Winter dream meanings


– Cycle of decay. Peace. Re-birth.


– What I want to bring forth?

In general:

The winter as a dream symbol of a fruitless time in the life of the dreamer. Also winter is symbol of increasing age and decreasing forces.


Winter is the season, that points to our retirement. When winter in the dream is described as particularly hard, we feel, even when we are young, perhaps lonely, because love has cooled to a fellow human being. In this case we should move completely to through new contacts and change our real position to effect this loneliness. The winter in a dream sometimes advised to patiently wait for better days. In an era in which the dreamer has moved far from his true feelings, reflect images that have to do with the winter, as ice and snow, often contradict his current emotional state. In clairvoyant dreams’s seasons are an indication of the time when something will happen.


Based on the cycle of nature, winter represents a period of wasteland before re-awakening. Thus, the winter is also synonymous to death.


– General meaning of winter in dream: promises a varied life, and warns of debauchery & also announce diseases and gloomy prospects for the outcome of professional and private affairs, because efforts will not show satisfactory results;
– Experience cold winter in dream: in the next few days you should not do anything important, because an unfavorable period stood up for new projects or the implementation of plans or intentions;
– Dreaming of winter landscape with snow and sunshine: good omen.

– To experience winter in dream: you are going forward to a hopeless time.

– Dreaming of winter: you will be up to account;
– If winter with strong cold: for wedding candidates – bad marriage; for married couples – small troubles.

* Please, read dream meaning of ice, cold, snow and also see into other seasons interpretations.

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  1. I had a dream in June 2013. it has been on my mind everyday since and have been praying asking Jesus for the meaning. this is exactly what happened in the dream:
    I was in a heavenly place, quiet and peaceful surrounded by all white, soft white. Suddenly across the expanse without a pen or hand in big bold black writing something starting being written out. I couldn’t read it, so I said out loud, “I can’t read that, it is in a secret language, I do not know what that says”. I couldn’t see anyone, but a male voice interpreted it as it was written, he said, “I’m leaving come Winter”.
    That’s it. Can anyone help me with this interpretation? We are in Winter now and the weather has been very harsh, do you think this dream is a message from God saying He is taking His provision from the earth?
    Thank you, Sissy