Plain (planar surfaces) dream meanings

General Meanings:

  • A plain surface usually refers to ease success but also warns not to trust excessive convenience and luck.
  • According to ancient dream books planar surface as a dream indicates that you will experience joy and happiness in the near future and will make a good progress in life.
  • To see plain for a miles in the dream then this denotes that you will early notice obstacles and will avoid them.

Psychological Meanings:

The planar surface dream interpretation depends on what progress the dreamer did in his life and how far he is ready to move. The negative mood in the dream marks boredom, there are no challenge and inspiration in sight.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the planar represents knowledge outside the norm.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy if see wide green and fertile plain – The dream announces that after turmoil will soon be a time of contentment and satisfaction;
  • Wasted efforts if see bleak and barren plain – In your dream the plain is bleak and barren then this marks the futile effort or struggle which will not bring any benefit;
  • Lost love if make a trip across the plains – When you make trips across the plains then this dream signifies about the loss of affection of a man;
  • Good life if see a plain in a middle of the woods – The plain appears in the middle of the woods then this dream indicates that you will have calm and balanced life;
  • Upswing if plain continues far far away – This dream is a sign that you will rise in life, even if at this moment you do not see any prospect;
  • Happy life if young woman cross a green plain – The young woman is crossing a plain and the grass is green and lush, then she will live in happy circumstances and she will meet love of life;
  • Loneliness if young woman cross a dried plain – The plain grass is dried, then the woman will have discomfort and loneliness.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if see plain – The dream shows that your luck will be combined on firm footing.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if see endless planar surface – When in the dream you see endless planar surface then this is a sign of a bleak future with lots of worries;
  • Happy life if plain is green and flowery – To dream of plain which is green and flowery stands as a sign of blessed prospects and wonderful and quiet days;
  • Joy if live in green and flowery plain – You will have lasting happiness if you live in a green and flowery plain in your dream.

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