppy, fungus for brains. You par-broiled tub of fetid dingo blubber.... (read more)
  • Branches - ...branches – In the dream you see green branches, then such a dream announces happiness and blessing. In your life you will have success in the important projects, also it marks the fulfillment of long-cherished wishes and desires; Hurt if drought and dried branches – You dream a drought and all the branches are dried, then this dream signifies about a misfortune. Also denotes that you will have to suffer pain through your loved one; Warning if see a broken branch – This dream is a sign that you do not cling to unsteady ideas or plans, because you will... (read more)
  • Brook - ...which announces you happy times; Warning if see a bloody stream – This dream marks disease, you have to be very attentive with your health; Wrong turns if winding brook – This dream marks that you will have a period in your life a little bit “curvy”, but you will understand that this is not good to you and you will come back to “straight way”; Worries if see dried brook – In the dream you see a dried brook, then this marks that you will meet  poverty and deprivation in your life; Joy if drinking from a stream –... (read more)
  • Shrub - ...your dream then your unconscious sends you a signal that you have to beware of some people and gossip because this may bring damage to your reputation; Good changes if shrub full of green leaves – The shrub is green with lots of leaves in your dream, then you may expect very happy and good news which may bring changes in your life; Sadness if see a dried bush – To dream of dried bush then the meaning of this dream is a sign that you will have no success and satisfaction of your life; Failure if see bush without leaves – The... (read more)
  • Tree - ...enemies); Warning if fall from a tree – The dream is a warning about risk and danger, under certain circumstances even can be death or serious illness; News if sit under green trees – You sit under a green tree in your dream, you will get good news; Happy life if sit with a friend under green trees – This dream brings you unexpected good fortune and a happy marriage, wonderful life; Worries if dried up tree – The dream considers to bad deals, failure and grief; A signal to avoid worries if see cut, fall down, burn or hit by... (read more)
  • Leaf - ...that you will reach the goal that you desire. The dream symbol of wilted leaves indicates a period of mourning and unproductive work or misfortunes. In the dream colorful but wilted or dried leaves stand for disappointments, failures and sorrows or buried hopes, feelings and thoughts for which we have to say goodbye. Whirling leaves as a dream symbol can be a warning that you may step aside untenable from your desires and you will loose you right way. A lot of leaves or a pile of leaves denotes the diversity of thoughts and ideas. Psychological Meanings: If you look... (read more)
  • Oak (tree) - ...symbolizes health, long life, luck and success. Sit under the oak in the shade often stands for the feeling of the safety and security,  perhaps announces also that you stand under a powerful protection and you are supported. Bald oak warns that plans will fail and you will have troubles with them. Dried and dead oak can announce that you will get into big trouble, but you will find out everything without harm if you do not allow to sink the courage. Felled oak can indicate the separation of an related person, sometimes also disease or death of a relative.... (read more)
  • Fountain (Water well) - ...the fountain in the dream, the water can not be reached, then this symbolizes the inability to come up with the most valuable talents and qualities. May also express the feeling such as inner emptiness and loneliness. Dried fountain – Such a dream symbol warns of dangers because the dreamer rejects everything what is new and does not want to get new experiences; Water-filled wells – This dream indicates the fullness of life, you will experience success and this dream encourages you reach your goals and plans. You are strong and clearly know what you want from life; Run around the fountain... (read more)
  • Berry - ...and sorrow. Berries are rotten or dried – trouble and worries. Psychological Meanings: Happiness When you eat berries in the dream then this dream shows that you find joy and happiness in little thing of life. But if you find some rotten berries then this shows that all the happy things will be swallowed by troubles. Lack of seriousness The appetite for berries often indicate sexual needs. Berries can also be a warning sign when you pluck some berries from the bush and eat without considering whether they are toxic. Not everything that looks tempting or “sweet taste”, may be... (read more)
  • Violets (plant) - ...which announces luck as well as a happy marriage; Husband and marriage if pick violets – A young woman who picks violets in the dream, this denotes that soon you will meet her future husband. Rejection of love if see dried violets – The flowers are dried or wilted, then her love will be rejected, this is not your soul mate. Hindu (Hinduism) Marriage if get violets as a present – You get violets as a present in your dream, this indicates that you will receive the consent and soon you will step before the altar; Happy love if pick... (read more)
  • Acorns - ...happiness; Missed opportunity if see falling from the tree – You are dreaming that you are in the park and you see that the acorns are falling from the tree then this means that you will miss a good deal because you were too relaxed; Frustration if rotten or dried acorns – The acorns are rotten or dried then this dream will bring you disappointment and rejection of others; Experience if give acorns for pigs as food – You are feeding pigs with acorns then you will have a happy experience or unexpected event; Evaluation if see acorn on the ground and pick it up – The dream represents... (read more)
  • Yew (tree) - ...very happy and proud of your family Arabian (Islamic) Illness if see dried tree – When the tree is dried in your dreams, means that you have to take care of your health because you will get serious disease. Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Deep curing; evergreen; revitalizing. Description The yew is an evergreen tree with red berries, cones. In ancient times, its wood was used in particular for the production of bows for archers. Today, modern medicine has found that yew has exceptional healing ability. It may heal some advanced cancers kinds. It requires a large number of trees to... (read more)
  • Plain (planar surfaces) - ...in happy circumstances and she will meet love of life; Loneliness if young woman cross a dried plain – The plain grass is dried, then the woman will have discomfort and loneliness. Hindu (Hinduism) Success if see plain – The dream shows that your luck will be combined on firm footing. Arabian (Islamic) Worries if see endless planar surface – When in the dream you see endless planar surface then this is a sign of a bleak future with lots of worries; Happy life if plain is green and flowery – To dream of plain which is green and flowery stands as a... (read more)
  • Bean - ...with neighbors; Troubles if dried beans – There are some dried beans in your dreams, announces disappointment in family affairs; Worries if eat beans – In the dream you are eating beans, this will bring you disease, quarrels and disputes in your family, trouble at work or economic deterioration; No worries if sowing beans in a garden – This dream marks that you are going to overcome some obstacles in your waking life. Be with your family if seeing children playing with beans – This dream signifies that time is expensive, but you have to be more attentive with your... (read more)
  • Aster - ...high honor, dignity, sovereignty, prestige. You will implement all your hope and soon you will achieve the height of your existence; Be more attentive if see withered asters – The dream of withered asters is a warning that through your carelessness you will prevent your desires and aims; Betrayal if dried asters – In the dream you see dried asters, this marks that you will betray your hopes because of temporary success. Arabian (Islamic) Good omen if see flowering Asters – In your dream you see a lot of flowering asters, then this is a sign that you will reach... (read more)
  • Boxwood - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Long life if see green boxwood – In your dream you see green boxwood then this announces you longevity if you live healthy life; No progress if dried up green boxwood – The dried green boxwood in the dream announces that you will not any progress and satisfaction.... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - Water — (Life; Rain; River; Vapor) Water in a dream represents a happy life, money, prosperity, expansion of one’s business, increase in one’s income, or it could mean marriage. If one sees the water pure and abundant in his dream, it means lowering of prices, peace and social justice. ggg If one sees himself chewing on water in a dream, it means toiling and hardships related to earning his livelihood. Drinking a glass of water in a dream means protection against any danger from one’s enemy and it denotes a prosperous year for the one who drinks it... (read more)
  • Winter - Association: – Cycle of decay. Peace. Re-birth. Question: – What I want to bring forth? In general: The winter as a dream symbol of a fruitless time in the life of the dreamer. Also winter is symbol of increasing age and decreasing forces. Psychologically: Winter is the season, that points to our retirement. When winter in the dream is described as particularly hard, we feel, even when we are young, perhaps lonely, because love has cooled to a fellow human being. In this case we should move completely to through new contacts and change our real position to... (read more)
  • Hurry - General Meanings: When you are in a hurry in your dream, so this indicates that you contend with pressure from outside. However the rushing will not help you to reach your goals it is better to make haste slowly and then you will reach your goals slowly but perfectly. Hurry can show up in different ways in the dreams, this often refers to anxiety, uncertainty and nervousness. Psychological Meanings: The dreamer has to learn how to deal with time. There is an obvious symbol of the fear of missing something. The dreamer has to learn to plan timings and dates... (read more)
  • Lottery - ...which usually seems like random ones, but in reality they are related to dates or last numbers that were written somewhere then seen and dreamed of. Psychological Meanings: Psychologically the dream that is related to lottery warns to be aware of the risks, as the results you will achieve are unknown. It could also show your wishes which are unreal to be real. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) In European dream explanation the dream about lottery usually is the sign of unluck which denotes to bad luck, unfavorable business partners and losses. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the ability to see... (read more)
  • Plums - ...dream will bring you success because courage and perseverance are rewarded; Changes if pick up plums from the ground – In the dream you pick up plums from the ground, this is a sign of change according to the condition of the plums. Rotten plums – bad changes, fresh plums – good changes; Happiness if gathering plums – In the dream you are picking plums, this promises fulfillment of your wishes. Hindu (Hinduism) Rich if seeing plum tree – This dream presents and stands for richness. But wealth comes through difficulties  and dangerous or risky decisions; Boredom if seeing dried plum –... (read more)
  • Bricks - Association: The strength. Question: What do I want to build as permanent structure? General Meanings: Secure life Brick is a building block for a secure livelihood. The ancient Indian dream book explains that to brick up walls means, that you have to be more careful with money spending. Roof tiles stands for safety and you can feel safe. Psychological Meanings: Creation of life A house is built of bricks and covered with a roof. This dream symbol may have an association with our body. In the dream you build something with bricks then this means that you will have... (read more)
  • Dry - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Prosperity if dry – In the dream you feel dried or the place where you are is dry, this announces happiness and welfare in your life.... (read more)
  • Aloe - ...dream signifies the sources to make your health stronger and become wiser; Wise if see aloe – This dream may be a sign of wisdom. Hindu (Hinduism) Life-wise if see big aloe – The dream announces you a great age and wisdom; Worries if water a tree of aloe – In the dream you water the aloe, this is a bag sign that you will have difficulties; Warning if dried aloe – The aloe is dread in your dream signifies health worries. Arabian (Islamic) Defeated enemy if see aloe – You are going to reconcile with an old enemy; Long life if see a flower –... (read more)
  • Branch - Association: Growth stages. Question: In which direction do I grow up? General Meanings: The branch with leaves indicates that there are groundless worries, everything will be perfect. The branch is bald, dried up or broken, then this dream denotes failures and disappointments. To stumble across a broken branch and to stop for a while, sometimes it starts an inner change in waking life. Psychological Meanings: Most part of the tree of life marks something about our mental state: – where thriving or verdant branches reflect our inner balance; – dry or dead branch denotes worries and disappointment; – sit... (read more)
  • Birch - ...if green birch – Your dream is about green birches marks that you should not give up your hope, because at the last minute there will be always the chance; No worries if large birch – This dream indicates that you have a support from above if you have a difficult time soon everything will be good and wonderful. Arabian (Islamic) Pleasure if look fresh green birch – This dream announces you unexpected pleasure in near future; Need of help if see withered or dried – When the birch appears withered in your dream signifies that you need help from... (read more)
  • Bloom - General Meanings: Right way or fear The dream of blossoms are like flowers, they are closely related with human life or emotional world. The certain flower has a specific relation with the dreamer. A fresh blossom indicates that the dreamer is on the right way to realize his aims and to meet his destiny. He is on the right track. However, the blossom is shriveled and dried in the dream, then the dreamer feels fear and uncertainty about his plans and he is afraid of failure. Psychological Meanings: The dream symbol of blossom symbolizes the birth and the death... (read more)