Lottery dream meanings


Chance, fortune, risk.


Can I achieve a lot, if I put just a little bit of the effort?

General Meanings:

If you dreamed that you bought a lottery ticket or a raffle ticket, then something in your life is out of control. The other meaning foretells that the consequences are not always accurate to the actions you take, which means that sometimes you get completely different of what you’ve expected. Sometimes the dream might show the desire to be lucky, which means that you wish the things get fixed by itself. Occasionally people dream of particular numbers, which usually seems like random ones, but in reality they are related to dates or last numbers that were written somewhere then seen and dreamed of.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the dream that is related to lottery warns to be aware of the risks, as the results you will achieve are unknown. It could also show your wishes which are unreal to be real.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

In European dream explanation the dream about lottery usually is the sign of unluck which denotes to bad luck, unfavorable business partners and losses. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the ability to see things that needs to be seen.

  • Bad luck for lovers if buy many lottery tickets – if the dreamer bought lots of lottery tickets, then suck dream indicates unhappiness with love affairs;
  • Disappointments and losses if attended lottery game – when you attend into lottery game it represents the frustration you will suffer;
  • Should find the solution if see the certain numbers – such dream shows that these certain numbers could have an actual meaning, which can help to figure out the problem you have;
  • Approval if guessed the right numbers – when dreaming of guessing the right numbers in the lotto, it means that the presumption you had will confirm in a positive way;
  • Socialization if somebody won the lottery – to see other person, but not yourself winning lotto promises many friends, which will be brought together;
  • Will be a victim if lost in the lottery – the lost of the lottery denotes to sacrifice you will take or will become a victim for something you don’t want;
  • Unreliable marriage if young woman plays lottery – such dream shows unfaithful, unknown and miserable marriage she will have.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Popularity if playing lottery – if the dreamer had a dream that he was playing lotto, such dream shows popularity he has among the others. Consider, that the more you won in the dream, the more you are popular in reality. According to Islamic dream interpretation lottery in dreams is always a good sign, which brings changes in the life.

* Please, see meaning of win, numbers.

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  1. I had a dream that I had an unscratched lottery ticket. Then someone I knew took it and destroyed it for me. She scraped of the numbers, like ripping the paper so no one could see the numbers or if I won or not. I kept telling the principle and other people but they didn’t care. I was frustrated so I left and then my dream ended there.