Fraud dream meanings

General Meanings:

Fraud (Deceit) can actually point out that it is easy to deceive you because you trust too much in others and with your naivete it you put yourself into trouble. Sometimes you hide deceptive feelings, hopes and expectations which appear in the dream as a fraud. Old dream books give some meanings:

  • In general fraud announces unexpected, rapid short-term happiness and unstable finances.
  • When fraud was disclosed, then this stands as a favorable sign for financial plans.
  • Fraud in the game indicates a desire for revenge on another man because you feel offended.

If fraud plays a role in a dream, especially if the dreamer is the dupe, it is possible that the dreamer trust himself too much. If the dreamer is cheating, then there is a danger of losing a good friend.

Psychological Meanings:

Fear to be useful Those who often dream that were cheated, means that they have a fear to be not so important or useful enough – whether in a relationship, family or work situation.

Take actions This dream wants to call you to take actions and to fight for a better position now and not to be satisfied with a “supporting role” in life!

Spiritual Meanings:

The dreamer has to look at his spiritual goals and then keep them loyal. The spiritual self-deception during spiritual path of development is a great danger and can destroy your personality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Be honest if dream fraud in general –  This dream indicates that you should not use fraud in your life and only then you will earn great honor  and respect;
  • Avoid fraud if deceive yourself – In the dream you deceive yourself, then this is a warning that you should do like this because this will damage your inner world  and then the real life;
  • Good luck if cheating in general – Cheating announces unexpected good fortune or inheritance. Also indicates that your enemies will not harm or deceive you because you are ready for this;
  • Love affair if deal with impostor – You are dealing with an impostor in your dream, so this dream proclaims a love affair for you;
  • Revenge if caught fraudsters in the game – This dream marks that you will get a chance for revenge, but this will be bring you only dissatisfaction;
  • Award if a person accused of fraud – In the dream you accuse person because of fraud signifies that you are very honor person and you will get the most honorable award.

* Please, see meaning of sexual intercourse.

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